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KiG Family
Having just bagged themselves a MOBO Award nomination for Best Song for
their smash hit ‘Head, Shoulderz, Kneez & Toez’, TGN caught up with Mr. Bubbly
and Creeper from KiG to find out more about the people behind the music, and
what they’re up to.
TGN: Just tell us about the origin of TGN: Cool. That’s good. TGN: Yeah, definitely. Who would just hard on my UK rap scene right
your name, KiG, and where it came It’s always good to aim high. you say are your greatest inspira- now, and I think Giggs is at the top
from? So what made you think of tions and why? of the chain right now, UK-wise, and
using the nursery rhyme as you know what I’m saying, people
Mr. Bubbly (KiG): It come[s] from… the basis of your hit single, Creeper: Lots of lyricists like Biggie that are just doing their thing at the
we’re from areas that have madness ‘Head, Shoulderz, Kneez & [Smalls] and Nas, and all them kind moment really, I’m open to every-
like Tottenham and Hackney. Well, Toez’? of people. That’s who I really got body, old school and new.
the third member, my cousin Hitty, my inspiration from, and my mumsy
we’re always together. Creeper’s Creeper: Well, it was a joke [Mummy] as well, that’s always Mr. Bubbly: Lily Allen! Yeah, I’m in a
like a long term friend. So the thing really. It was just 15 minutes pushed me forward and who told Lily Allen phase right now. What’s
is, us lot looking past all the mad- in the studio us three just me to go for my goals. So definitely, them guys…? Kings of Leon!
ness, and boom. We’re the Kings of bouncing off each other like lyricists and positive family mem-
all this, we ain’t got time for all that, we always do, and then just bers. Creeper: Yeah, Kings of Leon!
it’s just Kings in the Ghetto, but we made something happen They’re bad boys! (They both start
don’t live in the best of places, but really, and then we had no Mr. Bubbly: Now this is gonna singing ‘Sex on Fire’)
the way we live, we’re still kings. idea it was gonna take off sound weird, my mumsy [Mummy]
the way it did, and here we of course, and them guys, my Eng- Mr. Bubbly: And that’s the differ-
TGN: So how did you guys actually are today nominated for a lish crews like Heartless [Crew], ence because I know listening
get together as a group? MOBO [award] because but you know what I like the most, to them guys, I thought I really
of it.
DJ Dexter, Mr. Bubbly and Creeper
The Joker from Batman, he’s mad, wouldn’t listen to all that, but now
Mr. Bubbly: We [were] all in dif- and his character, it’s just like even everything’s opened up, every-
ferent crews before but we’ve all TGN: Definitely, man. It’s though he’s a villain, he knows what thing’s much better. So yeah, Lily
known each other from little. So I great to be rewarded for
single dropping ‘We’re Rolling’ fea- it’s ever been, people like Tinchy
he wants and doesn’t care, that’s Allen and Kings of Leon.
was doing my own thing, Creeps that with a MOBO nomination. How
turing Wiley. That’s soon to drop, [Stryder], Dizzee [Rascal], N-Dubz,
the way forward.
was doing his own thing, Hitty would you describe your music?
video on YouTube, gonna be on you know what I’m saying, mad
TGN: Yeah, I think it’s always good
was doing his own thing, then we
people just putting in mad work.
TGN: That’s good. I totally didn’t to listen to different things, different
just joined all of them together, and Creeper: Different! We’re not just
TV this week (26th September),
expect that, but that’s cool. What artists, different bands, and dif-
then that was it, you had KiG. That one genre, that’s the thing!
so look out for that. After that, we Mr. Bubbly: Even rappers, even
music did you listen to whilst grow- ferent types of music. It helps you
was it, different crews put together,
got a next tune featuring Shea Soul the UK rappers. To me now, a lot
ing up? to grow musically as an artist or a
at first I wanted it to… it is gonna Mr. Bubbly: Our music is exactly
called ‘Old School’, and then loads of the UK rappers are better than
be what I want it still to be, KiG’s the word, madness. Madness! Be-
of new other projects after that as the Americans. The UK’s looking
Mr. Bubbly: Let me think… Revival.
gonna be a business. cause ‘Head, Shoulderz, Kneez &
well, keeping the momentum going, healthy, it’s just…
Everything, Soca… Creeper: Yeah, it gives you different
Toez’ is a dancing thing over Funky
and just trying to strive forward and
ideas as well, like because there’s
TGN: Ah, ok, so it’s going to be House, it’s like kinda some next
keep this music thing and this name Creeper: Can we maintain it?
