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Chase and Status
Will Kennard and Saul Milton also known as Chase & Status have just embarked on
an amazing tour, The Guestlist Network´s Oshi caught up with them at The Royal Albert
Hall just as they got ready to roll! T
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TGN. So Saul, are you Chase or Sta- Heartbreak that just hit number 20 in the DOA?". And be-
tus? charts 2 weeks ago! fore he got to the
C&S Chase! A we said "Yep!".
TGN So each year you guys have made I then spoke to
TGN.You started making music in 2002 some major moves? DJ Semtex and
is that right? C&S Yeah he said "Never
C&S Yea that's correct. before has Jay Z
TGN If you said Chase n Status to me got anything re-
TGN.What would you say was the the I would think Streetlife, personal clas- mixed! so It was
turning point in your career? sic! a real honour
C&S I think every year there was a different C&S Thank you. and we are going
kind of type of turning 2003 we to be working on
had our first release on a label called Vehi- TGN What would you say is your fa- future projects
cle and a label called Bingo, early Dubstep vourite tune? so it`s very excit-
kinda Breakbeaty stuff. In 2004 we had a C&S It changes actually a couple of tunes... ing!
release on Renegade Hardware of a remix Love’s Theme as i mentioned earlier is one
of a Future Dub track called 20/20, then of my personal favourites we did back in the TGN So you´ve
we had a big song called Loves Theme that day and then we also did a tune on the Dru- been messing
came out that year. That was a big turning ids EP called Havoc, really underground, with some big
point for us. In 2005... i think it was 2005 really techy, really cool and really rolling and people(!)...Is
we had a tune called Duppy Man that came it had quite a lot of bashment influences... there anyone
out on Breakbeat Kaos. That was another with its steps and that's another favourite else you could
turning point in our careers. In 2006 oh my! one of mine. As of late, Eastern Jam which work with that
I think we signed with Ram records, 2006 is a song we wrote pretty quickly actually... would blow
had a big remix for Andre...Shy FX, a tune one of the first Dubstep tunes we did since you away?
called Everyday and we had our own tracks we had been doing so much Drum and C&S Ah so many.
out called Druids and another few big drum Bass over the last few years. The response I`d love to get in
and bass releases. Since then, 2007 an on- on that has been great, it got picked up by the studio with
wards, signed with Ram - a few big releases Snoop Dog, and yea you know... that track, the White Lies,
on there, a big remix for Dizzy Rascal called I still like it. I play it a lot and the fact i don't Florence and the
Chase and Status and MC Rage
Sirens 2008. Last year we had quite a few get sick of it is a testament to it being al- Machine, These
big singles and our album - More Than Alot right! are all possible
came out which was the biggest change in things...I`d like a big watcher...a while ago I watched every needle by pulling up the other tune so it
our careers, since then signed with Mer- TGN How did you hook up with Jay Z, to get into the studio with Dizzy. On the episode of The Wire back to back...fantas- sounds like a massive reload! everyone
cury, Vertigo Records and we have been what happened there? American front I would like to get in with tic. For the lighter stuff, fodder, things like knew. [laugh] With the being sick one,
working with people such as Rhianna and C&S We were working on Rhianna’s proj- Timberlake. Entourage...which is actually not as good must have been in 2004, I literally just
Jay Z and remixing all sorts things from the ect for her new album in New York and we as it was. turned round, took two steps behind the
White Lies to a girl called Neka on a tune got a call saying "hey, do you want to remix TGN Aren't you already doing a project decks and unleashed I don`t think anyone
with Timberlake? TGN How about Dexter? saw thankfully that but i think the shoes
C&S We have something in the Yeah I watch Dexter by I thought the last knew about it!
pipe line yeah, but I`m looking for- series was a little bit weak. I am a big TV
ward to it...Nas as well that will be
fan, I recently went to see the screening TGN What are your musical guilty
great. of a new Plan B movie with Michael Caine pleasures ?
called Harry Brown. Which we did a track C&S It`s not really guilty because I`m proud
TGN Whats the last piece of for, a song cold End Credits and that's a of it...Phill Collins. A bit of Debbie Harry... I
Professional integrated solutions music that you bought or last
fantastic movie and If I had it on a naughty love the 80`s man.
for Vinyl & CD Turntables, DVJ’s gig you paid for? one I would watch it on the bus all the time.
and Laptops.
C&S I haven`t paid to go to a gig TGN What`s your favourite place in
for a long time, but the last gig that TGN Have you been in any tricky sce- London right now?
I went to that wasn`t ours was Jay narios or cringe moments while you C&S I love London man, I`m so proud to be
Z at the Roundhouse and Coldplay have been playing? from here. Everywhere I go I'm always like
at Wembley which was cool...and "I love London", I`m from North London, it`s
yesterday I bought Dizzy Rascal’s quiet and I like it up there.
new album. I'm always buying man,
always on ITunes. I love ITunes, I TGN Any hidden gems? Any spots you
>> CDJ-1000-ST-DBL
love that stuff. 79p for a track you would say are "your place"?
can’t go wrong. C&S I`ve recently become a member of
>> MULTI DECK STAND Soho House and you can definitly say that
TGN What other artists do you that`s my place.
hang out with?
We know a lot of people, I am not TGN Have you been up to Shoreditch
really a sceney type of guy, I don`t House?
really hang out at the Drum and

C&S Yeah yeah yeah that`s nice too.
Bass clubs...but in that world i`m
really good friends with Shy FX he`s TGN What are you looking forward to
a really lovely guy, a good friend of right now? You have a lot going on,
mine. He`s been there through a but what are you really looking for-
couple of tough times for me... Sub ward to in your life?
Focus... and boys called Nero they
Status with The Guestlist Network in Miami C&S On a personal one my sister has just
are wicked guys, wicked produc- given birth to another little boy, so I`m a
ers. We have recently started a la- proud uncle of two which I'm very excited
>> CDJ-400-ST
bel called MTA and they are going about. Personally, things are going great.
to be heavily involved in that. C&S Earlier on in the career there have I`ve got a nice misses, good friends around
DECK STAND been a couple of moments where DJ'ing me, good family. Musically we are really ex-
TGN So working with good with vinyl...and you take off the wrong cited about this tour that started yesterday,
friends of yours then? needle. I had a couple of moments like that. I`m excited about the forthcoming produc-
C&S Yeah man. There was an occasion when I first started tion with Rhianna. Really really looking for-
DJ`ing up in Manchester and I fell violently ward to getting cracking on the new album
for CDJ & UNIVERSAL TGN How do you kill time when ill during a set and had to be sick whilst I and blowing a few peoples heads with
you are out on the road? was mixing. what we have been doing.
C&S On the tour bus now we have
a small studio set up and we have TGN Did you manage to style any of TGN We are all looking forward to hearing
the obligatory TV system and Lap-
or call: +44 (0) 1827 719 900
those two out? that music!
top to watch all sorts of films. I am C&S You styled out pulling up the wrong
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