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I’m Andy Mac, aka AMC, and I’m based in Reading. I started I’m Neal Gibbs, from Tel-Aviv, Israel (although Dutch in origin).
DJing back in ‘94 when I was 14 just mucking around and making I got into producing and spinning drum & bass after hearing the
mixtapes for friends. In ‘97 me, my brother and a close friend set likes of Dom & Roland, Source Direct and albums like ‘Torque’.
up a promotion group and started running a few d&b parties. This After a couple of years of messing around with Fruity Loops I went
is where I got involved with Ooops sound system and we started do- back to Holland and did an audio course at SAE Rotterdam. I then
ing parties in Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol and all over the UK, got a decent PC (which I use till today!), an EMU sampler and that
We ran Reading’s first all-night venue and it became a very success- got me started. I have been working solo under the PLK moniker
ful club night. In 2000 my bro and me put our money together since I returned to Israel four years ago.
and set up a home studio. At around 2002 whilst still running the
night I met Peshay and he was interested in a few tracks and from CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND?
that point I became serious about making music. I then went on to Usually my sound can be described as a recognisable mix of deep
produce and engineer a few tracks on his album and got the oppor- / dark / atmospheric moods on the mellower side of drum & bass,
tunity to release a few 12” singles. and I thrive to make it reach the dancefloor too. I’ve always loved
music that works well on the head as on the feet.
I’m not really into one kind of sound so my tracks vary loads; one WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOUR MUSIC?
day I’m working on a proper heavy track and the next day it can be The sum of everything I have ever listened to. I find myself inspired
something totally different. by all sorts of music I never thought I would even like, or even just
by everyday sounds I hear around me. It could be a new drum &
WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOUR MUSIC? bass tune or a sample I’ve found, or even a guitar riff I’ve just heard
Everyday life, surviving, people, moods, life experiences - anything off some radio passing by.
from chilling with my crew to a good night out!
WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON? A whole set of new material, a collab project with my mate DJ Fuss
I’m currently making a reggae album with a very talented singer / which has going really well so far, a long waited collab with BTK,
songwriter called ‘Big Bird’, but I’ve also got him into drum & bass and I’ve just done a remix for Mako & Mute, great guys from
and he features on my forthcoming material. I’m collaborating Bristol, which will come out on their fresh new label Utopia Music.
with other artists like Heist, Studio 12, Greenfly, my brother Neil Besides that I just try to have a steady output of new tunes and keep
Mac and the notorious MC Mr Wong, contact with the labels, recently some my favourite labels have been
bugging me!
I have an EP on FFrecordings called AMC presents ‘Four Seasons WHAT DO YOU HAVE COMING OUT SOON?
EP’ and another EP is forthcoming on Pandemic. I also go under Dropping any moment is my first vinyl release ‘Nyquist Theory’
the guise Upfull Rockers and there are about three singles in the on oBSEssions by Black Sun Empire, ‘Dreamware’ on Renegade
pipeline for Dub Dimensions so keep your ears and eyes open. Hardware, ‘You&I’ on Renegade and a digital EP entitled ‘Over
Night’ on Dutch label Break-Fast.
I’m also involved with Reading’s premier d&b night Subfactory at ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO TELL US ABOUT
the Purple Turtle every other Friday. I’m also in the process of en- Besides drum & bass production and DJing I also work as a post-
gineering a hip hop album. I’m well up for some remix projects, production sound designer and editor for feature film, documen-
but if I’m not in the studio rolling out beats, I’m out on my mo- tary film and TV. It enables me to turn my skills into a proper liv-
torbikes which I’m well into! I’d also like to big up everybody that’s ing, plus I am constantly surrounded by sound related work. Both
supported me over the years. worlds have contributed to each other a lot, I believe the post-pro-
duction work has given me a sharper way of listening to music.
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