Creeper: …Soca, Bashment, three of us and we’re all listening
more than music, you’re gonna ven- Bashment vibe on it, it’s just mad-
and this buzz alive.
Reggae, whatever man. Whatever to different things, we can all con-
ture into different things. So what ness. Well, now you hear the new
Mr. Bubbly: Yeah, we will maintain
Mumsy [Mummy] was cooking to tribute different ideas from things
kind of things are you thinking of song’s out, they went from this to
TGN: Definitely. That’s what it’s it.
on a Sunday; man was listening to that we’ve listened to and you know
venturing into at the moment? this, there’s no words, it’s just the
about. What do you think of the
(laughs). Whatever she was cook- what I’m saying, it’s important.
British music scene at the mo- TGN: And push it further up.
ing to on a Sunday, you were listen-
Creeper (KiG): Definitely clothes,
ment, in particular the British grime
ing to. Just the usual really. Their song ‘We’re Rolling’ featuring
films, more music. TGN: Yeah, it’s just all mixed up.
scene? Mr. Bubbly: But the thing is will
Wiley is out now.
Yeah, it’s all music at the end of
Mr. Bubbly: It’s healthy. America let us break through. You
Mr. Bubbly: A lot of Garage, UK Ga- Mr. Bubbly and Creeper from KiG
Mr. Bubbly: Check this, KiG, the the day. It’s all about making mu-
know, in America, they got every-
rage, yeah old school and Jungle… were interviewed by
English Roc-A-Fella! KiG, the Eng- sic. What’s next on the agenda for
Creeper: Yeah, I think this is the thing on smash. Unless they’re
Kamran Assadi
lish Roc-A-Fella. That’s the long KiG?
willing to give up a little proportion,
TGN: What artists and bands are
term goal.
healthiest that it’s ever been, the they’re always gonna be stuck at
you listening to at the moment?
Creeper: Well, we got the new
English UK scene is the strongest one level.
Creeper: Me, definitely Giggs. I’m
Killa Kela in Conversation
The Guestlist Network’s Leanne Petersen caught up with Kela at
his exclusive London gig at Cargo where he performed tracks from
his up and coming album “Amplified”.
SO, what does it take able to trans-
to be Killa Kela? late across
there. There’s
To be playful, to be no two ways
cool, to be a beat about it there’s
boxer, to be patient, a completely
to be outgoing and different cul-
courageous. ture that you’ve
got to kind of
What advice would attach yourself
you give to someone too. You’ve got
who wants to start to watch some
beat boxing? of the food, it
doesn’t do me
Be original, come any good but I
with something that love the food.
is identifiably them.
Beat boxing is re- What do you
ally widespread so have to have
to stand out uniquely on tour with
is key. you?
You are about to do Cell Phone,
your “Asia 2009” P a s s p o r t ,
dream about last night? I’ve got loads. I’m a great illustrator, new album “Amplified”?
tour. How do the stage wise is a
I love drawing, and I’m keen on the
fans/audience differ KSM 9 micro-
Hmm…(laughs)...I dreamt about a bike, I cycle everywhere. I’m keen Just something that’s never been
from the UK? phone, graphic
girl...I did! She came to my house on the gym, I like gyming. I can sniff done before. I think one thing I want
key unit that’s
and I am a bit OCD you know, I like anything out, I love perfumes. Big to bring to the table with the album
It differs only in that important as a lot
to have things tidy and I just dreamt perfume fan. is create a multi-vocal album with
there is a language of places don’t
that she came over and I had too different vocal disciplines all com-
barrier and I’ve never actually have the
say one second, one second, I just What’s your motto in life? ing together under one beatbox
really suffered from equipment, and
have to sort this out, and have a banner. I’ve done everything in my
that, being that there you’ve got to be
quick clean up! Constant, Non-stop, Persistence. power and my career to help build
is human interest with prepared yourself.
a scene and now it’s like I’ve got an
beat boxing. I guess
What is your hidden talent? What can listeners expect from the album that crosses boundaries.
I’m fortunate in being What did you
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