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This has num- Any complaints would be strictly brought to the forefront rather than
ber 1 all over limited to a lack of stone cold clas- treated as an afterthought. A warm
it possibly on sic Jay Z other than a predictable well satisfied crowd, happy to pay
both sides of but welcome mid gig run out for top dollar to see a true great of his
the Atlantic. the previously mentioned ‘Hard genre.
Knock Life‘ which was well…
‘Encore’ was The Album itself a long overdue
Our man about town Seb Roskell decided
a very suitable Good. It wasn’t superb and may return to form. 3 Great stand out
curtain call, the be one of those tracks the artist track that I’ve already mentioned
to go to the Camden Roundhouse and get brass section himself becomes incredibly tired could well end up on any 2-disc
drunk at the same time as taking in the launch
brought more of wheeling out. Maybe I’m getting greatest hits album that he will al-
for Jay Z´s new album - Blueprint 3.
to the forefront too old but I love ‘Reasonable most certainly release in the future.
than in previ- Doubt’ as an album. It’s quintes- He’s experimenting as well, work-
I WAS ONE OF the fortunate few tabloid press. It isn’t. The
ous renditions sential. ‘Dead Presidents II’ and ing with artists like Luke Steele
to get tickets for Jay Z triumphant chorus as far as the man
I’ve heard. The ‘Can’t knock the Hustle’ may be and Mr Hudson. A good sign for
return to our shores after his critic himself is concerned is a
anthem segueing a little heavy for his new fanbase a man almost in his forties who’s
silencing headlining slot at Glas- rhetorical question and
well into a bout though and most definitely for this been doing it for 13 years. But he’s
tonbury last year. Anticipation of a right then I wasn’t argu-
of audience back fun loving crowd. ‘Can I get a….’ still not afraid to stick with what he
benchmark performance was pal- ing. It’s a crowd pleaser
slapping. You re- from ‘Hard Knock life Vol. II’ was knows with ghetto fabulous tunes
pable. One of the most appealing with a sprinkling of dirty
ally could feel the also a guilty pleasure that was like ‘So Ambitious’ supported by
things about the Roundhouse as glamour. The riff is sim-
love. Was merely a missed. But its possible loops like the ubiquitous Pharrell.
a space is its intimacy. With a new plistic but catchy as hell,
shame that a blis- that haven’t dated as well as his
album to launch in The Blueprint the drums clear and heavy
tering (and I mean musical sampling signature tunes. With classic Jigga gusto he says
3 and a stadium tour to follow it and it worked well live. Almost inci-
molten) reading of it best himself in ‘Empire State of
felt like this Camden gig would be dentally this is his first number one
away. This really got the blood
‘99 problems ‘that More of a gripe though is his insis- Mind’ “I’m the new Sinatra and
a bit special. It was a night to see on these shores. He hasn’t even
pumping and I did briefly revert
preceded it was cut short so that tence on breaking out the comedy since I made it here I could do
true hip hop royalty up close and troubled the top ten since ‘Hard
to being an early teen in a maxed
the crown king of hip-hop could big guns with ‘Wonderwall’. The it anywhere yeah they love me
personal. By the time the digital Knock Life’; his guilty pleasure
out Corsa with an uber bin in the
make a (some would say unneces- jokes been done. His spate with everywhere”. Walking out into the
display appeared behind a stage Annie sampling chart calling card
back, slapping my hand forward to
sary) protracted bow to a very Noel Gallagher last year had a slightly chilly north London night
covered in an array of musical nearly 11 years ago.
back and giving myself early onset
well satisfied audience. We were distinct whiff of handbags even at to be warmed by the jubilance
instruments, the excitement in More muscular heavy metal
the time and Jay Z takes obvious of excitable fans buzzing all
the room could be cut with a mic guitar slinging was to be found
enjoyment in anything Indie. around me, as hard as
stand. It was almost disappoint- in ‘U Don’t Know ‘supported by
Also deeply impressive was the
See Luke Steele of Empire I tried to debunk
ing when he strode on almost to Memphis Bleak who sadly for such
shoe in for the album’s next single
of the sun fame on The this highly
the second on time and launched a talented rapper doesn’t seem
release ‘Empire State of Mind’.
