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October 3 - 16, 2009 37
Community Commentary from Page 36
focuses on assisting developers with the demolition that some of the City’s existing commercial sites may corner of Warner and Alma School roads and plans to
of existing commercial space in the 18 square miles no longer represent the highest and best use of the convert the site into a school.
of the redevelopment area primarily along the property, and that redevelopment of these sites may The City of Chandler may not experience the
Arizona Avenue, Alma School Road and Dobson have significant positive impacts on the community. economic growth we enjoyed just a few short years
Road corridors. Retail centers at these locations have Slowly but surely, new development activity is ago. But there are certainly opportunities to build and/
experienced a significant decline in activity, which is starting throughout the City, including interest in or renovate diversified and sustainable developments.
primarily attributed to shifting traffic patterns as a the reuse of existing retail space. An example is And we will continue to assess the way we do things to
result of the opening of the Santan Freeway. an educational institution that is in the process of make sure we have the best strategies in place to meet
The new incentive program correctly recognizes purchasing a former grocery store at the southwest the demands of a turbulent economy.
Keeping the lines of communication open
by Councilmember Jeff Weninger A great benefit of advanced technology is that These new tools are expanding our outreach efforts
By now, most of us have become familiar with terms residents no longer need to travel long distances and and encouraging the public to engage in dialog among
such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. Access wait in line to obtain information. The City provides themselves and with City staff.
to electronic technology and social media resources automatic email notifications for special events, road Personally, I have also started sending video emails
are no longer reserved for the computer-savvy closures, meeting agendas, recreational programs and to interested parties to express my thoughts on various
generation. In fact, people of a wide range of ages, more. To subscribe for these email updates, pay bills topics affecting our community. Typically, these emails
socio-economic and educational backgrounds are online, register for classes or apply for jobs, residents are sent after each City Council meeting to keep our
tapping into these resources to connect with others and can simply log on to the Web site and look for constituents informed of the decisions made. Anyone
share information. Clearly, as technology continues “E-Services.” interested in receiving these updates can request to be
to progress, so does the way we communicate. This Live programming of Cable Channel 11 and Public added to the distribution list by sending me an email
applies to individuals as well as industries, not only Safety Channel 98 are also available online through directly at
in the private and nonprofit sectors, but also at the streaming video. Anyone with Internet access can Aside from these tools, it is important to continue
government level. tune in to live or archived programs from just about providing opportunities for face-to-face contact. In the
As a Councilmember, I find it crucial to continually anywhere in the world. City Council meetings, Study past few years, the City has held more public meetings
look for ways to improve communication with Sessions, Planning and Zoning Commission meetings on major projects like road improvements than ever
constituents. It is essential to our democratic process and shows like the Mayor’s Review, Chandler in before. The public is always encouraged to attend
and decision-making efforts. Focus, Come Out and Play are only a few of the City Council meetings, neighborhood workshops and
In Chandler, residents have many avenues to programs available on demand. various community events to stay involved with the
share suggestions, questions and comments with Recently, the Communications and Public Affairs actions of our City.
City staff and elected officials. The City website www. Department also took the initiative to reach out And if you have any ideas on how I can better provides links to each department, to an even wider audience by creating a presence communicate with you, please do not hesitate to
including contact information for the Mayor and on Facebook and Twitter. Due to the popularity of call my office at 480-782-2200 and let me know. The
Council Office. Residents can also provide feedback by these social networking sites, more than a thousand more we hear from residents and keep the lines of
sending emails to or calling “fans” and “followers” are receiving frequent updates communication open, the better positioned we are
480-782-2200. In addition, an online Service Request from the City and are able to post comments and to make decisions and improve the future of our
Form can be filled out directly on the web. questions relevant to City services and amenities. community.
