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Have you seen The Guestlist Net-
work street team and promotors?
The Guestlist Network Out and About.
FOR THOSE of you that don't tomer is escorted to the club If you think that you have what
know, the team here at The and straight inside the venue. it takes to do this job, send an
Guestlist Network have been The promoter then has to start email to
running the streets of London all over again!! with a picture and the rea-
and Leicester Square for years. It´s nonstop fun with the op- son that you think you will be
We have been responsible for portunity to network while great!
putting nearly a quarter of mil- improving your people skills
lion people into various night- and best of all you can make
clubs through either our VIP lots of money! Some promot-
text messaging service (RN- ers can take home over £300
BSMS) or through the use of in an evening! (note to taxman,
our talented street teams and on a rainy day you can work for
club promoters. Our promoters nothing!)
work very hard making sure you
have a great night and getting Don`t forget that you can go
you the best value club tickets clubbing for free every night!
from our ticket office.
To get the most out of the job
The job of a club promoter is to there are a few rules you should
grab the attention of potential follow:
customers – people on a night
out, and explain to them the 1 Keep motivated/ don’t be put
clubs we offer. They provide in- off by a “no”
formation about the clubs, mu-
sic policy, crowd, discounts and 2 Be charming and friendly
any other benefits . The main
point is to sell the clubs well, be 3 Don’t argue with customers.
friendly, persuasive while most Just let them think they are
importantly remaining enthusi- right :)
astic while hundreds of people
think they know the club better 4 Don’t spend too much time on
than you and say that they are one on one group (don’t waste
not interested! your time)
Once you have convinced the 5 Have fun and keep it moving
customers, the next move is until the doors of the clubs are
to take them to the ticket of- closed and you can`t make any
fice, where they will purchase more cash!
discount tickets. Then the cus-
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