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Joe Le Groove´s
This month Joe Le Groove touches base with Abigail Bailey
7 Questions with
1. How long have you
riously as the men and not as a
been singing for and
novelty, you kind feel like you have
what has inspired you
to prove yourself a little,
to get where you are
but it is a male dominated indus-
try so that’s just the way it is!
I have been singing since i was a
4. Where do you see
child really it’s all I have ever yourself in 5 years fron
wanted to do... determination and
self belief has got me here
today, you can be the best singer Hopefully selling albums and do-
in the world but you get knock ing tours!
backs all the time to you just have
to believe in yourself, that’s 5. What would you be
what keeps me going...
doing if you were not
a singer/DJ?
2. What projects have
you been working on
Erm... working with animals / hair
dressing / fashion or nutrition & Abigail Bailey
fitness. I love them all!
Loads, I’ve just done an un-
has been one of the scenes leading vocalists ternational destinations these include holding
clubbed album which is out now 6. What’s the best gig
since she stormed the charts in 2005 with the down residences in Egypt/Brazil/ Portugal/
on ITunes, it’s a mix of Ibiza clas-
that you’ve done so
massive club anthem Herd & Fitz “I Just Can’t Russia and many other European Destina-
sic house tracks all reworked
Get Enough” released through Erick Morillo’s tions.
and done acoustically, and I have
Subliminal label.
more house stuff I am doing! Then
Abigail’s unique talent combines Djing and
I would say most of the best ones
I am closing up shop and going
Abigail is also responsible for co-writing the top live vocals over her sets, she has performed
are in Brazil, I go there lots
to concentrate on my solo album
line to Chris Lake’s “Changes” and MYNC proj- at some of the world’s most prestigious and
and it’s an amazing place with
for 2010!
ects "Something On Your Mind”, Soul Central’s exciting locations, whether it be playing for the
amazing people and amazing
“Time after Time” along with many more releases crowds or playing for the more underground
3. Whats is it like be-
on labels such as MOS, Stealth, AATW, Ego, De- nights Abigail guarantees you an unforgettable
ing a female dj/pro- 7. What’s your favou-
fected, GNAF, Pacha Records and Toolroom. night!
ducer in the industry? rite piece of clothing?
The last few years have seen Abi focus on her Please See
DJing and Production with great success and she
Erm... well it’s great in some ways, Too many! But i love my leather
is already headlining nights in many UK and in- ture for more information
but some times it’s harder to push look leggins!
boundaries and be taken as se-
Top 10
Joe Le Groove’s Top Tracks
1. Lolek & Bolek feat Pol_On /Artist: Catz ‘N Dogs/Label: Get Physical Music
2. She Moves/Artist: Radikal Groove/Label: Break Horse (CDR)
3. Wired feat LDV/Artist: D Ramirez/Label: Slave Recordings
4. Mountain008.3 /Artist: The Mountain People /Label: Mountain People
5. Jaffa Jazz/Artist: Cozzy D /Label: Noir
6. Downpipe /Artist: Underworld, Mark Knight, D Ramirez /Label: Toolroom
7. A New Day /Artist: Native Soul (Spencer Parker rmx) /Label: Junior Boys Own
8. Staunch /Artist: Hoxton Whores (Joe Le Groove rmx)/Label: *69 (CDR)
9. Don’t You/Artist: Kanio/Label: Saruba
10. Winter Slow/Artist: Dan Cat /Label:Playtime
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