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Words Rahul Verma
Photography Josh Sisk /
It’s a rank, chilly Sunday night in February and the queue’s snaking round the block for FWD>> Plastic People, braving the
squally rain and howling wind. Why? Because it’s the line-up of all line-ups for future bass heads - Kode9 and D-Bridge are
guests at Dutch producer Martyn’s LP launch party.
In 2008, Martyn, who had previously been aligned heart, much in the same way a singer / songwriter agree that they have made people’s attention spans for
with deep, groove based d&b and released on Marcus does, namely, you come up with an idea for a track music shorter,” he adds. “People tend to skip through
Intalex’s Soul:R label and DJ Flight’s Play:Musik, and you fi t the tempo and the instrumentation to their iTunes folders real quick, listen to something for
became the darling of dubstep, Detroit/dub techno, this idea, instead of starting your sequencer with a a minute and then it’s on to the next one. You even see
and progressive electronic music agitators including beat on loop for hours and then trying to think of it happening in the lengths of tracks, either real short
Flying Lotus thanks to his remix of TRG’s ‘Broken’: something interesting on the top.” or real long, they’re basically one executed idea and you
rolling, heady synths and pads fl oat over a blanket miss a progression in the music.”
of comfy subs, as the occasional snare snaps you out An electronic music album – particularly from
of a euphoric dancefl oor dream. The deft, poised the bass end of the spectrum - with heart and soul Like Detroit techno, ‘Great Lengths’ and much of
distillation of house, Detroit techno and bass was is a rarity, however ‘Great Lengths’ also stands out Martyn’s sound, has a cosmic, galactic feel. Sci-fi
universally acclaimed as one of the singles of 2008, for its sense of time, space, and room to breath. is clearly a deep well that much of electronic music,
and created a feverish sense of anticipation for his LP. Although it seems an antidote - the sonic equivalent past present and future has drawn from, but whereas
of meditating - to hectic, technology driven life, most producers get lost in escapist, fantasy and marvel
Martyn’s debut LP ‘Great Lengths’, however, not it’s in part a refl ection of Martyn’s environment: at robotics and machinery, Martyn’s rooted in the
only fulfi ls these expectations, but surpasses them. “I decided to start writing the album shortly after I human. “I received such an immense dose of ‘80s
Much like ‘Broken’, or his remix of Flying Lotus’ relocated from The Netherlands to what they call the sci-fi that it undeniably infl uenced me! Growing up
‘Natural Selection’, the album is indefi nable in genre DC Metro Area, the suburbs of Washington DC. on Star Wars, Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica and
terms and references deep house, broken beat, two I’ve lived in cities all my life and this suburban area the original Star Trek on TV, early Transformers,
step, dub soul, techno noir, melancholy rave and to me is very quiet and far from chaotic. The album Dune… I still love watching movies from that era,
halfstep d&b. In essence Martyn’s music is not so has at least a few tracks that refl ect this,” he says, however, I’m not an escapist at all,” he explains.
much about genres but evoking feelings, emotion,
mood and imagery. In other words it’s music from At 80minutes and 14 tracks ‘Great Lengths’ is the “The greatest sci-fi has very “human” themes,
the heart, and as Martyn astutely observes is the antithesis of shallow, attention defi cit MP3 shuffl e like the family dramas of Star Wars and Dune,
common bond between the aforementioned cabal culture – a proper LP if you will, where the more meaning of life and existence in Blade Runner,” he
between Kode9, D-Bridge and Flying Lotus. you put in, in terms of listening time, the more continues. “In those movies, the future, spaceships,
you get out of it. “I consciously wanted to make a light sabers and artifi cial intelligence is just part of
“I have great respect for Kode, Flying Lotus and long album, fi rst of all since I have been doing only the setting, the stories however are very real. Which
D-Bridge, and I’m always very inspired by the music 12”s and remixes and I felt that now I fi nally had is what makes them great. Maybe there’s a parallel to
they’re making, it’s funny how all three come from the chance to really use the time given to me by the some of today’s music. In good music there might be
completely different backgrounds, yet they seem to format,” says Martyn. lots of futuristic sounds but the emotion is still very
have a musical connection,” he says. “What ties us human. Connecting with people through music is
together is that it’s all about making music from the “Although I enjoy the benefi ts of MP3s and iPods, I what it is all about in the end.”
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