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Volume Fourteen - Issue Three
Extreme Mustang Makeover
Equine Contenders Presented to
Southern Methodist University
Madeleine and T. the Mustang Heritage Founda- Currently, the mus-
Boone Pickens of Dallas, Tex- tion (MHF). “The Foundation tangs are under the care of
as, adopters of two Extreme certainly supports Madeleine in SMU Equestrian Team Head
Mustang Makeover equine her goal to protect the wild horse Coach Haley Schoolfield.
contenders, El Compadre and population and appreciates her “These mustangs are
Felio, presented the mustangs bringing attention to the value certainly not what we expected
to Southern Methodist Univer- of the human-animal bond cre- and don’t fit the stereotype,”
sity during its contest against ated through the mustangs, their she said. “They are truly good
Navy October 17 in Dallas. trainers and adopters.” looking horses and we’re
The announcement El Compadre, a three- amazed with how far they’ve
was made during a press con- year-old bay gelding gathered come in their training under
ference highlighting the coming from the Maverick Medicine Jesus and Scott.”
halftime activities at Gerald herd management area, will be Ms. Pickens said the
Ford Stadium on the SMU under the hand of trainer Jesus connection with the SMU Mus-
campus. At the game, Mad- Jaruegui of Bailey’s Harbor, tangs and her goal to protect
eleine and T. Boone Pickens Wis. El Compadre and Jaruegui wild horses through her Na-
will present SMU President were among the top 10 in the tional Wild Horse Foundation
Dr. Gerald Turner, SMU Head Legends division at the recent was “divine intervention.”
Football Coach June Jones and Extreme Mustang Makeover “I’m sure there are
Southern Methodist University Western Stampede competi- people wondering why we are Scott Stinemetz aboard 3-year-old, Felio, Haley Schoolfield, SMU Equestrian Team Head
with the beautiful and trained tion in Fort Worth September doing all of this,” said Mad-
Coach, and Jesus Jaruegui aboard 3-year-old El Compadre.
Nevada Mustangs as a gift to 18-20. eleine Pickens. “One of my
the school. The black gelding, life’s passions is to protect and
of the SMU Mustangs. We former Dallas Cowboy quar- enters its third year of compe-
“This is a great op- Felio, also a three-year-old, will save America’s Wild Horses -- a
thought the perfect game would terback and NFL Hall of Famer tition after two years of what
portunity for our program and have trainer Scott Stinemetz of living symbol of our American
be against Navy, as we can not Roger Staubach, a member of industry observers are call-
we were honored that the Pick- Great Bend, Kan., in the saddle. heritage and freedom. What
only salute the American Mus- the National Wild Horse Foun- ing nothing short of amazing
ens’ approached the Foundation Felio, who was among the top better place to get the word
tang, but we also can salute the dation advisory board, which is events across the United States.
to assist them in identifying 20 in Legends competition, was out about protecting and saving
men and women of our Armed chaired by Coach Jones. Working in cooperation with
appropriate horses,” said Patti gathered from the Owyee region wild horses than Dallas, Texas,
Forces.” The Extreme Mus- the Bureau of Land Manage-
Colbert, Executive Director of of Nevada. and a football game at the home
Ms Pickens was tang Makeover, the nation’s ment, nearly 2,000 mustangs
joined at the news conference most unique equine competi- have been placed for adoption
by her husband, as well as tion, will offer an estimated through MHF programs and
Dr. Turner, Coach Jones, and $300,000 in prize money as it events.
texas equine incentive program
for breeding and competing appaloosa, paint and quarter horses

Purpose: To provide Is participation
owners of eligible foals who
incentives for horse owners to mandatory? No. The owner
participate in horse events
breed and compete with their of a stallion that has bred six
in Texas. TDA will establish
Appaloosa, Paint or Quarter or more mares in the 12 months
a point system to calculate
horses in Texas. preceding the breeding report
awards arising from sanctioned
Which breeders are may elect not to participate in
breed association events in
covered? Breeders of Appa- the program by submitting a
loosa, Paint and Quarter horses written notice to TDA 30 days
Which foals are
in Texas are covered. Owners before the breeding report is
eligible to receive an award
of stallions who breed six or due. If you are an owner of
under TEIP? To be eligible
more mares in Texas in the 12 a stallion that has bred six or
for an incentive award, a foal
months preceding the annual more mares and you choose not

breeding report are automati- to participate in the program,
• Be the offspring of
cally covered by the program. please complete and return the
a stallion and mare registered
Opt-out opportunities are avail- Opt Out Form before October
with their respective breed as-
able. Owners of stallions who 31. This form will serve as
have bred fewer than six mares written notice to the agency that
• Be a Texas-bred
� ��i�Li���{��U��x\�����
may opt in to the program by you do not wish to participate
horse (Texas-bred horse is
submitting the TEIP form, a in the program, allowing you
defined as a registered Appa-
duplicate breeding report and to opt out for one year. A new
loosa, Quarter or Paint horse
the applicable fees. form must be filled out each
that is conceived and borne in
What fees are asso- year you choose to opt out.
� ��i�Li���{��U���\�����
ciated with participation and The owner of a stal-
• Have a sire that
� ��>��+�>��wi��v�����i������->���������-��V�

when are they due? When the lion who has bred less than
stood in Texas during the entire
annual breeding report is sent to six mares may opt in to the
breeding season in which the
� -����E�,�`i��-�����/i�>��,>�V��,�`i����>��
the breed association, the owner program by submitting a TEIP
foal was conceived;

of the stallion must also submit form and a duplicate breeding
• Have the TEIP fee
a duplicate breeding report to report to TDA, along with the
paid on behalf of the foal’s dam
TDA, along with a TEIP form

required fee.
at the time the stallion’s breed-
and a fee of $30 for each mare How will the fees be
ing report was submitted;
� v������i���v���>�����}����������i>����i��V��
bred in Texas. Reports must be used? HB 1881 gives TDA
• Participate in Texas
filed with TDA by November authority to use program fees
horse events;
30 each year. to provide incentive awards to

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