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50 Q and A’s
My name is Bal (short for my real name, Balint) and I’m from My name is Boris Daenen, I’m a producer from Antwerp, Belgium.
Budapest, Hungary. I got into drum & bass around ‘94-‘95. I saw I make and play various styles but my heart belongs to the deeper,
Photek’s remix of Therapy’s ‘Loose’ on MTV and my mind was funkier, liquid vibes of drum & bass. I made my first steps in pro-
blown. I started buying records immediately and then a legendary duction back in 2006 when I got a copy of Ableton Live and back
Hungarian DJ named Palotai asked me to play on his radio show then I was really into reggae / dub influenced d&b. After various
whenever he wasn’t there. Later, along with my friends we have experiments with all sorts of styles I decided to focus on the more
formed the Bladerunnaz Movement. We were the first promoter musical kind of drum & bass to work with different instruments,
group to organise strictly d&b nights and bring a-list names to keys and vocals, but with enough low-end power to keep the dance-
Hungary. We’re celebrating our 10th birthday this year! floor going.
It’s hard as it depends on my mood. Mostly I want my tunes sound I’m inspired by all kinds of music and I try to learn from differ-
very filmic. I really love movies and they inspire me a lot. I often try ent electronic genres. In d&b, Mutated Forms have always been a
to create some kind of ‘lost in the desert’ or road movie vibes in my big influence. They really caught my attention with tunes like ‘My
tunes. I also like coming up with something very simple that sounds Feeling’ and ‘Green Aquarium’. Other producers that inspire me
like something on V from ‘96, and I think I do have some kind of a are Metrik, Camo, Sigma and a lot of other modern liquid pro-
Detroit techno influenced sound as well. ducers. I’m also really into KG’s sound, especially that really cool
LFO filtered pad he’s using in his liquid tunes.
Definitely movies. As I study film history on university, I often WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON?
watch three movies a day and not Hollywood blockbusters! I re- I’m currently working on deeper tunes, but am always open for ex-
ally like old detective films from the ‘40s, European films from periments. And I will also be doing some more collabs with Crystal
the ‘60s or any kind of movie with a weird vibe going on! Techno Clear, KG and Mutated Forms. I’ve been working on some down-
and house also have great influence on me too. French artists like tempo tunes too and no doubt I will try other electronic genres in
I:Cube and Pepe Bradock the future.
are two of the very few artists making interesting electronic music at
the moment. Drum & bass from the mid-‘90s is also something I WHAT DO YOU HAVE COMING OUT SOON?
really enjoy, especially Wax Doctor and Alex Reece! Apart from that I’ve a tune with Crystal Clear called ‘King Of The Stars’ forthcom-
I mostly listen to crazy free improvisational rock stuff. Lots of noise ing on Liq-Weed Ganja. ‘Prisma’ is getting released on Liq-Weed
rock. I LOVE Sonic Youth. Oh yeah, literature and women! Ganja as well, probably with another Crystal Clear collaboration on
the flip. I also have a 12” on Allsorts with ‘Starlight’ and ‘Young
WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON? And Foolish’. Another tune called ‘Lost In This World’ will be on
I’m working on an EP for Aaron Jay’s Influenced Records and KG’s label ‘Talkin Beatz’.
many other tunes for labels such as Sonorous. I also want to start
making some house tunes but it’s much harder then people think. ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO TELL US ABOUT?
Right now I’m studying graphic design and I’m experimenting
WHAT DO YOU HAVE COMING OUT SOON? a lot with MySpace layouts etc. I ended up doing Crystal Clear’s,
I have my first debut 12” coming on Influenced Records, ‘Marquee Mutated Forms’ and will probably do the Grid Recordings layout
Moon’ / ‘Blow Up’, and a different one on Influence’s ‘Coming soon. I really want to get better at designing so I hope I’ll get some
Correct’ EP later in the year. My biggest tune to date is called ‘All new clients.
City’ which will be released on Brand:Nu very soon hopefully, and
‘Persona’ will be a digital release on Brand:Nu. Apart from that I
have two tunes forthcoming on Vampire Recordings.
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