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the trip might be worthwhile. The double doors we’ll get you a few tickets.’ ‘Look! Like I said, don’t worry. I’ll just go
swung open. Noise from commotion outside An almost incredibly condescending smile and make a few phone calls and I’m certain that
drew all eyes towards the entrance. With an air stretched tightly over his face. we can get you all in and I’ll make sure there’s
of adopted nonchalance verging on the ridicu- ‘After all, you guys are exactly who should be enough biccies to go round OK.’
lous, Steve McNaughton walked into Caskies. going to this event.’ He got up and headed towards the door, the
All four around the table smiled. The expres- When everyone at the table seemed to be proverbial man on a mission. Nobody had asked
sions couldn’t have been much more different looking at one another in complete relief it was him to do anything. He was working to his own
between the boys and girls. Colin and Martin, Carrie who reacted fi rst. volition. He reached the door and turned round.
experienced and practiced in the art of knowing ‘Aye alright, but we’re kind of all set for Fever.’ Slowly he lifted his index fi nger to his nose, as
what was what. They knew how to spot a dobber. ‘Fair do’s but this sounds pretty good as well eh?’ if a sudden important issue had just struck him.
The girls’ smiles were more genuine. Steve noted Martin was warming to the idea of Floatation, He fl icked the fi nger down to point to the people
them sitting there. Checked around the rest of safely in Dundee. he’d left at the table.
the pub. Maybe there was somebody even more ‘Not pretty good Martin, this is the real deal.’ ‘You guys will be here yeah? I’ll just be ten minutes!’
interesting he could talk to. Apparently not! Steve looked around the table for reaction. Everyone signalled around the table.
‘Alright everyone, how the bugger are you all?’ ‘This is the same as Fever but about twice the Expressions that screamed ‘suppose so!’ and with
He sat down at the end of the table. size. Fever is actually quite pokey. It’s in Dundee a wink Steve was gone. Nothing to do now but
‘Not bad at all Steve.’ so everyone we know is going and...’ gauge one another’s reaction. Martin was fi rst to
Natalie answered fi rst, eager to impress. He gauged the mood again, paused and leaned ask the question. ‘Well what do we think about
‘That’s us off tae Fever tonight for the fi rst into the audience as if the next thing he was to say this Floatation thing then? Sounds no’ bad like!’
time. Are you through tonight?’ would be the most important. Natalie and Colin nodded an enthusiastic
‘Fever? Tonight?’ ‘It’s on water.’ agreement but Carrie was a little distracted. She
These questions took everyone a little by sur- Most around the table seemed impressed by was looking at the top of the bar where the public
prise. Not so much the questions themselves but this detail but again Carrie countered. phone was sitting. It wasn’t exactly busy.
the way they were being asked. A strong hint that ‘Well aye that sounds good n’ all but we’ve been ‘What d’ ya think Carrie?’ Natalie had clearly,
Fever might not be such a good idea tonight. A hearing all about Fever for weeks now and we changed her plans and was now thinking only of
few bewildered looks ensued. know that Jacqui Morrison is a genius. Mainly the Frigate Unicorn.
‘Have you guys not got tickets for Floatation then?’ it’s yourself that’s been telling us that, but to be ‘I don’t know though, do you no’ think Steve’s
All four of Steve’s audience wanted to say ‘Oh aye, honest, we’re just getting a bit pissed off wi’ the a wee bit weird?’
Floatation, forgot about that, course we have tickets, can’t wait.’ shite ecstasy down here eh.’ ‘Naw man, Steve’s well cool!’
Their expressions were complete traitors to Steve could see that all around the table were Natalie was convinced but Martin and Colin
their intentions. immediately brought to agreeing with this point. had to think about it.
‘I mean, Fever will be good, it always is, but I ‘Ah’m no’ trying to be cheeky, eh!’ Carrie ‘Aye, he is cool,’ Carrie admitted, ‘but ah just
reckon that this is the kick-start for the Dundee began to apologise. don’t know. He’s just a bit strange and well, who the
scene tonight. These Floatation Perception guys Steve opened his palms in front of him in his hell ever heard o’ Disco Biscuits? What are they?’
really have put on a good night.’ own gesture of contrition. ‘Aw come on, Carrie. This is gonna be the
Steve quickly gauged reactions. Nobody knew ‘Oh hell no, that’s not cheeky at all. I know berries!’ Martin was bouncing around in his seat.
what he was talking about. exactly what you mean!’ Steve lowered his hands Trepidation never turned to anticipation so fast.
‘Haven’t you seen the posters, they’re all over and pulled his chair closer into the table. Colin stayed silent, watching Natalie and
Dundee, tonight’s the big night! Big rave on the ‘But I did say that those Floatation Perception Martin try to talk Carrie round. He may have in
Frigate Unicorn down in the docks. Everyone’s going!’ guys knew what they were doing. I was up at a fact been looking into excuses for not going to
‘Eh, we’ve no’ really seen any posters, we’re no’ house last night where they were listening to the Aberdeen that night but had listened all week to
from Dundee eh.’ sounds and I’m telling you they’re pumping.’ how much Carrie wanted to go. She still wanted
‘Come to think of it,’ Natalie was thinking He was looking at the table now, head swaying to go. He knew that. He also kind of agreed with
hard, ‘ah think ah did see some posters outside from side to side as if remembering the music. her that Steve was a bit weird. Not sinister weird
the Wellgate with FLOATATION written on ‘Thing is as well, they have 500 Disco Biscuits or in any way unacceptable but he was just a bit
them but ah wasnae really paying attention, eh.’ to sell and well, if I’m looking a bit bedraggled different and he wasn’t sure that he was to be
‘Ah well look, fear not!’ today it’s entirely due to them and there’s one trusted. For the moment though Colin bit his
Steve now appeared to be taking pity on the thing I can certainly assure you. They are not tongue as the swell of opinion seemed to veer
people round the table who apparently, he con- shite drugs!’ towards staying in Dundee that night. He could
sidered had made a huge mistake. Everyone around the table began to get their just tell though that Carrie was only making out
‘I’m pretty well in with the Floatation heads round the idea that Dundee might be the to be happy with that.
Perception people, if I give them a call I’m sure place to be that night. Steve jumped into action.
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