to the
Gun article ‘propaganda’
can only happen if individuals agree net income after withholdings and payments on high balance credit cards or
I am sending you an email in
to surrender their sense of personal what are your monthly expenses? lines of credit, or your income does not
response to your article that appeared
responsibility, intelligence, and reason. This simple calculation says a support a hefty car or home mortgage
on the front page of the Sept. 19 issue
About 10 years ago, I was talking lot, but many have never put pen to payment due to decreased income or job
of SanTan Sun News, “New gun law
to a Russian woman at a party, and paper to figure the numbers. Even loss, taking action right away is important.
worries restaurant, bar owners.”
we were discussing the failures more insight comes from reviewing It may mean calling your lenders to
First of all, this article is not news; it’s
of Communism. She said Russian pay stubs and bank statements, and inform them of the circumstances and
an expression of your personal point of
Communism failed because they sometimes finding that the numbers ask for help, or it may mean seeking
view, and as such, should not appear as
didn’t have enough computers. are not what we thought they were. advice from a bankruptcy attorney.
a headline. This article is propaganda.
There are a lot of people in America An easy way to do a basic financial If your situation is one where
Further, it doesn’t attempt to draw
who, like that woman, think that checkup is to go through your income tightening the belt in certain areas
upon any empirical data, and there is
“computers” and “absolute control” and expenses off the top of your head will do the trick, you have taken your
a reason for that. Higher levels of legal
will result in a society that is more the first time. Estimate what you pay first step toward solving the problem:
gun ownership result in less crime. It’s
just than the one we have now. monthly for rent/mortgage, electric/gas, educating yourself on the numbers. Now
been proven time and time again.
There are many reasons that water, cable, Internet, cell/home phone, you can formulate a plan for success.
In the last few years, England and
Communists don’t like gun ownership. home maintenance, transportation Denise K. Aguilar is a local attorney
Australia both placed restrictive laws on
The first is that guns represent causal expenses, food, clothing/dry cleaning, whose Ahwatukee practice focuses in
gun ownership with the idea that less
relationships. You have to own it, point it HOA dues, insurance premiums, secured consumer and small business bankruptcy.
violent crime would result. The new
and shoot it. Communism doesn’t work loan payments, daycare, pet expenses, She can be reached at 480-455-1881.
laws turned out to be a disaster. There
within any logical framework; therefore children’s extracurricular activities, work-
was a huge increase in violent crime in
it can never co-exist with a system that related expenses, etc. Compare the total
both countries because criminals felt
champions truth and reason. Communists expenses against your estimated income.
that they could operate with impunity.
don’t like guns for another reason as Now, take a look at your paychecks
Letters to the Editor
In England, another problem
well: To shoot a gun, you need a target. over the past four to six months and
We know you have an opinion! Share it
developed. There was a tremendous
Communists don’t want anyone to be get an average of monthly take-home
with the SanTan Sun News. Unless you’re the
increase in home invasions. When
aware of targets, or what they represent. pay. Does it differ from your estimate?
Mayor, however, please keep your Letters
the government made gun ownership
Ron Liebermann, Chandler Go through bank statements or invest to the editor around 200-300 words, or they
illegal, they also made self-defense
employee residing in Glendale in home bookkeeping software. See if
may be edited for length. Include your first
and last name, community or development
illegal. In England, it’s against the
you may be spending more in certain
name in Southern Chandler (Cooper Commons,
law to shoot someone even if they
Time for a budget areas than you thought. One of the areas
Ocotillo, Sun Groves, etc.) or ZIP code and
are breaking into your home.
checkup? where we see the biggest discrepancy
daytime phone number for verification.
The idea behind restrictive gun laws
Every day, I see individuals and between what people think they are
Anonymous letters are not typically accepted.
is that the government wishes to be
couples alike who are considering spending versus what they actually are Email is the preferred submission method, to
responsible for providing all security.
bankruptcy because they are running is food. Groceries are becoming more
But the government can only do that if
in the red each month. Part of my expensive and eating out adds up quickly.
Opinions expressed in Community
Commentaries, Letters to the editor or
it is granted absolute control over the
analysis when I sit down with a potential If you look at your income versus
cartoons are those of the author, and not that
conduct of each individual. And that
client is very simple. What is your expenses and see nothing left to make
of the SanTan Sun News.
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