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01. 1. Stu is known to sleep walk after drinking...
02. They are both superstitious. One of them (they
won’t say which one) has worn the same
unwashed sweatband at every show for over
fi ve years.
03. State of Mind’s experimental alias in the early
days was “White Glove Boys”. They were known
for their rivalry with the equally untalented “Black
Glove Boys”.
04. Both are tour calibre golfers. There is a putting
green in the studio.
05. Pat swears by Tony Robbins motivational home
study program, ‘Personal Power 2’. It has sold
over 25 million copies to date.
there was maybe one tune on it that was not a club Zealand in that there is a real feeling of support- The album will be released as two CDs; the fi rst
track. ‘Faster Than Light’ has some stuff on it iveness rather than the competitiveness that the UK is the unmixed album in full and the second is a
that’s wicked but not really aimed at the club.” scene – rightly or wrongly – has a reputation for. bonus CD with exclusive remixes and tracks that
didn’t make the LP, some of which won’t be made
In what is another departure from the precedent “That’s only my impression,” says Stu, “but is it available on any other format. Coming up with
set by ‘Take Control’, this time around collabo- fair to say the UK has more small crews and people different ways to make CD albums marketable is a
rations comprise just over half of Faster Than maybe don’t work with each other as much? There challenge these days Stu admits.
Light’s track listing. Was that signifi cant in help- are a lot of producers here and we all work with each
ing to shape the direction of this album? other send tunes, there’s no rivalry or anything.” “You do have to make a CD a bit more special
than you used to give people a reason to buy the
“I don’t think it would be fair to say it shaped the I say to him that I’m not sure how true that is any hard copy,” he says. “You see it all the time with
album,” counters Stu. “It was a big factor but in more. There are certainly pockets of drum & bass limited releases or stickers or posters in records
most instances with the vocals we already had an micro-scenes all over the UK, but I don’t think stuff like that. But at the end of the day the music
idea of what we wanted. Then we let the vocalists they’re internecine so much as complementary. has to be good, you can’t polish a turd!”
fl esh out lyrics. I guess the producer collabora- The jealous guarding of tunes is always going to
tions were more unpredictable, you don’t know be necessary to a certain extent, but I think the This is all good marketing practice now that the
what you will do when you get in the studio.” legendary paranoia about sharing tunes is a hang- guys are label bosses themselves.
over from the days when everyone played off dub-
It must change the studio dynamic, I suggest, to have plates and is probably overdue to pass into the “When we fi rst got into drum & bass, we had no
an ‘outsider’ come in and take up some of the reins. realm of myth. idea what was going on. We just partied,” Stu
jokes. “Yeah now we are boring. Having a label
“Sure,” concedes Stu, “but usually when we col- “I’m on the other side of the world so I might be seemed like a good idea; sure there is more work
laborate with someone it’s because we like what wrong!” he says. “That’s just the impression I’ve and more risk, but there is also more reward.”
they do, so we are usually happy to see what they got from touring and stuff.”
bring to the table.” The next release on SOM Music will be a tune
There is, Stu maintains, a similarity in the fl avour called ‘Coldfeet’ by Hungary’s Spinline, to be
Were they especially keen to work with any one of sound between drum & bass from Hungary followed later this year by State of Mind’s own re-
artist in particular? and drum & bass from New Zealand. It’s a fair mix of a Tiki Taane tune.
comparison, but listening to ‘Faster Than Light’
“We seem to have a real connection to the Hungarian I am reminded of the neurofunk that was coming “We’ve been pretty focused on the LP,” says Stu,
scene of all places,” Stu says. “We have worked out of London earlier in the decade. The over- “so we haven’t made any solid plans for the label
with Chris SU loads and tour and stay in Hungary all fl avour is unmistakeably New Zealand – big, beyond that. We want to do a third album and we
a lot. We haven’t worked with SKC or Spinline or bass-y and those melancholy melodies that seem may look at signing some NZ artists to do albums
Mindscape though, that would be good.” to typify the kind of drum & bass that comes from for us but that’s all still TBC. The ambition is to
a country which isn’t rained on 300 days a year – just keep putting out our music.”
Stu and Patrick say they fi nd the attitude of the but there are defi nite nods to Ed Rush & Optical
Hungarian scene very similar the scene in New circa ‘The Creeps’. Faster Than Light is out now on SOM Music.
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