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A 79-year-old gay man has been discovered murdered in his
home in Greenwich, south-east London. The body of Edward
Highwood was discovered by his flatmate on Saturday 18 July.
Police subsequently arrested and charged Marcin Orlowski
(20), of no fixed address, with Mr Highwood’s murder. It’s
believed that Mr Highwood died from head injuries, although
the motive for the attack is unknown. Orlowski appeared at
Sutton magistrates’ court on Monday 27 July, and has been
remanded in police custody ahead of a murder trial taking place
in November.
In a groundbreaking decision, the Quakers, one of the UK’s
oldest Christian denominations, decided in July at their annual
general meeting to formally support marriage services for
same-sex couples. The Quakers already offer religious blessings
for couples that have had a civil partnership, but they are
the first Christian denomination to back full marriage for gay
couples. They now plan to lobby the UK government to make
this a legal possibility (as the term ‘marriage’ is legally not
applied to those having a civil partnership), and will, in the
meantime, continue to offer blessings to civil partnerships.
Commenting on the decision, human rights activist Peter
Tatchell said, “The vote by the Quakers to open up marriage to
same-sex couples on exactly the same basis as heterosexual
couples is an honourable, courageous, trail-blazing decision.”
Twenty-eight-year-old special constable Steven Ponder
and his partner, 48-year old constable Ivan Sigston, from
Southampton, have become parents with the help of Ponder’s
31-year old sister, who has given birth to a boy using Sigston’s Eric Page takes his place on the plinth
sperm. The couple will now formally adopt baby William as only
the mother’s name has been stated on the birth certificate.
Said a friend: “Many people will not approve but this was an A worker for sexual health charity The Terrence Higgins in a lifetime opportunity and I want to spend my hour
arrangement between three consenting adults.” Trust was one of the 2,400 members of the public chosen on the plinth to highlight the issues of sexual health and
to spend an hour on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth, as gay men in particular. From 10.45am I’ll be donning a
SWINDON MAN IN “HOMOPHOBIC” ATTACK part of Anthony Gormley’s summer-long ‘One & Other’ THT t-shirt to encourage gay men to take control of their
An unnamed man was repeatedly punched and kicked by two exhibition. Brighton-based Eric Page took to the plinth on sexual health by regularly testing for HIV. I’ve worked
men whilst walking home from the Pink Rooms nightclub the 28 July sporting a THT T-shirt with the slogan ‘THIVK for the charity for many years and I know that many gay
in Swindon at around 4.30am on Sunday 26 July – after his you’re still negative?’, in a bid to raise awareness around men are still being diagnosed late, at the point where
attackers stopped him to ask why he had red glitter on his face. the work of the Trust and to persuade gay men unsure of they should already be on treatment.”
Anyone with information should call Swindon Police on 0845 their status to get HIV tested. Anyone with concerns or questions around HIV
408 7000; or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. Eric, from Brighton, who has worked for THT as a sexual and AIDS can phone the THT Direct helpline on
health outreach worker for eight years said: “This is a once 0845 1221 200.
Despite the Great London Authority (GLA) coming second in
Stonewall’s 2008 list of top employers, London Mayor Boris
Johnson has announced that he will not be entering the GLA SOLDIER HONOURS GAY SERVICEMEN
into consideration for the 2010 list.
Johnson is reported to have said to Dee Doocey, the Liberal 7ZZcab`ObW\UV]eObbWbcRSaVOdS bVS`SO`S^S]^ZSeV]O`SaSbW\
Democrat London Assembly member, that: “I recognise the QVO\USReWbVW\bVSO`[SR bVSW` eOgaO\RO`S\¸bW\TOd]c`
advantages of Stonewall Equality Index for organisations T]`QSabVSZObSabWaacS]TA]ZRWS` ]TbVSQVO\USR^]ZWQgPcbbVS
that are striving to improve their diversity profile in relation [OUOhW\S ³bVS[OUOhW\S]TbVS eV]ZSObbWbcRSWaRWTTS`S\b¶
to sexual orientation equality, and regard Stonewall as a key 0`WbWaV/`[gVOa^OWRb`WPcbS EVO`b]\eOa_cWQYb]RWa^SZ
GLA stakeholder with whom I will continue to engage… b]UOgaS`dWQS[S\O\Re][S\ \]bW]\aOP]cbUOgabS`S]bg^Sa
However, my ultimate aim is to achieve equal life chances for eWbVOQ]dS`ab]`gO\R[OX]` ]`bVObUOg[S\Q]cZRPS
all, including the LGBT community, and take a new approach TSObc`SeWbVW\Wba^OUSaBVSPO\ RSaQ`WPSROaO\gZSaa[O\Zg
that brings Londoners together, rather than dividing them. It ]\UOg^S]^ZSaS`dW\UW\bVS bVO\bVSW`ab`OWUVbQ]c\bS`^O`ba)
is for this reason that I have decided not to enter the Stonewall 0`WbWaV/`[geOa]dS`bc`\SRW\ µ7e]cZRaOgeV]SdS`U]Sa]\
Index.” A]ZRWS`¸aT`]\bQ]dS`abO`Wa Ob]c`b]O^ZOQSZWYS7`O_QO\¸b
Commenting to the Pink Paper on the mayor’s decision, Doocey B`]]^S`8O[SaEVO`b]\]TbVS `SOZZgPSRSaQ`WPSROaO^O\ag¶
was critical of his stance. “ The mayor’s decision is a regressive 6]caSV]ZR1OdOZ`g@SUW[S\b 4]`[]`SRSbOWZaQVSQYbVS
decision and sends an appalling message out to employers eV]aOgabVSQVO\USW\ObbWbcRS ]\ZW\SdS`aW]\]TbVS[OUOhW\S
across London.” [SO\aµ7b¸abW[SaPSbbS` Ob
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