Blueprint 3’s first track loaded and
immediately and without ceremony to do much else these days than
Which sounds like a possible com-
‘What We Talkin’ egocentric
into the first single released from support other rappers. It set the
panion piece to his former nemesis
About’ and his statement,
his new album. DOA – ‘Death of tone for a thundering little mini
Nas’s seminal NY state of mind
recent appearance I simply
Autotune’. The support band a real set within a set supported by that
and in the same way represents
at a Grizzly Bear couldn’t
highlight of the evening were on great band. ‘Dirt of your Shoulder’
a wonderful celebration of Hip
concert in New and I can’t
top form and any sound problems sounded rough, ready and suitably
Hop’s relationship with the city that
York not to mention pay him
the venue has had in the past posturing.
never sleeps and if it is intentional,
his close friendship any higher
seem to have been put to bed.
a great contrast to Nas’s gloomy
with Chris Martin. compliment
The tune itself was an enjoyable Next up was ‘I Just Wanna Love U’
street life opus. Jay Z’s bridging
This all renders any than that.
and bombastic blustering horn (Give It to Me) and ‘Izzo ‘(HOVA).
the gap between the streets and
argument a little
heavy diatribe against the use of As much as I enjoy them as fluffy
the skyscrapers. Nas bridging
aforementioned music credibility body bop inducing crowd pleas-
the slightly less considerable gap
there after all to see one of the Overall though
cheapening technology. ers, I don’t think he really had the
between sidewalk and tenement.
best MC’s of all time ply his trade. a great gig.
audience in the palm of his hand
‘Empire’, with incredibly uplifting
When Jay Z is spitting rhymes like An Intimate
‘Run this Town itself’ went down until a particularly rawkus rendition
lighters in the air chorus. Alicia
you know he can, literally no one show with
well rather unsurprisingly. It’s of ‘Big Pimpin’ with that simple
Keys on the album. A very talented
can touch him for clarity of flow. real musi-
been described as ‘gritty’ in the but extremely effective bass line
backing singer at the Roundhouse.
His sheer verbal dexterity. cal artistry
Milen Jonas finds
out that Goldielocks is different and not afraid to show it.
IT IS ALWAYS refreshing to created such a buzz on the un- GLCKS: I’m Goldielocks, a 24- TGN: Did you always produce
come across an artist who plays derground scene with her word- year-old artist from Croydon in most of your music, or is that
by their own rules. The 24-year- play and unique sound that Marc south London. I produce music something that slowly emerged?
old south Londoner, appropri- Jacobs chose to open and close for myself and other artists, as
ately named Goldielocks, has one of his shows with her tracks. well as DJ, put on events and I’ve GLCKS: I started out doing
You just can’t just been given my own column production; writing lyrics and
pinpoint her in a local paper! My music is a recording vocals came way after
style, and she mix of a lot of different styles - when I couldn’t get anyone else
loves the fact mainly grime, dubstep, pop and to relay my ideas well enough. I
that her mu- hip hop. never really wanted to be, and
sic bears no still don’t want to be, a performer.
resemblance TGN: You mention that your mu- I’m not an exhibitionist because
to that which sic is more like a fusion of differ- I hate people worshipping. It’s
currently fills ent styles - where do you get your nice to have respect for your art
our charts. inspiration? but I’m not one of those people
I got the who need a screaming crowd to
chance to sit
“I get inspired
feel like my life is worthwhile.
down with the
lady herself as
by London,
TGN: What is the next step for
she explained Goldielocks, what can we ex-
her musical
that’s pretty
pect from you in the future?
journey from
beginning to
much it”
GLCKS: To release an album
end. eventually, and there will also be
more stuff coming out surround-
TGN: Hi GLCKS: I get inspired by Lon- ing Hardknock. We’ve actually
G o l d i e . don, that’s pretty much it. The just made our first compilation
Please start music and people that come from and we plan to put it out our-
by introduc- London are the best in the world. selves. There is a lot of other stuff
ing yourself Dirty warehouse raves, staying in the pipeline, but I’ve learnt not
to those who out all night, basslines, and the to speak of things before they’re
are not famil- whole atmosphere. London at done. So I’ll keep quiet for now!
iar with your night time makes me feel like I’m
music. in a twisted movie and I love it!
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