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32 September 5 - 18, 2009
Never thought I’d see
Former Motorola site offers
the day …
new opportunities
… when we’d have a home go into bankruptcy on
our own beloved block in Fox Crossing. The family
by Mayor Boyd Dunn
moved out rather suddenly a number of months ago,
A recent announcement to develop the Southern
yet someone’s been keeping the property clean and
Chandler Motorola site into a 152-acre, master-planned
picked up. But indeed, a “Notice of Trustee’s Sale” is
Science and Technology Park launches a new era of
on the door of the nearby house, slated to “be sold Oct.
development for the Price Corridor. Capital Commercial
13 at public auction to the highest bidder.”
Investments, Inc. (CCI) announced the purchase from
Motorola in earlier this summer, cementing the corridor
… when a Lowe’s and Home Depot can open across the street from each
as a “super technology” region. This is exciting news for
… and survive.
Chandler’s business community.
Home to notable employers in key industries such as
… When two huge stores, Bashas’ and Target, could exit the same
aerospace, life sciences, high technology R&D/manufacturing and advanced
shopping center. Granted, if Bashas’ closes in October, it will be some time
business services, the Price Corridor is positioned to capitalize on the next
before the Target would build a new superstore and move down the street.
generation of high-end, sustainable employment opportunities.
Hopefully between Target and the City of Chandler, they’ll get creative and
Karl James, managing director of CCI, said recently they “are exploring the
fi nd someone to move in without leaving gaping holes for any length of
creation of a world-class destination for advances in science and technology. The
Price Corridor and the City of Chandler are a natural fi t for the types of companies,
universities and organizations that we could attract.”
… when SRP would actually delay a proposed rate hike. See? Your
That is a great vision as
feedback really did make a difference. SRP says because of critical public
the Price Corridor is set to
input they received, they’ll postpone the 8.8 percent rate hike until May
attract even more business
as the economy recovers.
And despite the recession,
… when marijuana might actually be considered for legalization, if
recent successes include a
mostly to boost taxes and revenue for individual states and possibly the
$3 billion dollar expansion
by Intel, and the Orbital
Sciences expansion that
… when people can stroll into restaurants and bars carrying unconcealed
brings 330 new jobs and a
weapons. How did this law get passed? Are you going to take your family
long-term commitment to
out for dinner at an eatery if you see someone with a gun on his or her
STSN photo
hip? Encourage the owners of your favorite hangouts to post a sign that
Price Corridor is credited
NEW ERA: The old Motorola site at the Price Corridor may
says “no guns allowed,” the only way to prevent this absurdity.
for developing the high-
become a new 152-acre, master-planned Science and
tech manufacturing
Technology Park.
… when the City of Chandler might relax its stringent sign code
industry across the state. Air
ordinance, citing an effort to help local businesses during the current
Products’ investment in an ultra-pure nitrogen pipeline through the Corridor has
economic downturn. Might we see A-frame signs in the historic downtown
been key to the location and continued expansion of Intel. Continued investment
area next?
by the City of Chandler and others in infrastructure, including high capacity wet
utilities, power and telecom and industrial power infrastructure, make the Price
… when we’d see – and hear – a woodpecker in our backyard. It’s either
Corridor competitive on an international plain.
a Gila or Hairy woodpecker, and it’s been visiting quite frequently, to our
With that in mind, we fi rmly believe we have created the premier employment
delight. Now if those sparrows would just quit drinking the hummingbird’s
center of the Valley, if not the Southwest, as it meets the criteria of innovative
food …
companies and their employees with an educated, creative workforce of more
than 2 million people within a 30-minute drive. Price Corridor also offers the
Despite the economic times, this is still a great neighborhood, and we do
outstanding schools, amenities and lifestyle choices the creative class demands.
love this community. Let’s hope fall sees the economy picking up. Do your
The high level income of Corridor residents – eight intersections within the
part to help stimulate sales by shopping locally right here in Chandler.
Corridor boast six-fi gure incomes – makes it attractive to high-end restaurants and
Thanks for continuing to support your community newspaper.
And with recent legislation to help us attract solar manufacturing companies, we
are even more excited for the corridor. Based on Arizona’s manufacturing history,
Chandler is in a strong position to lead the solar manufacturing industry here in
the state – an opportunity not seen since the on-set of the semiconductor industry,
due to a well designed, industrial infrastructure that includes a sophisticated water
management system, ready access to a nitrogen line and redundant power. Add
Laurie Fagen, PublisherLaurie Fagen, Publisher
an inventory of specialized buildings, a skilled workforce and our solid reputation
among cutting-edge, high-tech companies.
I am excited about the rebirth of the Motorola site and the continued success for
this area of Chandler and its positive effects on the City, its residents and the local
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