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An Indie Girl’s
Night Out In
Leicester Square
By Sarah Kanté
If ASKED to describe myself, one thing that I will always mention is
the kind of music I listen to. It gives a hint of what I wear, where I go
and what my friends look like, as much as describing my taste. I listen
to rock ’n’ roll; if you want to win me over, play The Rolling Stones,
The Stooges, Art Brut or some Yeah Yeah Yeahs and you can be
sure I will take my heels off and dance like a maniac.
When my really good PR friend told me she wanted to go for a drink
in Leicester Square, I suggested meeting up at Old Street station.
My plan didn’t work, and I met her in front of Yates’s promising myself
I would only have one drink and then head towards Soho. Before we
entered, she met a couple of friends who all seemed to be throwing
parties in the surrounding areas - parties that (to my disbelief) she
was actually considering going to. But after three bottles of rosé,
a hip hop, dancehall and electro pop playlist and the taking off of
the aforementioned heels, I gave up. “Okay, I will follow her to Pent-
house,” I thought.
at Flashback Records, Islington.
Continuing the monthly series of instore gigs at Flash-
back, Sculpture brought their highly individual brand of
electronic weirdness to the Islington Vinyl and Cd empo-
rium in October. (If you collect any sort of non-download
music and haven’t been to Flashback, get down there now
for a splendid array of treasure, from early Drum’n’Bass
IT WAS a cold rainy
counter what I was there for and not twelves to indie sevens, obscure Jazz and much more).
only was I taken to the room but I was
Air-kissing the bouncers and getting in without paying or queuing,
night. The kind of night shown how to work the air conditioner
The musical half of Sculpture is Dan Hayhurst, who
we went on into the party, where the same hip hop tunes and the crouched behind his array of electronics and twiddled
same people (or so it seemed) welcomed us. A few more drinks and
you wouldn’t throw your
and the pa was checked while I was
there. “If you need anything I’m at the
knobs, clicked mice and pressed play buttons, to make
I was throwing my arms in the air and singing Rihanna at the top of my a fantastic soundcape, sometimes beautiful, sometimes
voice, and I didn’t even know the words. I was a mess, or, more ac-
pet cat out into. The
desk, just ask” the guy said. I had to
sit down. I’m not used to being treated
ugly, sometimes visceral in its intent. The visual side was
curately, I was having fun. When we left at 3am, my friend promised
guitarist in my band had
like a human being in these places. I
provided by Reuben Sutherland, who utilised a unique
me we would have a party in “my world” soon, but I was not quite as Zoetrope projector record deck to spill images across the
eager as I thought I would be. found a new place to
look around. SM58s, decent drumkit
screen draped round the cavelike interior of the perfor-
and amps. Something’s not right. Then
mance space, sometimes pulsing in time with the sound,
The truth is: a night out in Leicester Square with her was just a West
rehearse in Deptford,
it hit me. My feet aren’t sticking to the
sometimes going off on a wild extravaganza of light and
End version of a normal night out for me in East End Shoreditch.
south east London
carpet. I needed a cigarette. I go back
colour, keeping the packed audience entranced.
Bumping into people you kind of know, befriending the bouncers and
out to reception where a sign says
ending up the next morning not really knowing how you got home
and that’s where I was
“Smokers, please use the roof terrace”. Sculpture seem to cross the boundaries in music set up
– it’s a sort of déjà-vu. So what’s the difference then? Well, there The guy tells me where to go. I tackle to trap us all in little pigeonholes. Those who were raving
seems to be more blondes in the West End; oh, and no one cares headed. I found the place just off the stairs and walk into a large room about it afterwards included the landlord of a Heavy Rock
about the Nirvana Bleach deluxe re-issue. Deptford Broadway, a black fronted with pool table, football table, comfy Pub, a disabled dancer who was dancing for Dizzee Ras-
building. It looked ominous. I buzzed chairs and a big television. Outside is a
cal the next day, a serious Hip Hop collector and the bass
Nirvana Bleach Deluxe re-issue will be released this Autumn
and waited. The door unlocked and I large flat roof with some shelter against
player from a band just signed to Sub Pop!
went in. A cheery greeting took me by
the rain. To be continued.
surprise. I told the person behind the
To find out more about Sculpture, visit
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