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october 1989 - what goes up ‘Well just sit there eh! Dinnae worry about us ‘Aye sounds like a crackin’ night but ya know
we’ll be fi ne!’ that we’re no’ exactly the most popular people in
‘Twats though, are they no’?’ Awkwardly, they leaned towards the door. Aberdeen just now eh?’
Martin Bridges looked out of Caskies window. ‘Bit late now guys eh, you can make yourself Colin’s attention shifted from the drinks.
Unusually interested as the confl icting tide of useful and go and get the drinks for the workers.’ ‘No, we’re no exactly popular with the casu-
bag-laden bodies struggled against itself. Martin glanced at Colin and raised his eye- als but this is the raver crowd that go tae Fever,
‘Who’s twats?’ brows to suggest that workers was a well-chosen shouldnae really be a problem there eh. Anyway,
Colin Nichols sat across from him. Equally word. doesnae matter what your or ma take on Fever is,
intrigued, only not looking out onto the street, ‘Anyway, what are you two so engrossed in that they two are goin’ and we’re takin’ them whether
he was looking at the piece of paper in his hand. you couldnae see us struggling across Reform we like it or no’.’
Nine correct results. Could happen! If it did Street?’ Colin glanced back at the girls, now deep in
he’d be £4,430 richer. Seemed like a pretty good ‘Aw, very important stuff Natalie!’ discussion at the table.
way to be making money on a sunny Saturday Colin was now on his feet, squeezing between ‘Havnae been able to shut her up all week about
afternoon. two tables to get out towards the bar. it! Apparently it’s different.’
‘Saturday afternoon shoppers are twats man. I ‘Martin was just explaining how anyone who Waved his fi ngers in front of his face to suggest he
mean, what’s that all about?’ chooses Saturday as a good time tae go shopping wasn’t really sure what this was supposed to mean.
Martin tapped his thumb against the window, probably needs their heads looking at.’ ‘A proper rave. A lot better than anythin’ hap-
pointing back out onto the street. ‘These nutters ‘Aye, cheers mate!’ penin’ in Dundee.’
spend all week working hard right? To make ‘Y’ welcome.’ ‘Aye mate fair do’s but you know as well as ah
money! Just so’s on a Saturday afternoon they ‘Aye whatever!’ do that casuals in Aberdeen are the same as us
can spend the time relaxing but no, no’ these The girls dropped their bags and took their down here and they’re goin’ to Fever. Maybe no’
pillocks! They’re spending their time battlin’ seats. Not really paying attention to the banter. lookin’ for trouble but a couple o’ sitting ducks
through crowds carrying wads o’ bags o’ shite ‘Not so much shopping as essential preparation like us might be a bit diffi cult to resist.’
around that if they thought about it they could anyway.’ The girl at the bar was now over and ready to
have got easily on Thursday night or something! Carrie peeked into the largest bag. serve Colin. He raised his fi nger. She didn’t look
Saturday’s for relaxing man, every last man jack ‘You know what these Aberdonians are like. pleased.
o’ these punters should be in the pub.’ They just seem to think we’re a bunch o’ skanks ‘Naw you’re right! Just let me get the drinks in
‘Oh right.’ from around here so we dinnae need to be giving and we can get back over and explain that they
As philosophy went, this wasn’t exactly Jung. them any ammunition. I hope you two’ll be get- won’t be having the time of their lives tonight
Colin was able to turn his attention back to ting changed as well.’ cos we’ve just had a sudden attack of the wullies.
whether he thought Sheffi eld United would Martin looked down at what he was wearing. Cannae see a problem there!’
actually beat West Ham in London, this was the Cords seemed clean enough. Shirt was less than a ‘Better get a couple more pints as well mate!’
potential coupon buster but the one result that month old. Couldn’t see a problem with them. Martin suddenly decided that some Dutch
would really make the effort worthwhile. ‘Aye probably.’ courage may prove useful. This was a conun-
‘Well ah’m glad they’re no’ all in the pub, He shrugged and looked towards Colin, safely drum. Colin was right. Carrie and Natalie had
wouldnae leave it a very relaxing experience for at the bar. completely set their minds on raving in Aberdeen
the likes of us would it?’ ‘Anyway, better go help Colin with the drinks and it was all they could talk about.
Martin sat back in his chair and shook his head. eh?’ ‘Jacqui Morrison is incredible likes! Best DJ in
Pitiful really. Pools coupon! ‘Fuckin’ waste o’ The girls looked at one another and then back Scotland by a mile. And she’s a female. Got tae
time that is.’ He leaned forward to offer his to Martin. Heads moving from side to side like see her!’
explanation. Colin wasn’t quite getting the point. synchronised naysayers. ‘Oh aye, that tape you gave me is the fuckin’
Double doors swung open allowing a loud gasp ‘What, help wi’ two drinks?’ business!’
of the outside noise to invade the bar. The com- ‘Aye well, you know what he’s like eh.’ Martin was listening, helpless to do anything
motion of the two people struggling to squeeze about where this was going.
through completely broke his train of thought. *** ‘Aye that’s a good tape like!’ he had to admit.
‘Are you managing there, Nat?’ Colin nodded a half-grudging agreement.
Carrie pushed forward to help Natalie with ‘So Col mate, what’s your take on all of this ‘Ecstasy up there’s a lot better as well. Proper
the door while she squeezed an assortment of Aberdeen and Fever stuff.’ tabs like!’
bags through. The boys sat and watched. Said A not overly enthusiastic bar girl noticed ‘Fuck aye, better than the bloody whizzbombs
nothing. Didn’t need to. The relevance of the Colin’s proffered fi ver. we’re getting here.’
conversation they had been having starting to hit ‘Aye, sounds like a no’ bad night likes!’ On this point all were more than a little curi-
home. Martin wasn’t looking so sure. ous. If they could get their hands on real ecstasy,
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