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In this new section we're go-
He featured alongside the biggest DJs on the
Innovation, one of the drum and bass scenes biggest
ing to go back in time each
rave circuit at the time – Andy C, Nicky Black- & most successful promoters, is famous for their huge clubbing
month and look at some of
market, Mickey Finn and Darren Jay to name
holiday events.
a few. It was whilst performing with these DJs
the great artists that have that he started to develop the “double-time”
helped shape the scene –
technique: a style that has since become the This year the Innovation brand in association with only the Dam is able to offer.
the innovators, the pioneers,
accepted standard for modern MCs like Eks- Random Concept & Warning take over two of Am- This is now the fourth year In The Dam, Over 50
the legends – and where
man and Shabba. It was this ability to set stan- sterdam’s biggest and best clubs, the Melkweg artists will be playing across both nights includ-
dards and constantly entertain audiences that and the Amsterdam Marchanti, for two nights of ing the one & only Andy C doing a 2 hour set,
better to start than the one
saw him become the voice of the scene; the raving madness. Radio 1’s own DJ Grooverider, the bass master
and only: Stevie Hyper D. iconic talisman of Jungle culture. Dillinja, Hazard, Mampi Swift, Shimon, Skibadee,
These events are more than just a couple of club IC3, Eksman, Shabba and many more. Room 2 on
Hyper D – aka Stephen Austin – is still fondly Sadly, on July 4th 1998, Stevie Hyper D nights, they are an experience! The crowd, al- both nights will play host to dance music’s cur-
remembered to this day as the greatest jungle passed away in his sleep due to a hereditary though mostly British, come from all parts of the rent flavour of the month, dubstep.
MC to ever pick up a microphone. A regular heart condition. The tragedy was a huge loss World to sample not just the unique atmosphere For full information and to book your tickets visit
name on the line-ups of raves like Desire, One to the scene. However his name lives on, and at these events but also all the City has to offer the event website www.innovationinthe-
Nation, Hysteria, Telepathy and Slammin’ Vinyl is synonymous with the heady days of the nine- from the stunning beauty of the canals, buildings
throughout the nineties, he quickly became the ties rave scene. To this day you’ll still hear “RIP and scenery to the red lights and purple haze that
raver’s favourite vocalist. His ability to fuse in- Stevie Hyper D” being shouted by MCs at vir-
fluences from dancehall, hip-hop and reggae tually every major drum and bass party across
gave him an instantly recognisable style that Britain. A testament to his enduring influence
combined singing, tongue-twisting vocal dis- upon drum and bass. A true legend within the
plays and crowd friendly chants. scene.
Dj Chef’s
Kool Fm Top 10

1. D Kay and Lee Tuning VIP Razors Edge
2. DJ Fresh Heavyweight Digital Sound boy
3. Logistics Warehouse Hospital
4. Potential Bad Boy Fast Cars Ganja Dub
5. Lemond Dead by Dawn Valve
6. Break Return To The Temple EP Shogun Audio
7. Serum Pass The Buck Liquid V
8. Vapour Cut Paper 36 Hertz
9. Jaydan Something For The Man Dem Ganja Dub
10. Chase & Status Is It Worth It (Vip Remix) Ram Records
Chart compiled by Dj Chef Kool 94.6fm
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