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Pre-Need Planning Saves Money, Time
A lot of time is invested in planning, and to you or one you know or have been impressed with.
many tools are available to help individuals Organize your thoughts as to what you want. You may
plan effectively. We plan for retirements, for want to talk to your family about it. The possibilities
vacations, for major purchases, for educational expenses are many. Remember that tradition and religious
for our children and grandchildren. Those are fairly background give families and communities a certain
commonplace, but many people put off planning their own degree of comfort at the time of death. Make an effort
funeral arrangements. In this issue, we have asked Carter to personalize your service in a way that would truly
Stewart, owner and operator of Stewart Funeral Service, to celebrate your life.
guide our readers through the process of advance planning.
Consider talking to a second funeral home for
Why should you make your own funeral comparison and use the one that you have the most
arrangements? confidence in. If you are not completely happy, return
People generally spend less money on themselves. and tell the funeral home why or go to even a third or
It avoids emotional overspending. If you purchase a more funeral homes.
guaranteed pre-need funeral it freezes prices at today’s
costs. Over the last 10 years it has saved contract
Make sure you completely understand the contracts
holders from a five- to six-percent increase every year.
and the services that will or will not be provided.
Also, please note that usually there are a few contract
Surviving families are usually glad to do what you items for which the prices are not frozen and can not be
request and are relieved of many decisions that have to guaranteed.
be made at a time they really don’t want to be taking
care of business.
How do you share your plans with others?
After you have made the arrangements tell your relatives
How can you pay for the arrangements? about your plans and explain what you want. Give at
You can pay cash, make monthly payments, or utilize least two people a copy of your plans.
monthly payments with insurance, which provides
insurance to pay the remainder of the funeral bill if you
What will the funeral service need?
die before the contract is fully paid.
The funeral home will need all vital statistic information,
your Social Security number, military discharge if any,
Our funeral service is located in a small rural town. and your biographical information, including survivors.
Averages in the larger towns should be higher. My
average service is about $7,500 for traditional funerals
How can you make sure your wishes are honored?
and $2,500 for cremation.
Choose someone to be in charge of confirming
arrangements at the time of your death.
You can make funeral arrangements without paying
in advance and have your estate or survivors pay the
It is best to be very specific in where the burial will be
funeral bill at the time of death, but the price is not
or where the cremated remains are to be placed.
By planning ahead, you will be saving money and
How do you complete the arrangements?
helping your survivors avoid business decisions during
Start by choosing a funeral home. Choose one close
their time of loss.
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