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“There are many different ideas
and beliefs about demon possession
in India. But as Christians,
we know that our Lord
Jesus Christ has conquered
the devil and his evil forces.”
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ministry evangelism work. We tell them clearly and
The beatings are administered in the name of God.
strongly that our Lord Jesus Christ has power to wash
When the spirit is reluctant to release the affected
away all sins and its forces. He alone can make a person
person, physical force has to be used. They think
into a creation in Him, and He is the only one who sets
that hitting is not done to the person but to the
men and women free from the bondage of Satan. My
evil spirit inside him/her. Among the Hindus,
dear friends in the United States, let me tell you that it
there are certain persons who achieve divinity in
is a great challenge to present the Gospel truth to these
casting out demons. They quote literally from their
needy and bound people.
Holy Books of Vedas and Upanishads, and the
visitors and devotees hang onto every word. People
Current Evangelistic Trends
come from all over the State of Maharashtra to seek
in India:
the blessings of these Gurus and also invite them for
The Indian assemblies have learned to adapt to
the most difficult cases of exorcism.
the changing circumstances, and as a result, there
People from all castes, creeds, and
are numerous types of evangelistic ministries.
religions come to them, and they
Open-air preaching is becoming increasingly diffi-
have a kind word and sure cure
cult, but still continues to be an important method
for all, so the people think.
for sharing the Gospel. In recent decades, there has
There are many different
been an increase in house-to-house visitation and
ideas and beliefs about demon
sharing of the Gospel. In a society where women
possession in India. But as
are adverse to visiting the houses of strangers,
Christians, we know that our
sisters’ teams conduct house-to-house visitation
Lord Jesus Christ has conquered
in southern parts of India and receive a warm
the devil and his evil forces.
welcome from the unchurched. The results of such
Therefore, those who are true
a personal approach have been gratifying.
believers cannot be possessed by
Please join with me and others who are working
demonic forces. We face many
here in praying for all of us. May God bless you
critical cases in our village
and His grace be upon you all. n
“All evangelical
together total
only 0.2 percent.” n theGLEANER 13
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