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Across two different time zones, from the UK to India, Knowledge caught up with two of the team
behind the labels gracing this month’s cover CD, Lucky Devil and Revolution Recordings.
The Lucky Devil collective as it originated drew At this time Guy was earning his badges in mu- developing it. When I explained to him what we
together the skills of four individuals with very sic PR, working alongside the well-respected wanted he got it immediately. My door into the
different areas of expertise as Guy explains. “The Laurence of Electric PR before moving on to whole world of drum & bass was through Good
idea was that we would all use our individual a branch of Pinnacle called Windsong. Having Looking. That’s what inspired me. The image on
strengths to do whatever projects we wanted to. also gained some work experience at Jockey Slut, that label was something I could always trust and
One person was a singer, another was good at Guy in fact went on to write for us at Knowledge. I often bought the tunes without hearing them.
A&R, I was into PR and promotion and one guy Also DJing on Rude FM, Guy had been throwing That’s what we were trying to aspire to, to have a
was a music lawyer.” The four people he refers to Lucky Devil parties in around the West End and stamp to let people know that they’re going to get
are Laura Ayah, Matt Impact, Guy Nautilus and Shoreditch with Matt, Jon and Ayah and thought a certain quality, without any nonsense. We just
Jon Baker respectively and the fact that they are that this quartet would be the perfect to success- want to get good music out there and support art-
all currently off doing their own thing poses no fully grow a new record label. He didn’t, however, ists doing interesting things.”
problem. Indeed that was the intention at the want it to just be another outlet for churning out
collective’s conception. dancefl oor anthem after dancefl oor anthem, Whilst Matt, Guy, Ayah and Jon have currently
aiming instead to model it on the labels he had scattered to various other projects ties are cer-
“It’s a very organic thing that just evolves,” con- followed religiously over the years. tainly not severed. Guy’s journey has taken him
tinues Guy, “depending on where we are at the the furthest afi eld, to Dehradun in North West
time and who’s doing what. We’ll always be in- “There are so many labels that I’ve stuck with over India, at the foothills of the Himalayas where he
volved in it because drum & bass is what brought the years,” Guy explains, “because they’ve put ef- originally only went to learn yoga but unsurpris-
us together and is something that we all share a fort into presentation. Good Looking is one of ingly fell in love with the lifestyle, the people and
great passion for. We recognise how much we’ve them, along with non-drum & bass labels like the scenery. Meanwhile, back in the UK, with Jon
infl uenced each other and what we’ve done to- Warp and Ninja Tune. They make something that now working for a big music law fi rm and Ayah
gether. I don’t ever want it to be a static thing. It’s is more than just music! The whole Lex series as pursuing a successful singing career, Matt is steer-
not like we’ve got a label so that’s it for the rest of well is really amazing stuff. The way they package ing the ship. The CD was mixed by him and is a
our days and we’re just gonna keep on churning it is so thoughtful and everything they do is a real smooth, rolling mix through the back catalogues
out the same old shit. When it comes to a time collector’s item. This is the future for music be- of Revolution and Lucky Devil Recordings, tak-
when one of the labels isn’t doing it for us any- cause people are downloading everything. If you ing in some forthcoming highlights and a couple
more or people aren’t into it, then we’ll do a new want to be selling some physical product, you have of other hidden gems, kindly supplied to them by
project. It’s something that should keep chang- to make it really special. It has to be a bit more long-standing friends.
ing.” than just a slab of wax.”
It is these very friends that they plan to continue
It was through DJing on Rude FM, that Matt met It is at this point that the venerable Eveson, who working with on forthcoming releases as well as
many up-and-coming artists from the scene. seems to be cropping up throughout Knowledge always having their ears to the ground in antici-
Surprised that their considerable talents were not every month, once again joins us. Ayah has close pation of fresh talent. “We’re always looking out
yet being snapped up, he started to think about links to another of Bristol’s The Insiders and in- for new people but we’re happy working with the
setting up his own label and in 2004 kick-started deed is the featured guest vocalist on ‘Meltdown’, producers already on board, supporting them and
Revolution Recordings with some help from Guy. their latest release on Intrigue Recordings. being associated with them. We’ve got a few releases
“I’ve always been online looking for new artists Through playing at their Intrigue nights, Ayah coming out in the future from these guys Incident
and was constantly surprised at how many tracks became friends with Eveson and consequently in- and Paul SG. My main thing now is to work on
weren’t getting signed. We used to and still do troduced him to Guy and Matt. Having seen the specifi c projects. Rather than just signing tracks to
Rude FM and over about six years have met some depth of Eveson’s unmistakable talents, Guy de- actually go in the studio and say “this is what we
good people. Break was doing the set after me cided he was the perfect candidate to redesign their want to create”. To get producers like Sabre and
about fi ve years ago and was just starting out on logo and produce the artwork needed to make the Survival, guys that we’ve been with for time and do
Eastside and had a few releases on No U-Turn. label releases something to be treasured. a specifi c project with vocalists and with a certain
He went on to do the third release on Revolution. thing in mind that we can package properly.”
We met Sabre through Rude as well as Alix Perez “I love his tunes,” concedes Guy. “I got chatting
and again it was a similar situation. I thought they to him through the music and only found out To keep tabs on their latest releases and events or
all had really good music but weren’t getting many afterwards that he was an artist as well. We had a for contact details visit o r
releases.” logo from years ago and always had this idea of
This collection of all live drum
& bass breakbeats has been
played exclusively by KJ Sawka,
a drummer who has set the bar
with regards to live played 170
bpm+ drum and bass breaks. He
recorded over 12 custom drum kits
at London Bridge Studios Seattle,
through a vintage Neve console
- this collection is great for produc-
SOME OF THE ers who want the ‘real’ thing and
want that live sound to add to their
productions, whether that be drum
& bass, breaks, dubstep or grime.
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