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in London
IT may well of escaped the Who cer-
Person 1. This music is awe-
notice of those outside the host tainly was
Entrepreneur / Editor
nation but the month September not bitter?:
Person 2. What is it?
bestowed upon a chosen few ”So I didn’t win a Mobo after
1. What?
Your very own king of raving
awards! Awards in the name having da highest selling urban
since back in the day! A real
of music, in particular music of single of the year and selling over
2. Like what genre?
ideas-man, Mr. Positive is the
man to know if you want to have
black origin. Informally known 1million singles this year, cool. F
Hey London,
1. It’s like post-punk folk, but a wicked (& free!) night out!
to the general public as The the MOBOs”
Whats going on?
it’s really experimental…
MOBO Awards, and to those Sbask @tinchystryder offers
What a great September!!
2. Oh, is this not Country?
who care, the snappier Mobos. suggestions as to why The
Weather was good, the parties
Given the fact it has been a Stryder failed to come away with
great and The Guestlist Network was fresh! Well done
1. Same thing.
memorable year in terms of the a fist full of Mobos “Im glad u
to the winner of our Rick Ross competition and those of you
commercial success, for the didn’t win anything at the Mo-
who will soon receive your bikinis courtesy of Contagious
Sales Queen
proponents of these annual bos., your voice is annoying and
Club Wear!
1. I own this Thai restaurant
The biggest and happiest smile,
accolades that snappy may also your music is balls”
September events to remember... Contakt special at Brixton
down town…
she always brings the sunshine
in your day!
be used to describe how the or- SweepingCurves proving that
Academy with Richie Hawtin...Tabula Rassa at the Brickhouse
2. What’s it called?
ganizers came by the decision to Mobos is no barrier to age: “I’m
on Sunday aftertoons (again!) and of course Bestival.
1. SoSo Thai
Your 3 most favourite things…
hold the Ceremony in the proud absolutely loving the Mobos in
If you haven't done these events before, do them next time!
Travelling to beautiful countries,
city of Glasgow. a confused, middle-aged way. I
This month will be colder, but the program will be hotter!
2. What does that mean?
shopping and my daughter
As Scotland indulged, reveled understand none of it, and most
Let us once again put you on a wave, and put you in the picture.
1. Something Thai I guess,
and marveled with the winners, of its noise, but it’s entertaining “
All the best events, clubs, all the biggest artists and all you
but I like how it sounds so so
the gracious and the not so The Barak Obama “ You can play
need to know about having fun in London, you will find in the Bibi
gracious losers comment will a great game and still not win”
massive edition of The Guestlist Network!
Club listings / MD / Admin
never again be in short supply to Award as nominated by Daveth-
Inside you ill find all your regular House, Hip Hop, RnB,
the rest of the world as long as ecave “More importantly bruv
Drum&Bass, Dubstep and Indie news, fashion, technology,
1. Shit man, I’d forgotten
1/2 Swiss, 1/2 Italian, MD,
about that
we have that conveyor belt of flip- how does Dizzee get 3 number
Jay-Z, Chase and Status and we also catch up with Speech
& the Queen of Electro & Mini-
pancy Twitter: 1 singles this year but still loses
Debelle. Of course you will find all of our favourite events
2. You were paralytic mal!
The festivities, drew some high out to Ndubz at the Mobos”
alongside many new spots in which you can shake a leg :)
1. Yeah but I’m like an el-
praise according to Ndubsgirl: Some are finding it difficulty in
Be sure to check out to keep abreast
ephant, I never forget
Your 3 favourite things…
Sun, Passoa Orange & House
Mobos was great last night man! understanding what all the fuss
of whats up in this ever changing crazy town.
2. I hate that expression
best night ever” is about AlyshaSmith: “I found
Dont think we have forgotten about black history month.
1. Me too, like how do we
Raising a question is funny- out wt the Mobos stand 4...
Its just hear at TGN we celebrate black history every month!
know if elephants forget or
bunny313 “watching the mobos music of black origin! i didnt
It’s a challenge living in London but we love it! AND we all know
not? Iraina
Indie Content Manager
on three, thinkin why the fuck is it know that but yeah I thought it
we have to work hard to make something big happen. I know
2. Something in those big
in Scotland” was summat like that, just black
you may feel that you work extremely hard and long hours
sad eyes?
Our beautiful Indie queen is
Which was answered em- urban music”
and that it goes unappreciated. It’s easy to feel like no one
1. Maybe man, maybe.
going to bring you all the top
updates and news of the genre
phatically by kirstyturner @ After initial euphoria TvCritics
knows exactly what you put in and how much energy it takes
2. What were we talking
Chipmunkarist “I cant get over offers a more sober assessment:
out of you. You may get the feeling it could all be in vain. Just
about? Your 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimost favou-
how good you were at the mo- “OK, maybe I didn’t enjoy it as
remember, perseverance, positivity and determination are all
1. Elephants.
rite things…
Music, fashion and food
bos!! You’ve gotta come back to much as I thought. @Mobos
you need to get where you want to go! And it’s also important
Glasgow soon! Big love for you” back to London with local music
you don’t forget to keep some time to make the most of life.
2. No, before that…
Hold-on, one-cotton-picking min- & awards next year”
Hope that you will enjoy reading the paper as much as we
1. I can’t remember
ute we seem to have a wee little And of course sentiments that
do making it. We feel we have done what we can to help you
problem according to Shauna never seems to go away Stay-
party hard through October, it´’s now just up to you to make
Assistant Editors
Graham: “DAPPPY IS A TWAT!!! Put5 Stay: “The MOBOs disap-
the most of it! Have a good one
William Benn
How stupid does he look!!! point me, if we had the MOWO’s
Leanne Petersen
Furthermore there were also dis- it’d be deemed racist” :)
Head Intern
plays of a disingenuous nature
Pauline Marcellin
as highlighted by dooleyis “Just Samson Hill
watched the mobos, JLS’s mim-
ing really failed (lmao). Anyone
Mark Fry
Harvey Greenwood
else think La Toya Jackson was
Berry Salisbury
acting a bit weird?”
Words of condolences to the Contributors
losers from Jessica b @tinchy- Martha Cooper-Thorn
styder “Yay!! Love you and you
looked absolutely gorgeous on
Camilla Treherne
Mobos so gutted you didn’t win!!
Forbes Michael
NDUBZ didn’t deserve it u did”
Joe Le Groove
Ninette Osei Wilson
DJ Skitz
Kamran Assadi
Bling Crosby
Catherine Balavage
William Benn
Samson Hill
Charlene Davies
Alexa Downing
Sophie Eggleton
t ?
E Tarik Fontenelle
Kima Graham
is R t
Marita Hutson
Sarah Kante
Iraina Macini
Leanne Petersen
r F
Paul Stix
Rose Cooper-Thorne

Emma Waight
Hannah Nedas
n t
Seb Roskell
u o
Casey Baker
re y
er f
w Anina Black
Tony @ black ink
A R w Charlene Davies
Colin Patterson
Jon Holmes
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