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Continuing the rise of Eastern Europe in drum & bass’s echelons, sub-genre skipping crew Mutated
Forms are fi ghting a war on two fronts from unlikely dual bases Estonia and Birmingham.
The seeds for Mutated Forms were certainly sown a diverse beast, deeper diversions ‘Pessimist’ and All are united by their love for Estonia, though,
from a very early age: G-Ruff met Zub on his ‘Homesick’ complemented by the dancefl oor- even if G-Ruff doesn’t envisage returning
fi rst day at kindergarten. They have followed the friendly title track. Fabio & Grooverider are permanently. “I like living in Tallinn,” Zub
same trajectory ever since, eventually moving into already supporters. enthuses. “We have a pretty big scene for a pretty
drum & bass and production together. The pair small country, with quite a few well-promoted,
are still envy-inspiringly youthful too – both just “The tune has this certain moodiness that quality drum & bass nights. Bookings abroad can
20, studying in Birmingham and Estonian capital refl ects our emotional state within the timeline be a problem from time to time, mainly due to
Tallinn respectively. Remaining member Alex H is of its production,” says Zub of the title track. the cost of fl ights, but we’re working on that.”
the elder statesman at 29, already an experienced “It doesn’t means the glory days are over and will
d&b DJ in Estonia when the trio hooked up. never happen again – as the vocal says – but the “I still love Estonia and enjoy coming back for a
track represents moments of life when you’re fed few weeks every now and then,” G-Ruff says, “but
“We shared the same views and ideas, and Alex up with everything and are feeling like giving up.” can’t really imagine moving back for good. But
had a pretty clear picture of what to do with our who knows…”
music, where the next move is going to take us,” “This EP is probably the fi rst step towards
explains G-Ruff. working on an album,” continues G-Ruff. “We’re “I love the country where I was born and bred,”
just looking for a certain idea that would make Alex states proudly. “Yes, it’s cold and windy
Following fl eeting link-ups with, among others, us go ‘Yes! That’s it!’ and turn the album into over here, but there are also a lot of benefi ts: a
DJ SS, the threesome are now signed exclusively an interesting product rather than just a random good d&b scene, parties, and easy access to any
to Lee ‘Twisted Individual’ Greenaway’s Grid compilation of tunes.” European and Russian cities.”
Recordings, with a mini-slew of releases on the way
via the label’s various imprints and parent handle. “It’s quite diffi cult to work together now G moved “Horrible weather conditions” or a “depressing
The ‘Roll Your Own One’ 12” is forthcoming on to Birmingham,” Zub muses of their splintered post-Soviet atmosphere” are two possible factors
Grid, plus label back catalogue mix CD ‘Money 4 residencies, “but sometimes him being in the UK Zub suggests for the region’s propensity toward
Old Rope Vol. 2’, while UK garage-level low-end adds more versatility. His infl uences there are harder, techno-edged drum & bass, but it’s not
peppers the uncompromising ‘Coppers’ / ‘Metal different to here, so we try and unite them. We get to an infl uence they are attempting to nurture.
Ringer’ on Zombie. see each other three or four times a year, time we are
defi nitely using for co-production in one studio.” “We try and push the warmer sound of drum & bass
First, however, Mutated Forms focus on the forward and there’s quite a decent scene for that,”
‘Glory Days (Never Again)’ EP on Allsorts. “Personally, I think it made the whole process easier,” he reckons. “We’ve never really been into hardcore
Bleeding subtle textures that evoke picturesque G-Ruff offers. “In our case distant production leads / breakcore, but it’s not about the name of the sub-
former eastern bloc outpost Tallinn into to better results, rather than sitting in the studio genre. At the end of the day it’s all drum & bass.”
occasional swathes of Black Country bleakness, it’s together arguing about every single sound.”
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