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During her work as a nurse, Geronima was very interested in
complementary healthcare methods and was looking to inte- More Comments from Volunteers
grate something new into her work. In 1998 she learned about
Reiki and began her training. In 2003, she inquired about nurs- LWC is an exceptional opportunity to both give and to
ing job openings with LWC. At the time there was nothing receive through the wonder of Reiki! It provides the volun-
available; however, she learned that the center was looking to teer the opportunity to see first-hand the positive affect
start a new Reiki program. She was introduced to Sabine and that this healing art can provide to an individual in all
shortly afterwards began her work as a Reiki practitioner at aspects of the healing process of anyone with cancer.
LWC. The center offered Reiki once a month and for the first There are several hospitals that provide a similar program;
three months Geronima was the only practitioner at the center. but, to my knowledge, not as organized and staffed as
Due to the high demand, she had to limit the time to 20 min- LWC.”
utes per session in order to accommodate everyone. As more and —Gilbert Gallego, RMT and Holistic Health Practitioner,
more patients expressed an interest in experiencing Reiki, LWC Fairfax, VA
began actively looking for Reiki practitioners willing to volun-
teer their time to support the program. I started to volunteer at LWC giving Reiki treatments at the
Gretchen Provencher, an occupational health care nurse, was end of March 2009. Members of my family felt blessed to
one of the first Reiki practitioners to support the LWC Reiki Pro- receive Reiki treatments during their battle with cancer.
gram. In May of 2003, Gretchen was looking for a way to con- They enjoy the tremendous health benefits. I am thankful
tribute to her community and saw a notice in a local paper that for the people that are behind the scenes of LWC. Their
Inova Fairfax Hospital was offering Reiki for cancer patients. She effort to organize everything makes this all possible.
contacted the center and began volunteering. While the program —Evelyne Cummings, RP, Hamilton, VA
was in the initial stages there were more patients than practition-
ers. The situation was less than ideal, but Gretchen saw the I started volunteering at LWC in September 2007. I want-
potential continued giving Reiki. She donated many needed ed an opportunity to offer Reiki to people who really
items such as a massage table, padding, blankets and music for needed it, and I was seeking a way to give back to my
healing. LWC eventually was able to accommodate more people community. I have met many wonderful people through
by including both an afternoon and an evening session once a the LWC Reiki Program, and I feel especially grateful for
month. Gretchen’s dedication helped lay the foundation for the the connection I have made with Linda Glick and Sabine
success of the program. Gnesdiloff, two extremely kind and caring women leaders.
Linda Glick is the volunteer LWC Reiki Program coordinator. —Mary Kearns, Ph.D., RMP, Fairfax, VA.
Before coming to LWC, she was a special education and reading
teacher. In 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I learned about Reiki while working for Hospice in 1993,
became acquainted with LWC. She started coming to the center took a class and have been involved ever since. I believe
to take part in the various programs offered to cancer patients. every practitioner will say that whatever they have given,
Linda heard about the Reiki Program and decided to give it a try. they have received three-fold. For me, it was much like
On the evening of her introduction to Reiki, she waited for taking a stack of building blocks and building a home
almost two hours to receive a ten-minute Reiki session. She left where there is peace.
feeling disappointed. Several months later, Linda saw Reiki on —Brenda Kinter, RP, Kingstowne, VA
the LWC calendar again and decided to sign up. She had her
doubts, but the call of Reiki helped her push through the hesita-
tion. Thankfully, her second experience was a memorable one. volunteers organized a schedule, developed patient in-take forms,
She was so moved by the session that she decided she wanted to and established guidelines for the Reiki practitioners. As an
learn how to do Reiki so she could treat herself. She found a added incentive, Linda, Gretchen and others offered Reiki to the
teacher and began her journey. Linda is now a Reiki Master Prac- hospital staff. As more and more staff experienced Reiki, they
titioner and a dedicated LWC supporter. began to understand the benefits.
With her teaching background, leadership skills, Reiki train- Gilbert Gallego is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Teacher and a
ing, compassion and drive, Linda was a prime candidate to run practitioner of holistic healing. In 2003, he heard LWC was offer-
the Reiki program and Sabine invited her to take on the chal- ing Reiki to cancer patients and contacted Sabine about volun-
lenge. Linda and a few other dedicated Reiki practitioners and teering. In addition to giving Reiki treatments, Gilbert taught
Level I classes free of charge to cancer patients and family mem-
I encourage you to seek out an article Sabine wrote for the Association of bers at LWC. Many of his students have also stepped up to vol-
Oncology Social Work, entitled, “What is Reiki? Reiki is Wooonnnderful!”, unteer. Several of his original students are still active volunteers
Vol 20, No.2 Winter 2004/2005. and practitioners at LWC.
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