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Volume 22 Issue 9 September 2009 FREE
HEATHER & ISAAC and AMY LYNN, a battle of brothers, racing at Friendship.
FRIENDSHIP/HARPSWELL/WINTER Both engines have blowers, but UNDER
HARBOR/PEMAQUID – Yes, it is over. Nine DOG’s does not have as much horsepower.
races are complete, Boothbay, Rockland, Following the incident at Searsport this ri-
Moosebec, Searsport, Stonington, Friend- valry heated up even more. Unfortunately , at
ship, Harpswell, Winter Harbor and Winter Harbor UNDER DOG lost the blower
Pemaquid and the winners for the 2009 sea- belt and after making some repairs during the
son have been decided. It was a good year, week found they did not have any engine oil
despite the downturn in the number of boats pressure and was forced to miss Pemaquid.
participating. A great rivalry developed in a Ellery has stated that he will bore the engine
couple of classes making for incredible great out and add a bigger blower, equaling the
races and again the speed record was broken. differences, so long as Galen remains the
However the biggest story of this season has same, which is unlikely. The bigger question
to be Steve Johnson’s SUNBIRD, which put is which hull can handle the speed?
us in the national spotlight. Galen’s FOOLISH PLEASURE set the
As for the decrease in the number of record last year at the Friendship races with
racers, one can point their finger at numerous a speed of 64.1 mph. This year he tried to break
reasons, i.e. the economy and the price of it at Stonington, since they were offering a
lobsters. However, the biggest factor was $1,000 to do so, but fell short by 2/10
of a
probably the weather. Numerous events mph. He then went to Friendship and set the
were forecasted for rain and only had threat- record again at 64.5 mph thinking that he
Glenn Crawford's WILD, WILD WEST made it up the course three times without having a
ening skies, but no rain. However, in several could best that at Pemaquid and win the
major problem. However, Crawford did have to operate the throttle by hand.
instances it rained the days before and in $1,000 they offer for breaking the speed wife’s car was replaced with a Pontiac Sun-
race. One racer, Gary Genthner’s LISA
some cases race day was the first good day record. After making two attempts he fell bird. What amazed many is how well she
MARIA (Libby 34, 550-hp Isuzu) came in
for hauling, so guess where some went. short again, again by just 2/10
of a mph. handled. However, more importantly it cap-
from hauling to run his race and then went
Right from the start Bill Grant’s DOUBLE There is no question that the biggest tured the attention of the Associated Press,
right back out to finish hauling.
G. (Crowley 36, 410-hp Sisu) and Ed news of the year was Steve Johnson’s SUN- Soundings and the Wall Street Journal, giv-
There were ten racers in the four Work
Torosian’s MS. ROSE (Mitchell Cove 35, 350- BIRD. Johnson took a Silverton hull, cut her ing national publicity to Maine lobster boat
Boat Classes. Class A was won by Gavin
hp Cummins) began pushing each other to off at the waterline, pushed off the top and racing. Yes, this did push the rules a bit, but
Holland, BABY BARON (Holland 14, 30-hp
see which boat would dominate Diesel Class decked it over and chained down his wife’s the publicity gained was more than worth it.
Yamaha) in a very close race with Nick
F. However the big rivalry was between Galen car. This creation is powered with twin 200-hp FRIENDSHIP
Poland’s SPARE CHANGE (14-footer, 25-hp
Alley’s FOOLISH PLEASURE (Custom 30, Yamaha outboards and is controlled and 25 July
Evinrude). Five boats came to the line for
632 ci Chevrolet with blower) and Ellery steered from inside the car. To make it legal he With the weather miserable the week
Class B which was easily won by Fern
Alley’s UNDER DOG (Libby 29, 548 ci mounted a pot-hauler on the front left tire with before the Friendship Lobster Boat Races,
Continued on Page 4.
Chevrolet with blower) in Gasoline Class D. a davit bolted to the deck. After sea trials his many racers opted to haul traps instead of
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