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DMC World DJ Championship
by Ninette O Wilson
Japan's Kireek took the Team Bat- the competition with some clas- this far - I
By Nia Aronoffsky tle title for the third year running sic footage from previous battles wanted to AFTER catching up with the MO-
with a display by Hi-C and Yasa including DJ David with his decks redeem my-
BOs, on the beauty that is known
that consisted of them switching stacked up on coke cans. The cur- self for not
as BBC iplayer, I felt a big chunk of
decks and styles with ease, and rent UK elite were also represented getting past
my excitement drained dry from me.
11-12th September 2009
winning the judges over with a mad by Jehst and Micall Parksnun who the heats
Every year when the MOBOs come
looking, yet silky sounding set of turned in a wicked set alongside last year”.
around I get completely ecstatic. I
AFTER battling it out
DJ Jazz T. And he did,
fuckin’ love it! I want to see who is
in a series of gruel-
But it was Saturday by coming
being celebrated in the world of ur-
ing heats for the
Night 2 that everyone through
ban and black music.
past few months, the
was waiting for - the with a full
cream of the world’s
individual battle to be range of
I wasn’t really that impressed. As
DJs descended on
crowned title of World skills; Nor-
harsh as it may sound, ’tis the truth.
the DMC World DJ
DJ Champion 2009. way’s DJ
There were nooks and crannies
Championship fi-
With an all-star panel of Final, 5th in
that really did take me aback and
nals at the Indigo2 in
judges, you could sense last year’s
have won - he had the judges nod-
stunned me in a good way. I am not
London. Hosted by
the anticipation in the final, who rubbed his hand’s to-
ding and definitely the crowd rock-
saying that I do not like the UK urban
Billy Biznizz and Inja
crowd for a night of nine gether smugly before undertaking
ing, but I’m no expert and he came
scene at all. At the moment, I am
and celebrating 25
of the world’s best. Giv- what was a tight set – shoeless and
runner up to America’s DJ Shiftee
finding it difficult to keep my eyes
years of the world’s
en just six minutes each donning socks (why not get com-
who scooped the legendary win-
on the ones that are repping hard
premier mixing com-
to WOW with their skills, fortable, right); and DJ Mandrayq
ner’s jacket and Technics Gold
and are putting out some amazing
petition, the two-day
I thought “this is gonna of Italy for stepping it up a further
turntables, with his confident, if
innovative music. As opposed to
authority on the DJ
be good”... level with high speeds, style and
a little arrogant, style (he took a
those that are so commercial to the
battle did not dis-
What followed was a flair. But as
bow long before
extent that you wonder if the artist
appoint with a real
performances onslaught ever, despite
the results had
is a certain way because they want
quality showcase of
of human-defying the skills of
been added up)
to be or, because it is part of some
turntable wizardry.
scratch skills. Ordinary all the final-
and impressive
criteria they feel forced to meet. Ei-
So who was to win one of hip hop’s
juggles and live remixing. They are citizens at any other time, these ists being of
scratching and
ther way, change has been proven
ultimate accolades in 2009?
born to do this, obviously. France’s DJs - when presented with two a very high
musical juggling
to be good all round, regardless of
Night 1 featured the head to head
excellent Traumateam took Technics SL1210 MK2 turntables standard,
profession. Human beings need
Battle for World Supremacy
the runner’s up spot and and one mixer (no effects or modifi- there are al-
On the left, 2009
change in order to keep themselves
and was won by the UK’s very
the UK's Bionic Stylus cations) - transformed themselves ways a few
World DMC
going in the struggle that if called
own DJ Switch. At the tender
crew came 3rd. into alternative persona: superhu- who are just
Champion: DJ
‘life’. A little revamp or, a full blown
age of twenty (this guy's good),
Other perfor- man, speedy-fingered machines! a level above
Shiftee (USA)
revolution couldn’t be bad for the
Switch’s aggressive style on
mances on the That the visuals weren’t OTT was the rest.
donning $4000
urban black
the decks beat France’s DJ
night included apt for the event - just a camera 3rd place
prize Technics
industry as
Nelson’s cross-armed beat
an exclusive on each DJ and their decks from went to the
Gold Turntables.
a whole.
juggles in a close-run, hard-
audio visual above capturing them doing what France’s DJ
But my favorite
The opening
fought clash
retrospective they do as if to say “this is the real LigOne who
moment has got
with Tinchy
for an im-
set from the art”. And it was. in my opin-
to be ‘The Super
Stryder was
p r e s s i v e
legendary DJ Personal highlights were: DJ Im- ion although
Jam’, which was
second year
Yoda, celebrat- pact of New Zealand who later technically
headlined by old
for me. It
ing 25 years of acknowledged “I really didn’t ex- excellent, wasn’t all that inspiring.
school hip hop veteran DJ Q-Bert
was more
pect to get I thought DJ Co-Ma of Japan might
alongside beatboxer Killa Kela. It
personal for me when it came
was an incredible medley of the
to this particular opening in the
best DJs past and present - Cut-
MOBO archive of fame. The once
master Swift , Fly, Woody, Nelson,
fourteen year old pirate radio star
Tigerstyle and I-Dee to name but a
known as Tinchy was adorned in a
few. Even with so many DJs mix-
green strobe light for his opening at
ing at the same time, the sound
the MOBOs and felt a pang at my
didn't sound hectic - they were just
heart at that point. I felt like a proud
completely in tune with what each
mum looking at his son grown to a
other were doing on the decks.
man. Sounds cheesy but, it is the
You couldn’t beat it for entertain-
truth. I have love for Tinchy.
Image: ‘The Super Jam’ featuring
It also brought to my realisation the
Q-Bert, Killa Kella and Cutmas-
fact that from here onwards there
ter Swift, Fly, Woody, Nelson,
needs to be a big infectious wave
Tigerstyle and I-Dee to name but
of new UK urban talent. If you be-
a few.
lieve that you are on a par with the
calibre I am describing please do
forward me details for your music at
• 2009 World Team Bat-
tle Champions: Kireek (Japan)
• 2009 Battle For World
Please do have a look at the
Supremacy Champion: DJ
Guestlist Network MOBO nomi-
Switch (UK)
nees. We need your input to make it
• 2009 World DMC
reflectant of what the public thinks!
Champion: DJ Shiftee (USA)
Development Instructor in
Denmark and Africa
12 month volunteer - work in a
school center with students with
special needs in Denmark.
Studies of practical development skills, language skills
and training for Africa.
6-month developments work in Africa with Child Aid,
HIV/AIDS, Education of Village teachers, Farmers Club
2-month Conclusion and Information work in Europe.

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