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“Too often our church planting methods
are “reptilian.” In other words we lay
as many “eggs” as we can and then pray
that some of them will survive…
But we are mammals, and mammals
love and care for their young.”
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them for church planting but to also as-
sist them once the journey begins.
Someone has said, “Increased learning
will not always increase performance,
but increased performance will always
increase learning.” Seminars, books, edu-
cation, and on-the-job training are all
wonderful tools, but they will not neces-
sarily “guarantee” ministry effectiveness.
Our purpose in helping a church in this are looking for answers. You may be
The starting point must be Who Jesus is
area would be “to provide a platform that asking, “Where do we begin?” A great
and our obedience to what He has sent us
would allow God to recreate the ministry place would be on our faces before God,
to do (John 20:21). Are we willing to explore
of a local church that has become ineffec- making sure that we are sensitive to His
strategies that will enable us to be more ef-
tive in carrying out the Great Commis- leading. Secondly, if you are interested in
fective in reaching the communities where
sion and to replant them as new, mis- prayerfully considering recreating your
God has sent us and then start doing it?
sional congregations, able to impact their church’s ministry, I would suggest you
Your BMAA Missions office wants you
communities with the Gospel of Christ.” read Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer.
to know that we are committed to church
Radical, yes, but also a viable option Thirdly, call the missions office, and
planting, but we are also committed to
when God burdens a church to no longer let’s begin praying together, dreaming
helping your church. We offer training
just get by. Our message never changes, together, and strategizing together.
to the church planter, and we also can
and we must protect its truths (Jude 3), We want to provide your church with
train churches how to plant a church.
but we must also look at using forms ideas, counsel, training, tools, and support
That’s not all either; we also want to help
that are relevant to all kinds of people (I to help your carry out the Great Commis-
churches with replants when a congrega-
Corinthians 9:22-23). If we are not care- sion, and you provide the willingness and
tion has determined that the time has
ful, we will find ourselves totally irrel- desire to make an impact in the commu-
come to reinvent its ministry.
evant to those who so desperately nities where God has placed you..n
24 theGLEANER n September/October 2009
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