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New Practitioner Local Doctor Releases Study on Improved
Joins Healing Center Breathing Through Chiropractic
am Ziskie has joined the Soothe
Your Soul, in Oxford. Ziskie is an L
ocal chiropractor Dr. Mark Morningstar has published a new study in the October
issue of the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health. The study shows how
integrative healing practitioner, certified breathing capability can be improved by correcting neck problems and posture.
massage therapist, craniosacral therapist “When patients, especially kids, have breathing issues such as asthma and chronic
and seasoned student of many types upper respiratory infections,” says Morningstar, “one solution may be to have their
of healing practices. She also teaches posture checked to see if they have any posture abnormalities or joint dysfunction
several classes that emphasize personal in the neck.”
growth and self- Morningstar is available for consultation at Natural Wellness and Pain Relief
realization in and Centers, 10683 S. Saginaw, Suite B, in Grand Blanc during the week and at the New
around Oxford. Baltimore office, 51145 Washington St., Suite C, on Tuesdays. Most insurances cover
With 23 years the cost of initial evaluation and consultation. Natural Awakenings readers who
in the health mention this NewsBrief can get their co-pay waived.
and wellness in-
For information, call Dr. Morningstar at 810-694-3576 or visit his webiste:
dustry teaching See ad page 21.
and developing
women’s health
programs, Ziskie
Pam Ziskie
has studied vari-
ous practices, Clarkston Clinic
modalities and philosophies throughout
Begins 12-week Healthy Lifestyle Program
the world.
Ziskie has experience in ad-
vanced massage therapy techniques (or-
ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic dis-
eases are the leading causes of death and disability in the U.S. These illnesses
thopedic,) healing warm stone massage,
are responsible for seven of every 10 deaths, and consume 78 percent of all health
essential oils, Native American Healing,
care expenditures. Some of these chronic dis-
Munay Ki, Reiki and Polarity.
eases include cardiovascular disease, obesity,
Type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis. Because
Soothe Your Soul is located at 20 Hud-
a wide variety of these conditions are caused
son Street in downton Oxford. For more
by unhealthy lifestyle habits, national clinical
information, call 248-236-9855 or visit
guidelines for their management advocate a
multi-faceted lifestyle approach designated
“therapeutic lifestyle changes.”
To address these problems, the Down-
ing Clinic will offer a comprehensive lifestyle
EveryBody Deserves
intervention program beginning with a free presentation December 8 at 5:45. This
a Massage!
12-week program, FirstLine Therapy, teaches participants to make healthy lifestyle
First-time client special:
The basic principles of FLT – which include a low glycemic load food plan, regular
$30 for 60 minutes or
exercise, nutritional supplementation and stress management – lays the foundation
$45 for 90 minutes.
for a new lifestyle tailored to specific needs. The program starts Tuesday, January
5. Class frequency allows participants to come back for testing to monitor changes
in body composition and support in their new healthy lifestyle.
The Downing Clinic is located at 5715 Bella Rose Blvd, in Clarkston. To reserve
a space for the free presentation, call 248-625-6677 or visit
Ethos Center for Yoga
and Therapeutic Arts
~ Located in Downtown Holly ~
The success of YOUR marketing message is all about reaching
the RIGHT of the right TIME.
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about your special occasion out to the most people when it
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Yoga • Massage • Life Coaching
For info, visit
6 Genesee, Lapeer & Shiawassee
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