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Multnomah Athletic Club
As the master plan develops,
members are reminded that their
input matters. Provide feedback
on the issues by e-mailing
comments to:
Looking to the Future
Athletic Neighborhood Concept –
recommended funding pending more formal develop-
Next Step in Facility Master Plan
ment of the concept.
MAC members are already enjoying many club
The initial phase of the ANC involves relocating
improvements recommended in the April 2008
the salon from the basement to the fourth floor of the
Facility Master Plan (FMP) even though the recom-
parking garage. Other recommendations under consid-
mended facility expansion is not financially feasible at
eration include moving the men’s massage into the
this time. Addressing our parking deficit and increas-
current salon area, expanding the Pilates area, relocat-
ing available funds for future expansion and capital
ing a number of junior activities, improving tennis
improvements are priority activities as a result of the
viewing and enclosing the deck adjacent to the exer-
FMP analysis and those efforts are ongoing.
cise room to increase studio space for classes.
Since it may be some time before the club can be
The goal is to make incremental improvements
expanded, the board requested management to look
that address our immediate needs, focus on flexible
for ways to incrementally advance the club toward the
spaces and address emerging trends and member
key improvements identified in the FMP. The good
needs. As always, the relevant committees will work
news is that many of the FMP’s recommendations
with the staff to retain the club’s long-held tradition of
have been achieved. MAC Snacks has been renovated
member involvement through the committee system.
and expanded as Joe’s, facilities for Juniors have
Sport committees and the Athletic Committee will
improved, the whirlpool was upgraded, 26 Founders
have the opportunity to participate fully in the
has a new focus, and the rock wall expansion is receiv-
ing rave reviews.
We have now begun the 2010 budgeting season
and member input occurs at many levels. The ANC
Meeting athletic needs will be rolled out to committees for comments, debate
The MAC is first and foremost an athletic club and and relevant impact studies. Future actions to imple-
meeting the needs of our active and involved member- ment or revise the ANC will be reviewed, evaluated
ship requires the right blend of visionary thinking and and carefully considered before any final actions are
respect for tradition. The Athletic Neighborhood taken by the board.
Concept (ANC) is being developed as the next step in
the FMP process. MAC Athletic Director Ed Stoner
Social needs also being studied
studied the needs identified in the FMP and the cur-
A similar study is also being undertaken on the
rent club allocation of space to identify any underuti-
social side of the club that will address our food and
lized areas and find ways to maximize use of the club’s
beverage venues, and how best to meet our future
athletic facilities.
needs in those areas. The Strategic Planning
The goal of the ANC is to provide more usable
Committee has the assignment to incorporate the
space during peak activity times, to physically group
FMP, ANC and a wide range of other inputs into a
similar-style activities together, and enhance our usage
plan it will present to the board later this year.
of the club facilities without increasing the size of the
Look for regular updates on the club’s future plans
clubhouse footprint. The first phase of the plan was
in The Winged M and on the club website. As always,
presented to the relevant committees last year. The
feel free to provide your input by contacting the MAC
committees and the board endorsed the concept and
General Manager Norm Rich, any of the Trustees of
the Board or members who serve on committees. WM
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