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Nigerian believer Jimmy Policarp Simon is having a major impact by
planting churches across the Eastern European state of Macedonia.
One of the most original and unique including those in the largely unevangelised massive preaching effort of the past two years
evangelism and church planting efforts in the South Eastern part of the country. continues to bear fruit, with three more
whole of Europe is taking place right now new churches planted this year already.
through the efforts of a Nigerian Christian
Jimmyʼs ministry is a broad one, encompassing
Last November, Jimmy set out his vision
Jimmy Policarp Simon.
the roles of evangelist, church planter, pastor,
for the future when he gathered sixteen
teacher and so on. Realising his enormous
churches together for a rally in Grasko.
Jimmy is a larger than life character of who
potential, the Luis Palau Organisation got
Many who attended committed themselves
moved to Macedonia over 25 years ago to
behind him and Alan Heavey committed to
to praying for and raising money for a huge
complete a degree in mining engineering.
making three evangelistic visits a year to the
Festival of Evangelism in Grasko and its
He was converted and decided to obey
region where Jimmy is working in order to
surrounding areas.
literally Christʼs command to preach the
support him.
gospel and make disciples of all men in the
These began in February 2007. During that
That commitment is now starting to manifest
nation of Macedonia.
year Jimmyʼs ministry bore fruit in nine other
itself in church growth in other areas of
Macedonia. Last month, in the small town of
Macedonia was formerly part of the Balkan
towns such as Skopje, Prilip, Veles, Grasko and
Krupiste in the eastern part of the country,
state of Yugoslavia, gaining its independence
Kumanova. In 2008, Alan Heavey shared the
yet another newly-planted church opened
peacefully in 1991. It has a population of some
gospel in 17 towns, creating an impetus which
its doors. Here, nine adults and 29 children
two million people and an evangelical
has resulted in a dramatic surge of church
and young people met with Jimmy, who asked
Christian population of just 0.15%! Its ethnic
planting. By the end of 2008, Jimmy was
everyone to pray that this tiny church might
composition, like much of south Eastern
pastoring fifteen churches and travelling
grow until it, too, becomes self-sustaining.
Europe, is mixed. Macedonians account for
10,000 miles a month in order to look after
almost two-thirds of the population, Albanians
them, and to continue his evangelistic
Jimmy is quite clear about why his ministry has,
a quarter, with Turks, Romanies (gypsies), Serbs
activities and conduct medical clinics.
through the Holy Spirit, been so successful:
and other forming significant minorities. The
One of the main problems with this mini
“Follow up is the most crucial part of all in
Macedonians tend to be nominally Orthodox
tsunami of new churches is that there are very
creating disciples. With or without resources,
but a third of the population is Muslim.
few trained leaders available to take over from
even if only one person is involved, we have
Jimmy. Despite that, he also has a vision to
treated everyone with the same zeal, love and
Jimmyʼs ministry began in 2004 when the Luis
develop a much-needed training school for
commitment until this they truly become
Palau Association, which is spearheading a
evangelism. In faith (for he has no regular
believers. In most cases, they become
major long term missionary effort across
financial support from the US or the UK)
evangelists for us in that same locality and
Eastern Europe, held an outreach in Macedonia
Jimmy bought a plot of land and started to
the number just grows. We must never forget
undertaken by British evangelist Alan Heavey.
build a Bible College to train evangelists and
that multiplication is of the Lord Jesus Christ -
Due mainly to lack of follow up, nothing much
church leaders in the town of Oblesevo.
if we only give him the few fishes and the few
materialised. Exceptionally, however, Jimmy loaves of bread”.
diligently set about cultivating the seeds that This year lack of funds has prevented Alan
were sown. Churches began to multiply, Heavey from visiting Macedonia. But the Nigel Gordon, Luis Palau Association.
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