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Solar Ad pages 28/8/09 15:32 Page 1Getting better all the time
in order volumes. • Japanese Solar
Hoku Materials granted foreign cells shipments
trade Zone status by U.S. Commerce increased
Department for its Pocatello, Idaho, 82.5% y/y to
polysilicon manufacturing plant. 83,260 kw in
Nanometrics UniFire received 2009 R&D 2Q’09; over
100 award for its Advanced Film Capability 90% of the
technology incorporated in the UniFire shipments were
line of metrology systems. for residences.—
North Industrial Silicon is invested RMB JPEA
7.78 billion for a 300MW cell line in Jilin • Solar panel
province, China. prices have
ReneSola acquired 240MW silicon wafer fallen about
plant in Jiangsu province for RMB 140 40% since
million. the middle of
SAS expanded its annual production last year; PV
capacity to 380MWp equivalents. installations
SiC Processing named Peter Thieme Head are expected
of research and development. to fall by 26%
SilPro (Silicum de Provence) entered court- y/y in 2009.—
ordered liquidation. Piper Jaffray
What's behind all this?
Taiwan Polysilicon (Fuju Solar) installed & Emerging
equipment at its new 8,000/yr solar-grade Energy
poly-Si manufacturing plant in Taiwan, Research
plans to start volume production in 1Q’10. Advanced Solar
Tata BP Solar formed a partnership with Photonics is
NXP Semiconductors to develop solar expanding its
solutions. production capacity
Tianwei Silicon ran a trial production run monocrystalline
at its 3,000-ton polysilicon plant, plans to solar module
start full manufacturing in 2010. capacity to 500
Timminco restarted second of its three MW.
electric arc furnaces at its Becancour Applied Solar
Silicon facilities in Quebec, to fulfill filed for Chapter 11 and House committee.
renewed demand for silicon metal. bankruptcy protection. Dyesol and Corus formed an artificial
Tokuyama is investing 65 billion yen (US Ascendant Energy delayed Maine solar photosynthesis BIPV collaboration.
$673 million) to build a 6,000 ton/yr panel manufacturing facility until 2010. ENEL is building a panel manufacturing
polysilicon plant in Sarawak, Malaysia. plant in Catania with STMicroelectronics
TSMC and Sharp.
• acquired Neo Solar equity from
Powerchip Semiconductor.
“The solar industry will
Ersol is expanding its solar cell capacity to
630 MWp in Arnstadt, Germany.
• approved US $50 mln investment fund not lead the economy E-Ton raised additional paid-in capital
for solar investments.
UMC created investment company, UMC
out of recession, but
of NT $2.415 billion (US $73.7 million)
through selling new shares at NT $80.5
New Business Investment Corp, capitalized
residential demand will
(par value of NT $10).
at T$1.5 billion (US $46 million) for solar
and LED investments.
recover in step with
Evergreen Solar COO Rodolfo Archbold
Xi’an Silicon Material set up a 3,000 ton
IPC formed a Solar Standards Committee
monocrystalline silicon ingot and slice to establish assembly standards for poly-
project in China’s Yinchuan Economic silicon photovoltaic industry.
and Technological Development Zone. Itarion Solar (Centrosolar and Qimonda
Atlas Material Testing Technology PV cell manufacturing JV) filed for
crystalline silicon cells, modules, opened an accredited testing laboratory in insolvency.
panels Phoenix, AZ.
IXYS introduced a 3,400V high voltage
• “Total solar panel production in 2009 Bakhu Holdings acquired Shenzhen
phase-leg rectifier module .
will grow by 14.3% y/y to 7.5 GW and Xinhonglian Solar Energy.
JA Solar named Chairman Baofang Jin to
3.9 GW-worth of installations will take Centrosolar America appointed Border
CEO and former CEO, Samuel Yang to
place this year”.—Credit Suisse States Electric its distributor in Phoenix,
vice chairman.
• Finished Solar panel capacity is at AZ; Albuquerque, NM and Austin, TX.
Japan Power Fastening is spending
about 9,000 MW while demand has Clairvoyant and Xtreme Power’s US
100 million yen to install solar module
contracted from about 6,000MW $725-million plan to convert mothballed
assembly lines and inspection facilities at
last year to 4,500 in 2009.—Barclays Ford Motor Wixom assembly plant
its Hyogo Prefecture plant.
Capital received tax break approval from Senate
Jiangsu Aide Solar Energy
Global Solar Technology – October/September 2009 – 19
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