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Contakt Special
That Sucks
A lollipop man in Edinburgh has
quit his job after being told not to
give out chocolates or high-five
children. The council told John
A truly amazing Contakt by Bibi Todaro
Hunter that he was a “health
and safety risk” after one parent
complained that he had given a
chocolate containing nuts to his
allergic child.
Hunter was well liked by children,
who used to queue up to give
him high-fives. The children like
him so much they have made him
promise to come back and tell
jokes. I can picture it now: “have
Oh, yes?
you heard the one about the
Oh, no.
Just when you thought Christmas
pantomimes couldn’t get any Delivered
more exciting, it has been an-
nounced that the Churchill dog
From Harm
(yes, the one off t’adverts) is to
An Australian prison guard be-
appear in over 20 such perfor-
ing held hostage was released
mances at the end of this year.
after the inmates received their
The acting talents of the well-
demands for pizza. After their first
known hound look set to be test-
23 demands were ignored, the in-
ed to the full as it delivers not one,
mates eventually settled for pizza,
but TWO whole lines of dialogue
and it took 15 on them to negoti-
M-nus presented Contakt special on the 26th of brought to the crowd an exceptional music per- We really hope you didn't miss it! But in case
over and over and over and over
ate the release of the guard, but
September 2009 at the O2 Brixton Academy. formance perfectly enhanced by state of the art you did we hope you will join The Guestlist Net-
again – “oh, yes”, and, astound-
he was returned unharmed. Per-
The Guestlist Network was there to bring you visuals created for the occasion by Ali Demirel. work in Amsterdam on the 23rd of October for
ingly, “oh, no” – to the delight of
haps their original demands were
all the sensation of this truly amazing event! More than 5000 ravers danced through the the next Contakt!
anyone in the audience too young
a bit pie-in-the-sky, but I would
night, all feeling the excitement of a concert and
to actually be paying for insur-
have held out for dough…
The label's top DJs and performers Richie the great vibe of a big yet friendly rave. Check for more infor-
Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Gais- The choice of the venue, that blended perfectly mation
The Direct Line phone for the
er, Heartthrob, JPLS, Ambivalent and Barem, the synergy with the music and visuals couldn't
part of Red Riding Hood anyone?
supported by Rebekah Aff & Fabrizio Maurizi be more suitable.
Thought not…
William Benn
Top 10 Tracks to look out for
1. Outta Here- Esmee Denters feel to the track! sure to be hearing a lot more of.
This debut solo single from You- 7. Forever is Over- The Satur-
Tube sensation - and now Justin 4. Celebration- Madonna days
Timberlake’s new signing - Esmee This new track from Madonna is a The newest contenders to the Brit-
Denters is real simple R&B/Pop at pure mad up-tempo dance track ish girl band crown are growing in
its best. This up-tempo funky feisty which shows all the young pre- stature with each new release and
track shows off her voice and her tenders how it’s really done by the their new single is no exception.
star potential. It’s got great tempo Queen of Pop. The crowning moment of this song
changes, a real catchy hook and is the addictive killer chorus which
very slick production. A future art- has the girls portraying their hurt of
ist to look out for! the relationship’s end.
2. Spinning- Speech Debelle 8. Silly Boy- Eva Simon
This well deserving Mercury Mu- This debut solo offering from Eva
sic Prize winner comes out with Simon is a great up-tempo funky
a hot track which brings us back pop/dance track with some girly
to the nature of music. The jazz in- attitude. Talking about being
flections of the track fuse together frustrated with a certain guy who
with Speech’s gritty, real and witty keeps making mistakes, this is a
rhymes about life, everyday les- great track to dance your heart out
sons, and being positive in a hard, to in the clubs.
negative world to truly represent
the frustrating opinions of the 9. Bad Boys- Alexandra Burke
growing youth. 5. Wet Hair- Japandroids Feat. Flo Rida
No easy task choosing a stand- Last year’s X Factor winner shows
rt Printing
out track from Japandroids mon- off her sexy, sultry dance/pop side
ster all-killer-no-filler debut Album with her catchy upbeat new single.
“Post Nothing” but for its sheer This illustrates her versatility, show-
exuberance & carefree abandon- ing that she can do upbeat songs
ment - “Wet Hair” with lyrics extol- as well as ballads. It’s bound to be
ling the virtues of going to France another hit for her!
and French kissing French girls
understandably wins the day. 10. Everything Everything- My
Keys Your Man
6. Sex in the City- Janee & This engaging four-piece coming
Bless Beats ft Tynchystryder out of Manchester first came to our
50 x 1 colour shi
Manchester born, London based notice at the turn of the year when
only £175
vocalist Janee and East Londoner they released a rather fizzy delight
beats producer extraordinaire of a song curiously entitled “Suf-
3. I’m Not Your Toy- La Roux Bless Beats team up to deliver a fragette Suffragette”. That was
La Roux’s next single is another sassy dance floor smash. A boun- followed by the stomping honey
classic hit following in the same cy rhythm underpins an insanely drizzled “Photoshop Handsome”.
vein as her previous hits. Her fal- catchy piano riff topped off with They now return with yet another
setto voice is used to real effect Janee’s remarkable vocal hint of winner “My Keys Your Man” which
here with the electronic drum beat Tynchy Stryder. An impressive is imaginatively seasoned to per-
to provide an exotic and summery and exciting combination we are fection with 80’s Soul.
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