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8 Frontlines
basic changes to the site format and the possibility of adding more
diversity to the timetable to attract the wider audience. Last year we SIDELINES
decided to revamp the site, its name and image.
Digital Soundboy have a new
wHaT IS THE MUSIC PoLICY? Breakage single out on 13 April.
Multi-genre and the only remit is that all DJs must play what they ‘Together’ features vocals by
believe in, irrespective of what genre it is and produce a show that sound system giant Rodigan
educates the listener musically. I’d love to get back to old fashion while flipside ‘Rain’ laces
values of SCR radio where DJs played the stuff they really thought minimalist dub with electronica
was groundbreaking and listeners tuned in solely for that very touches and melancholic vocal
reason. samples. Both tracks are taken
from his forthcoming album
CaN YoU LIST a FEw oF THE MoST PoPULar SHowS & wHEN ‘Foundation’ due out on DSB
THEY’rE oN later this year. DSB also have
raDIo wavES
Eazy D (D&B): Sat 4pm-7pm singles from Loxy & Vicious
Nikjam (electro): Sun 8pm-9pm Circle also out in April.
Sullee (hard house): Mon 7pm-9pm
Every issue we profile an internet music station of note, this Halder (hardstyle): Tue 8pm-10pm Digital Colours Recordings,
month it’s the turn of Disfunktional Radio. Ricky Mancini (techno): Wed 8pm-9pm Spain’s premier drum & bass
Jamie Allatt (trance): Thu 8pm-10pm label, has a couple of digital
PLEaSE INTroDUCE YoUrSELF Si Elliot (bassline): Thu 6pm-8pm releases forthcoming. Bu –
We are, primarily Re-U-Nitez (old skool): Sun 11am-2pm ‘Broken Planet’ (Syncopix RMX)
a net based station owned and run by myself, Ben / Command Strange – ‘Baby
C, and good friend Ricky Mancini, together with aNYTHING ELSE YoU waNT To TELL US aBoUT? It’s You’ is out now and out on
Tony B who handles all the promotional side of We are looking for new DJs to add to the daytime roster, so if April 24th is Donnie Dubson – ‘6
things. you can offer something slightly away from the norm then get in A.M.’ / Bu – ‘Sometimes’ ft. Kery
touch as we’d love to hear from you. Events wise we have started Greenaway. The latter release is
wHY waS THE STaTIoN STarTED? Disfunktional nights at the Citrus Rooms in Barnsley, which run a sampler from their ‘The Sound
The station was born from the ashes of Hardcore every first Friday of the month and feature our radio DJs on rota- of Colours’ compilation featuring
United, a net based station that catered for the tion so everyone gets a chance at playing out. We are looking at tracks from tracks from BMK,
fans of that particular music scene which unfor- expanding this over three rooms and utilising the clubs layout to MIR Crew, Operon, Bu, United
tunately saw a decline in traffic and the existing provide something for everyone. We are also currently in talks with Rooms and Command Strange.
owners involvement due to other commitments. a festival organiser about hosting a dance tent and also broadcast-
Historically I have had a connection with that ing from the festival. There’s a collab with, check the
scene and the early Sheffield pirate radio days Disfunktional DJ show on Fridays 8-10pm GMT. Dead Or Alive music is a new
so I stepped in to help out, suggesting a few jump-up label from Londoners
Tyke & Recipe. First release
‘Cocaine Gash’ / ‘Drop’ hits
shops late April / early May via
Nu Urban Music distribution. The
label will feature material from
wHaT Do YoU Look For IN PoTENTIaL arTISTS? Tyke & Recipe as well as other
The music has gotta stand out from everyone else’s and get new artists. www.myspace.
people jumping up and down on the dancefloor. Turbulent are com/deadoralivelondon
always on the look out for new talent, so if your producing heavy-
weight tunes, send me demo CD. I listen to everything sent in. Up next on Muzik Hertz is the
debut 12” from Steppa & Kitcha,
How woULD YoU DESCrIBE YoUr LaBEL’S SoUND? aka Northern Lights with ‘Hell On
Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna get bumpy!! Above all else the Earth’ / ‘In Complete Darkness’.
label is for the dancefloor. Tearing breaks, super heavy basslines For more info check www.
and chopped up vocals, all the right ingredients to cause may-
Squire’s new imprint Resolute
wHaT HavE BEEN YoUr BIGGEST rELEaSES To DaTE? Music opens its account
Coherantt - Your Still A Soldier / Go To War (TURBO 07) and for 2009 in April with BHX’s
DPM - Into The Blue (TURBO 03). Currently selling like hot ‘Black Gold’ backed with ‘Old
cakes is our ‘Testflight’ album. It showcases a whole host of label Haunt’ by New Zealand’s
favorites, including some scorching exclusive and unreleased Teknik. Canada’s Subtone then
tracks all for only £3. makes his debut for the label
with ‘Unsolved’ paired with
Coherantt from Glasgow’s Turbulent gives us the inside info wHaT Do YoU HavE CoMING oUT SooN? ‘Vindictive’, a collaboration with
on the imprint… The next batch of singles and promos should hit shops soon. fellow countryman Stalker. Also
Then my ‘Decompression’ mix album will be out after that. keep your ears peeled for a
wHEN DID YoUr LaBEL BEGIN & wHY waS IT Remixes of ‘Your Still A Soldier’ are almost complete. Also look remix of Noah D & Focus’ ‘Water
SET UP? out for an EP from Sonic Engineers and a jazz tinged d&b album Song’ by one of the UK dubstep
The imprint was started in late 2006 after the from DPM. scene’s favourite faces. For more
demise of my second hand record store Spun. information and audio visit www.
Armed with a huge collection of samples taken aNYTHING ELSE YoU waNT To TELL US aBoUT?
off vinyl from the store, I started producing I’m going to step up the DJing this year, including a tour to
tunes using this unique sound library. I started promote the ‘Decompression’ album. I also have plans for some April sees the launch of
Turbulent initially as an outlet for my own ma- regular club nights with the intention of pushing the label and Sugaphonic Records, a new
terial purely because most of my musical heroes the Turbulent sound. All of Turbulent releases are available from Santorin sub-label in cooperation
like Ray Keith, Roni Size And LTJ Bukem all which has recently been upgraded to accept with Young Ax. SUGA-001
had their own labels. I thought, if they can do credit card payments. features ‘Gangster Boogie’ &
it so can I! ‘System Of Survival’, check
CaN YoU TELL US MorE aBoUT YoUr kEY for audio.
Coherantt - always providing heavyweight mon- Turbulent Recordings, PO Box 2879, Glasgow, G64 9az Technique Recordings are ten
sters for the dancefloor. DPM - brings Bukem this year and to celebrate Derby’s
type tunes with soulful vocal and lush strings. finest are releasing an album
Sonic Engineers - tear up dancefloors with entitled, ‘10 Years of Technique’.
nasty bass stabs and brutal breaks. Featuring hard-to-find classics,
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