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Israeli police continue to ANISA DE JONG,
hunt for a masked gunman EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF
who walked into a gay THE UK LESBIAN AND GAY
support centre in Tel Aviv IMMIGRATION GROUP,
on 1 August and opened HIGHLIGHTS THE MAIN
gay people – most of whom THE UK TODAY.
were teenagers. Two of
those present were killed Despite frequent criticisms of where we are at
(a 26-year-old man and 17- with our rights and dignity in the UK, we must also
year-old woman), while up recognise how much safer our lives are compared to the
to 11 others were injured. lives of many LGBT people elsewhere.
Local gay leaders claim it Homosexuality is illegal in 80 countries; and in fi ve of these
to be the worst gay hate the death penalty can apply. Even more widespread is the
crime in Israel’s history. violence, humiliation,
BVS·/2Og7\6O\R¸QO[^OWU\ ³T]`[SR`SQS\bZgb]S\Q]c`OUSaO[SaSf Until this incident, Tel inequality and
VO\RV]ZRW\U³WaZ]]YW\Ub]T]`[bVSTW`abSdS`aO[SaSfVO\R V]ZRW\U`SZOg Aviv was viewed as an discrimination
bSO[b]eOZY`WUVbbVSeOgOQ`]aa:]\R]\Oa^O`b]TbVS   :]\R]\ increasingly gay-friendly experienced by many
5O[Sa=^S\ESSYS\RO\R  1cZbc`OZ=Zg[^WORB]bVWaS\RWb S\ZWabSR city – particularly in LGBTs within their
d]Zc\bSS`a^WQbc`SRW\b]b`OW\W\U[]RSW\5`SS\eWQV:]\R]\ ]\AObc`ROg comparison to fellow Israeli own communities. PERCENTAGE
#8cZg ' city Jerusalem. Most LGBTs stay in
/2Og7\6O\RT]c\RS`2OdWREObYW\aaOWRµ=\SaO[SaSfQ]c^Z SV]ZRW\U their countries. Some
VO\Ra^cPZWQZgQO\QVOZZS\USObbWbcRSaO\RabS`S]bg^Sa³O\RWa e]`bVO FIREWORKS force themselves to
bV]caO\R>`WRS^O`ORSa¶=`UO\WaS`aaSSY[]`Sd]Zc\bSS`aG]cQ O\PS THROWN AT conform; some get
aW\UZSSdS\ab`OWUVb³XcabPS^`S^O`SRb]V]ZRa][S]\S¸aVO\R ]TbVS OUTGAMES killed; some hide; and
aO[SaSfT]`O\gbVW\UPSbeSS\]\S[W\cbSO\R]\SV]c` www.adayinhand. A 31-year old Danish man some stand up for
was arrested at the World their rights and their
Outgames in Copenhagen dignity at great risk.
– for allegedly throwing Only a tiny percentage
fi reworks at athletes, one of LGBTs worldwide come to the UK to seek a safe haven,
Amy Lamé (pictured right) is just one of the celebrities .C
of whom had to undergo and UKLGIG supports hundreds of them each year with their
supporting the launch of Jigsaw, a new project that
minor surgery on his hand. asylum application.
has been launched to help combat lesbian, gay, The opening ceremony It’s support they greatly need as the problems they face
bisexual and trans youth homelessness. The project P
itself was also marred by an are enormous. After a traumatic journey, they must face
brings together several diff erent specialist agencies – namey legal advisers Stonewall Housing, attack on three participants, Border Agency offi cials. They are expected to “come out”
young people’s homelessness and support charity Albert Kennedy Trust, the UK’s leading mental including one Brit – leading and tell such offi cials everything about their private lives
health organisation PACE and Galop, which supports victims of homophobic crime. Together, these to two further arrests for in a consistent manner. Such life stories may include rape,
organisations will provide a complete network of services for young people at risk from becoming Danish police. forced marriage and the loss of loved ones. Those who
homeless. For more information on Jigsaw and the services it off ers, check require a bit more time to be able to talk about such things,
especially after a life of secrecy and shame, are likely to be
refused, as they are “not believed”.
In other cases, asylum applicants are told that they
are not at a “real risk” of persecution in their home
VATICAN: OSCAR WILDE’S BIGGEST FAN? country as long as they remain “discreet”. In a recent
The Vatican has seemingly praised the work of openly-gay wit and dramatist Oscar Wilde, despite statement on, Immigration Minister Phil
previously denouncing him as immoral. The L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, widely seen as the Woolas claimed “it is not our policy to require gay men or
Pope’s offi cial “organ”, claims Wilde – who served two years’ hard labour for “gross indecency” but lesbians to be discreet about their sexuality”. However, he
converted to Catholicism on his deathbed in 1900 - was “always looking for the beautiful and the does acknowledge that “the person’s previous behaviour” is
good, and also for a God”. a factor in considering whether they are at “real risk”. As a
result, LGBT asylum seekers are often told that if they kept
GAY SHERLOCK? quiet or secretive about their sexuality or gender identity
Guy Ritchie’s new screen version of Sherlock Holmes is already rattling some critics, even though it’s still only in post- before, they can go back and do so again.
production. Lead actor Robert Downey Jnr (of Iron Man fame) has revealed that the new version will possibly play up some of Whilst awaiting a decision on their application, LGBT
the homoerotic undercurrents in the relationship between Holmes (Downey Jr) and Watson (played by Brit actor Jude Law), with asylum seekers are often isolated and destitute: they may
the companions sharing a bed and playfully wrestling with one another. The plot devices have prompted criticism from former face racism and prejudice in the LGBT community and are
New York Post fi lm critic Michael Medved, who said: “There’s not a seething, bubbling hunger to see straight stars impersonating rejected by the communities from their home countries.
homosexuals. I think they’re just trying to generate controversy.” Many are also put in detention and some are “removed”
Sherlock Holmes is currently scheduled to be released on Boxing Day. back to their home countries. Nevertheless, after long legal
struggles and much support, many LGBT asylum applicants
QUEEN “BUYS BRUNO” AS UKRAINE BANS IT do get acknowledged as refugees and are allowed to stay in
The Sun newspaper reports that - whilst the Ukraine government has completely banned the movie the UK. Let’s just try to make the journey a little bit easier.
lest it “damage the moral upbringing” of its citizens - Universal Studios claims Buckingham Palace
has ordered a copy of Brüno, the controversial fi lm about an outrageous gay Austrian journalist: UKLGIG is a charity that promotes equality and dignity for LGBT
allegedly to show at a private screening at Balmoral, where the Queen and Prince Phillip are due people who seek asylum in the UK, or who wish to immigrate
to be the next guests. Meantime, a Certifi cate 15-version of the movie, with some of the most here to be with their same-sex partners:
explicit segments removed, has also gone on show across Britain.
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