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C Distribution & Control
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Crabtree Powerstar
Contactors Steeple Three Phase Range
A modular, wall and floor standing Panel Board System offering:
• Form 2 MCCB, max 200A outgoer
• Form 4 MCCB, max 250A outgoer
• Form 4 Fuse Switch max 200A outgoer
• Incoming units MCCB and Fuse Switch up to 800A
• 400A and 800A Panel Board Busbars
• 800A Horizontal Busbars
• 35kA and 50kA for 1 second
• Paint finish Epoxy Powder, Light Grey RAL 7035
Crabtree Fusestar - Fuse Combination Units Enclosures with Start/Stop Buttons & Rotary Isolator
Distribution - Listing
CODE DESCRIPTION 17G2006MB 6 Way 200A MCC Panel Board Fused Switches (Metalclad, IP4X)
3 Phase Range
17G200MB1 200A Outgoing Housing 191603N 160A SW TP+N No Fuses
17G20DR 20 Mod Door Kit 192003N 200A SW TP+N No Fuses
STP4WBD 4 Way TPN Board
17G2506SW 6 Way 250A MCCB Panel Board 193153N 315A SW TP+N No Fuses
STP6WBD 6 Way TPN Board
17F4006SW 6 Way 400A MCCB Panel Board 194003N 400A SW TP+N No Fuses
STP8WBD 8 Way TPN Board
STP12WBD 12 Way TPN Board
Switchgear Changeover Switch
STP125ISO 125A Isolator 3 Phase Isolators (Metalclad, IP31)
BSCHOVER 125A 2 Pole
S-ASPMCB Type C Single Pole MCB S323P 32A (AC21)/ 25A (AC22A) Switches
S-ATPMCB Type C Triple Pole MCB S633P 63A (AC21)/ 40A (AC22A) M324P 415V 32A TPN Switch Metalclad
Contactors - in IP65 Enclosures
S1003P 100A (AC21)/ 80A (AC22A)
Switches Rotary (IP65)
S1253P 125A (AC21)/ 100A (AC22A)
CON25 25A 5.5kW Contactor 230V Coil IS164P 16A 4 Pole Rotary Isolator
CON32 32A 5.5kW Contactor 230V Coil
Fused Switches (Metalclad, IP31)
IS254P 25A 4 Pole Rotary Isolator
CON80 80A 5.5kW Contactor 230V Coil
191001NF 100A SW SP+N With Fuses
IS324P 32A 4 Pole Rotary Isolator
191002/100 100A DP Domestic SWI Fuse
Powerstar Panel Boards
IS404P 40A 4 Pole Rotary Isolator
191003NF 100A SW TP+N With Fuses
IS634P 63A 4 Pole Rotary Isolator
17G17DR 17 Mod Door Kit 191253NF 125A SW TP+N With Fuses
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