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out some features below: The Greenest Man
ed begley, jr.
Making Sense of the Cholesterol Controversy
in Hollywood
The “Cholesterol Awareness Month” of September reintroduces us
to the controversy surrounding this substance which is nat-
urally produced and utilized by the body.
An Exclusive Interview
Cholesterol is still being implicated in the
leading cause of death in the U.S., heart
by Mike Bundrant
disease, the most common type being coro-
nary artery disease. Read more on page 19.
While most people soak in their
Women’s Health
morning shower, clinging to
every possible moment of warmth
and steam, the actor and environ-
mentalist Ed Begley, Jr., sails through
10 Ways to Avoid Breast Cancer
his shower Navy style. Water on, rinse.
We are now discovering there are many causes of cancer, the most
Water off, soap up. Water on, rinse. Aboard
dreaded disease for many people. With breast cancer being the most
ship, Navy personnel are required to shower this way to conserve their lim-
common cancer among women, learn what you can do to prevent it.
ited supply of water. For Ed, this level of discipline is standard protocol for
Read mor
conscientious living on a planet that needs our help.
e on page 13.
Using his bicycle as a first means of transportation, followed by public trans-
portation or his electric car, Ed lives in a modest home in Los Angeles where
he enjoys his solar-powered oven and white picket fence made from recycled
A Guide to Dairy milk jugs. His house is a work in progress as he competes with his friend Bill
Humans have been eating dairy products for thousands of years, Nye (the science guy) in an ongoing contest to
and from all sorts of animals, not just cows. Authentic
see who can achieve the lowest carbon foot-
mozzarella, for example, comes from buffalo milk,
just as authentic feta comes from sheep’s milk.
Goat’s milk is another common ingredient in vari-
Ed came into the limelight for his portrayal of
ous dairy products. But have you ever tried camel’s
Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long-running hit tele-
milk cheese? Yak butter? Read more on page 10.
vision series, St. Elsewhere, for which he
received six Emmy nominations. Since then,
Begley has had the luxury of choosing film and
television projects to his liking. His current
Woody Allen film, Whatever Works, opened
June 9. Upcoming projects include the movie
Georgia O’Keefe, with Jeremy Irons and Joan
Allen, and another season of Living with Ed, his
reality television series on the Planet Green
I didn’t ask him how on earth he found time to
write two books, including Ed Begley Jr.’s Guide
to Sustainable Living (to be released August 25)
yet I was grateful to learn of these muchneeded
resources and speak with Ed about his commit-
ment to eco-friendly living.
HT: Why do you live the way that you live?
You are making sacrifices and committing to
a certain lifestyle. Where does this come
Ed: It came from several things. It started in 1970 for some good reasons
and some not-so-good reasons. The good reason was being in the Boy Scouts
and getting to see nature up close and personal. I thought there was some-
thing to be preserved and enjoyed. The other good thing was that my dad
liked to conserve. He turned off the lights and turned off the water and saved
string and tin foil and was an environmentalist without ever using the term.
Those were the two good influences.
The negative one was living in smoggy Los Angeles. By 1970 I had lived 20
years in that smog and I wanted to do something that made a difference.
That’s why I bought my first electric car, got involved in the first Earth Day
and started recycling. What happened next is what I didn’t count on – I
started to save money.
I saved on everything! Taking public transportation or riding a bike was
inexpensive. By recycling, I got a little bit of money for that. Everything I
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