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by Nia Aronoffsky
beautiful trouble was order of the
day when Mark Fast (knitter extraor-
18th-22nd September 2009
dinaire) decided to use plus-size
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in its
models for his series of super-sexy
new home at Somerset House, Lon-
body-con dresses which resulted in The Three Day Itch
don Fashion Week took the Spring/
a behind-the-scenes row that ended
by Factotum
Summer 2010 Collection catwalk ba-
in his stylist walking out. Oh the
ton from New York and strutted into
fashion industry!
Weekday drinking lethargic sinking feeling
town. The homecoming of Couture’s
On the bright side of the week: Ju-
Gents floor kneeling body and head reeling
biggest brands such as Burberry and
lien MacDonald, Welsh king of high-
Enforced midweek fun hangover smoking gun
Pringle and designers such as Jona-
octane glamour ostentatiously cutting
Eyes hidden from sun couldn't stomach a crumb
than Saunders and Matthew Wil-
his way to a renaissance with a fierce
Wednesday pub club suspect turkish grub
liamson, who had previously favoured
new look – think edgy biker chic,
No money work sub last thing lonely lube tub
New York, Milan and Paris, generated
strong shoulders; Christopher Kane
Halfhearted darts shit jokes about mums and tarts
a buzz at the event not seen in a long
ushering in a return to romance for
The art of shart messing your pants in a carpark
time with its fair share of major celebs
next spring/summer with an impres-
Hilarious at the time but knock it on the head sign
(Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss and Dy-
sive set of willowy, chiffon-infused
Victim of crime dark and alone not fine.
nasty-diva Joan Collins among them)
black and white chequered pieces;
Work reward shindig nothing special nothing big
and a visit from esteemed American
Marios Schwab wowing with his
Highlight of the year gig desperate loser in a wig
Vogue editor Anna Wintour - her first
avant-garde three-part silhouette;
Lick the bosses face sent home in a taxi in disgrace
in two years.
Matthew Williamson's featuring a
Stare at mirror lack of grace person you cannot place
But LFW this year was about more
gipsy collection of nomadic embroi-
Need to learn pace seem to forget it's not a race
than just big names. New trends of
deries and intergalactic combat gear;
The tearful confession
bold colour, dazzling shapes and ad-
Paul Smith taking the mismatching
who's going to ask the right question
venturous textile development repre-
patchwork concept into bohemian
Late night frustration
sented the city’s new generation of
territory with his Tribal remix; a more
too much drink can't get an erection
designers – Christopher Kane, Mar-
sophisticated 'sleek chic' look with
The insecure dick the know all prick
ios Schwab, Peter Pilotto and Gareth
geometric patterns at Jonathan Saun-
Tutu P
the wasted life and the stay at home wife
Pugh among them - as the risk-taking
ders; and Burberry’s Royal chic.
Go home it's not worth the strife
creative talent that they are. Indeed,
All-in-all, a very inspiring week. Uber Speed Y
ellow like cutting yourself with a butter knife
"Not being rude but don't need to hear this dude"
Cut our loses get some food
walk aimlessly horny being crude
Robin Hill, Isle Of Wight,
Time for the blackout bus ticket and
11th-13th September ´09
blood spell public transport bout
IN short, this was the perfect festival. hardcore is THAT?) boasted brilliant
Two true artists having a shout
It didn’t rain, I danced my man-boobs performances from the likes of Annie
well spent evening good to get out.
off and I possibly did myself some Mac, Derick Carter and Mr Besitval
Chatting bollox we do this every week
lasting damage. You can’t ask for himself, Rob Da Bank.
"Just one more before we peak"
more than that. I love a good festival, There’s such a fun atmosphere at The lead. What exactly do we seek?
me. I love the debauchery, the open Bestival, like nowhere else I’ve known. Broke. Fucked. Up shit creak.
air music and the smiling happy peo- There’s no undertone of “it might kick
ple dancing. Bestival 2009 had all off here”, no groups of lads out to get
that in abundance. laid (although I’m sure plenty did) and
So let’s take those things in order (al- no 15 year old kids puking all over the
low me to not go in to the debauchery, place.
I’ll leave that to your imagination). The Dancing: the main activity, really. My
The Black Boy
open air: no repeat of last year’s wash- new shoes (granted £2.50 Primark by Kamran Assadi
out. For me, that’s fairly key. I was a bit plimsolls) literally had holes in both
chilly at night, but I’ll take that. soles by the last day.
He walks timidly across the road
The music: The vast majority of the If that’s not a mark of a good festival, I
Not knowing where to turn
Poker Pink
highlights were in the tents. The Bol- don’t know what is.
It looks so bleak ahead
lywood tent (complete with sweat
He thought as he turns
literally dripping from the roof, how Tom Turnbull
But why, why look so afraid?
Why speculate a raid?
Polka Pink* - £69.99
Indeed there’s reason
Eden Pink Super Cute & Sexy Metallic
There has always been a season
Polka Dot Boob Tube and Mi-
The season when his effort
*Top can be Worn
cro Tutu Style Skirt. The Top The effort to achieve
with Lace at the Back
has Lace Up Detail & Detach- Was always, always stolen
or the Front.
able Straps.
Because he’s a black boy!
He’s never, never trusted
Because he’s a black boy!
He’s never given a chance
Because he’s a black boy!
He’s never given recognition
Because he’s a black boy!
He’s always mugged into police cars
Not because he stole
Not because he killed
Not because he raped
But because he’s a black boy!
Must he be the source of suspicion?
Just because he’s a black boy?
Is that what the good Lord said?
When he made mankind?
To me, it’s just unfair
a Pink
To me, it looks insane
As I rave and rant at every word,
TutuPinkBlack – £59.99 I hear the still voice saying,
Gorgeous Tutu Style Skirt with Matching Strappy Top & Bikini “Sanity will prevail in the midst of all!”
The urge to achieve overpowers
UberSpeedYellow - £54.99
the lingering fear
The lingering fear created,
Uber Sexy UV Yellow Bikini Top, Uber Skirt & Bikini Bottoms with
Because he’s a black boy!
Check Detail. Can be Worn Without Skirt as a Bikini.
Perfect for Standing out in a Club or a Promotional Event.
So my black fellows
Arise above the turbulence
Arise, arise, arise
Arise, my dear black boy
Arise above injustice
0845 54 35 933
Just shine above the unfairness
And make it to the top!
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