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Bagong raket
Sluggers 100 per cent
After a Closed-door
Half-mil daw ang kinikita
disastrous start, ang training
ni Valerie Concepcion sa
they’ve blasted ni Pacman at
their way to
paglalagi sa mga casino 25
the top 28
handa na ito
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Volume 3 Issue 11 October 2009
Meeting your
SPECIAL REPORT Hong Kong Filipinos reach out to disaster victims in unprecedented relief campaign
online contact?
Be very c
Desperate to find a new
employer as she counted
down the weeks before her
contract expires, Rowena
agreed to meet up with
a fellow domestic helper
who claimed to have seen
her application online.
Rowena was told that
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong
the helper’s employer was
looking to hire another
Filipino migrants moved by scenes of
maid and was soon con-
devastation wrought by typhoons On-
vinced to part with $1,000,
doy and Pepeng sprang into action in
supposedly as down pay-
an outpouring of generosity and vol-
ment for the processing of
unteerism which one overwhelmed
her papers.
official described as “bayanihan at its
She never saw the lady
Donations came in great volume,
Rowena was just one
enough to fill two 20-foot container
of a growing number of
vans and volunteers turned up by the
victims of unscrupulous
hundreds for the packing and sorting
individuals preying on
operations in the weeks that followed
helpers who post their per-
the worst floods to hit the Philippines
sonal details on
in 40 years.
websites of em-
At last count, cash donations,
ployment agen-
coursed mostly through Philippine
cies in the hope
banks which set up special accounts
of finding new
for the fund drive, have reached just
under $500,000.
By October 16, a 20-foot contain-
er van courtesy of AFreight was to be
shipped to Manila with 100 jumbo
boxes filled with everything from
clothes to canned goods, noodles,
beddings, mattresses and toiletries.
Another 20-foot container is also
close to being filled, with Gen-Ex
A Filipina expat is pushing an
Cargo shouldering the forwarding
initiative in Canada to protect
cost. LBC and other forwarding com-
temporary workers against contract
panies have also opened their opera-
violations by their abusive
tions for similar efforts.
employers. PAGE 14
More relief goods are coming in
as a nation that had barely recovered
from Ondoy’s wrath in Manila and
nearby provinces was again shaken
Young flood victims wait in line outside a relief distribution center. Aid is pouring in from across
the globe as millions of overseas Filipino mobilise to donation campaigns. Hong Kong OFWs have CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
been among the first to respond to the relief efforts with an unprecedented donation campaign.
Community rallies 4 Ang Miron 17 Rebuilding lives 18 Health 20 Special
Those were the days my friend
Hair today, vote tomorrow Naging uncool sa init ng ulo
FEATURE Thinking
Inaasahang dadagsa Hindi mapigil ni Kris Nagmistulang
out of the box
ang mga die-hards ang sarili na bigyan sanggano daw si
How a group of can-do entrepreneurs
sa nakatakdang US ng makeover ang Richard Gutierrez
launched their business in the middle show nina Guy,
of a global financial crisis and
Pip at Boyet
image ni Noynoy
para sa 2010
sa insidente sa
eventually got things right in the end
with some smart thinking. PAGE 19
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