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The Nomes of Ancient Egypt

Sau / Sa (Gr. Capital of the nome. In the
Sais, Mod. Sa el- Temple of Neith Late Period, also capital of
Neith Hagar) Egypt. 5. LE Neith (North) (nt mHt)
(Sais area to the coast) or Sau (“Of Sais”) Wadjet Isis Per-wadjet / tre of Isis during the
Khebt? (Gr. Buto) Temple of Wadjet
Cult cen
Late Period

Also called “Northern Shield”. The Ptolemies assimilated Neith to Athena, the Romans to Minerva. It is the Greco-Roman goddess, with her familiar animal the owl, who is
depicted on the Roman nome coins. It is thought that the town of Buto was created from the fusion of Pe and Dep, which were two separate districts in the vicinity of Per-wadjet.
The province was called Saites and/or Kabasites during the Greco-Roman period.

Cult centre of Amun-Ra
6. LE Mountain Bull (Khasu) during Dynasty 14 according (Mid-Delta to the coast) or Entry unclear Ra Khasu (Gr. Xois) Amun-Ra (Mod. Sakha) Temple of Ra to Manetho. Capital of the

The name of the nome is also that of the administrative centre, which is sometimes written as kA Dw). According to Manetho, Xois was the principal town of Dynasty 19. The
province was generally called Xoites by the Ptolemies, although it has been suggested that another name was Gynaikopolites.

Per-Ha-Nereb Originally the cult centre of
Ha (early god?) (Gr. Metelis, Mod. Temple of Ha, and a major centre from Harpoon (divided) (west)
rpoon with cord” Horus Damanhur) Sobek? the rule of Ramesses II to
7. LE (wa imnty)
inscribed across Neith? Ptolemaic times (North-west Delta along the or
Rosetta branch of the Nile) Provinces 7 and 8 Amun? Temple to Horus The city was dedicated to Thoth? Naukratis (el- Cult centres of Horus who was presented as
Gi’eif)? Neith, Amun and a solar disc with wings and Thoth? two uraeus
Nomes 7 and 8 of Lower Egypt shared the same name. Harpoon (west) was the western margin of the Delta. The area, “Harpoon country”, was attested on the ceremonial
palette of King Narmer (Dynasty 1). Several scholars suggest that much of the Delta region was known only as “Harpoon country” in proto-dynastic times, and that, during
some periods of the dynastic period, Libya and Mareotes were also included in this nome. During the Hellenic period, the province was known as Metelites and included the
towns of Menelaos, Phtheneos(?) and Canopus. The town of Naukratis (which became an Ionian colony of mercenaries, merchants and artisans) was founded by
Psammetichus I.

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