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The Nomes of Ancient Egypt

Imu / Iamu (Mod. Capital of the nome in the Old
Kom el-Hisn) Hathor-Sekhmet
15 Kingdom, situated between
Kom Abu Billo and Naukratis.
Taminhor (or
West (Ament) Hathor Khemenu?)(Gr. Made capital of the nome
3. LE (North-west Delta abutting Hepy of Hut-Ihyt Sekhmet Hermopolis Cult of Thoth after the Old Kingdom until
the Libyan desert) Thoth Parva, Mod. the 4th C. BCE Damanhur)
Rakote (Gr. Capital of Ptolemaic Egypt.
Alexandria, Mod. The largest centre of culture
el-Iskandariya) and science in the eastern section of the Mediterranean
This nome has also been called the “Occident” (imnty) and “Libya” (Amu). Other towns in this nome included Hut-ihet, (= good cattle?) and Kom Hamada. Under the reign of
the Ptolemies, Alexandria became the largest centre of culture and science in the immediate Mediterranean area.

Djeka? Cult centre of Neith
Neith and Sobek Neith The White Chapel reading
4. LE Neith (South) (nt-rsw) or Sobek may also be interpreted as (South-west Delta) Neith and Sobek of Isis “Neith and Sobek of Sau
or Sau (Sais) Amun? (Sais)”
Sap[i]-qema? (Gr. Cult centre of
Prosopis?) Sobek, Isis and

Also called “Southern Shield”. Nomes 4 and 5 of Lower Egypt are named as southern and northern parts of the Neith province, and it is thought that these two provinces were
inscribed (on the White Chapel) as one entry, although they are seen as two different nomes by most scholars. The delineations of “north” and “south” were added at some time
after the Middle Kingdom. However, the Neith nome was known in the Old Kingdom as one administrative area, with Sais being the major town. During the Greek occupation,
this nome was divided into three areas, two of which were Sais and Naukratis (see also LE 7 below where it is thought that the town which became Naukratis was [at one time]
included in the west Harpoon nome). The province was called Prosopites (after the division of the Neith nome) and was situated between the two main branches of the Nile.

15 Fused form of the goddess
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