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Legacy Newsletter offered by Oklahoma Baptist University August 2009
Plant Now To Yield Immediate and Future Rewards
By Tom Terry, Master Gardener
Planning fall gardening activities violas. They tend to out-perform For beautiful spring returns, be
can be compared to preparing for or standard pansies and some have sure to plant some bulbs this fall.
experiencing retirement: invest in extremely large blooms. You’ll have more reliable results if you
something you can enjoy immediately, purchase your bulbs shortly after they
something that will mature in a few
Kale and Flowering Cabbage are
become available or order them so
months, and something that will
impressive plants for both fall and
that they will be shipped at planting
have lasting benefit. Here are some
winter. They feature colorful leaves
time. Store them in a cool dark place
planting investments you might
in shades of purple or variegated
until you are ready to plant.
consider this fall.
green and white. Some have curly
leaves and others have leaves that Many types of bulbs are available. I
For immediate satisfaction you look like lace. These plants are very have had good luck with hyacinths
can plant several flowers to enjoy in low maintenance, but sometimes and daffodils returning to bloom
the fall and throughout the winter they can be damaged by severe ice year after year. Tulips, on the other
months. Pansies come to mind first. or snowstorms. I have had good hand, probably need to be planted
If you plant them in October not only luck covering them with old towels every fall, as a fairly low percentage
will they bloom nicely throughout the or a blanket held down with bricks will return the following year. If you
fall, they will develop a substantial or rocks when an ice storm is have the space in your yard or garden
root system that will carry them into threatening. If you try this method, for more bulbs, take advantage of
late spring. You may find Panolas at be sure to wait until the ice melts to closeouts during December or early
some garden centers. These plants remove the blanket. If you don’t, you January. I have planted daffodils and
were developed from pansies and are likely to remove some leaves with tulips here in Shawnee, which is in
it. (I know this from experience.) climate zone 7, as late as January and
had good results.
Another nice attribute of these plants
is that in the spring they have stems In our garden, we have followed the
of flowers. If you remove the stems practice of planting daffodils with
Pre-Need Planning
after the blooms are spent, the plant daylilies. By the time the daffodil
will continue to be attractive during leaves begin to brown, the daylilies
An Opportunity Extended
the summer. Or if you grow tired of have appeared and mask the drying
them, just cut the plants back about foliage. Be aware: daffodil bulbs get
an inch above the ground, score the their food from this process, so it is
Grace In The Details
stem with an “X” and you are likely to important to leave the foliage intact
get multiple heads of Kale or Cabbage until it withers.
Just a Tweet Away
in return.
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