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specialised in rustling up for Robbie
Williams. ‘Get You’, with its stately Keane
piano line, is the best Take That comeback
single Gary Barlow never wrote. Recalling
The Feeling’s winning formula of paste-
jewel pop, all 1970s AM radio meets 1980s
MOR, there are nods to the pomp of Queen
and the bombast of ELO throughout. As if
you were in doubt that Looking Through
You winks and flashes its knickers at Tesco
shoppers, it was produced by Greg Wells,
who also helmed Life In Cartoon Motion, by
High Priest of Cheesy-Listening, Mika.
The familiarity of the sources is both the
album’s greatest strength and biggest
weakness: while it renders tracks such as
‘Ready To Love Again’ as
instantly memorable,
you often find yourself
playing ‘spot the pop
trope’, right down to the
‘Uptown Girl’-esque
woah-oh-woahs in
‘If I Could’. Leaving
aside deviations into
At first glance, The Yeah You’s inspire little talent for penning the burning embers
confidence. Like The Hoosiers, there’s a prodigiously well- of Britpop (‘Dive In’),
clenched teeth David Brent wackiness about crafted pop songs, the Yeah You’s are the
them, the band equivalent of a ‘You don’t featuring lavish arrangements, overloaded guiltiest pleasure this side of dressing up as
have to be mad to work here but it helps!’ harmonies and stubbornly catchy choruses. The Grim Reaper to visit the set of Last of
poster. Yet despite possessing faces only Lead single, ‘15 Minutes’ marries a standard The Summer Wine. GR
an axe could love, London-based Mike critique of quick-fix fame to the kind of OUT: 14 September
Kintish and Nick Ingram have an undeniable deft, polished pop-rock that Guy Chambers +++++
Terra Incognita Memoirs of an In Living Cover
(Roadrunner) Imperfect Angel (Nettwerk)
The general idea is that you (Island Def Jam) Jay Brannan isn’t happy.
form a rock band, wind up What better way to launch an Although still widely
in rehab and then finish off in the flicks. Juliette Lewis, album than by having a very public slanging match with recognised for his – at times – explicit turn in the film
however, has read the star-machine Bible starting Eminem – the angriest man in music. Rowing for years Shortbus, the singer-songwriter has withdrawn from his
backwards, as if it’s the Torah. She started out in movies, as to whether or not they had a fling in 2001, Eminem’s burgeoning film career to return to music, with wretched
did the rehab and finished off touring the toilet circuit as always claimed ‘yes’, Mariah saying ‘Hell no!’ The ironic thing results. That’s not a critique of the beautifully crafted songs
part of her group, Juliette and the Licks. More respected is, they’ve written their best material in years because of that appear on his latest album, In Living Cover, more of
than dilettantes such as Keanu Reeves and his torturous it. Mariah has never sounded as fierce as on recent single the tortured lyrics and melancholy introspection that seem
outfit, Dogstar (we would say “Don’t give up the day job”, ‘Obsessed’, singing, ‘Got you all fired up with your Napoleon to incongruously accompany his dreamlike compositions.
until we watched Johnny Mnemonic), she spent seven complex, see right through you like you’re bathing in Listen to his self-penned words and it would seem that,
years clad in spandex, looking as if she was auditioning for Windex.’ Never one to mince his words Eminem responded despite being the beautiful gay guy who apparently has it
the lead role in a Justin Hawkins biopic. However, The Licks calling her a ‘bitch’, ‘whore’ and ‘liar’ before claiming he and all, Jay Brannan is a sorrowful soul. A bit like that girl Lucky
have been given the kiss-off and Lewis now fronts The New her ex tried to stick ‘two CDs in the same slot’. Nice. in the eponymous Britney Spears’ classic... although it’s
Romantiques, with whom she’s recorded Terra Incognita. But back to Mimi. New long-player Memoirs Of An unlikely he’d appreciate the comparison.
Whereas previously she wanted to be Axl Rose, now she Imperfect Angel, sticks with Mariah’s usual topics of love For this mini album, Brannan lends his honeyed tones to
has designs on being Siouxsie Sioux, as her impressively and being yourself with the occasional rock ballad thrown seven covers and two self-penned songs. His admiration for
raspy – if somewhat mannered - vocals negotiate their in. ‘Candy Bling’ is a smooth summer jam, sounding like established songwriters is apparent through the inclusion
way through 11 tracks of droning pretension. Ironically, Daydream-era Mariah. Then there’s ‘Impossible’, about her of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ by Bob Dylan and ‘All I Want’ by
for a scientologist who publicly decries the use of drugs, a husband of just over a year – Nick Cannon – where she Joni Mitchell. Despite the diversity of acts he pays homage E
musty smell of cannabis hangs over the album. Ponderous announces, ‘Tonight I’m going to need all your attention’. to (including a take on ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries!),
mulch such as ‘Hard Lovin’ Woman’ aims for blues-style Oo-er. And then, having already tackled Journey, Def it’s Brannan’s own compositions that stand out. Often
confessional, but simply sounds like a bunch of students Leppard and Phil Collins, Mariah brings a little Foreigner to accompanied only by guitar, Brannan laments spurned love
jamming in between bong hits. By the time you reach the the table, taking on the epic ‘I Want To Know What Love Is.’ in new track ‘Beautifully’, with its curious rebuttal “It’s not E
derivative guitar-pop of ‘Fantasy Bar’, that sound you can She should release a whole covers album, it’s that good. that you’re not beautiful, you’re just not beautiful to me”,
detect faintly in the background is a record label executive Eminem may have released two great tracks about Mariah, and shows that things haven’t changed for this tormented
breathing a sigh of relief that they have a single. Terra but she has produced an entire album full of hits. Game artist by including a new cover of the first song he ever
, J
Incognita translates as ‘unknown territory’. Judging by over. MT wrote, ‘Drowning’. Featuring the lyrics “I’m carving words in
this sprawling mess, you might assume that for Lewis, Out: 14 September my arms, baby. Hey, scars are part of my charm, maybe,” it’s
S: G
‘unknown territory’ is ‘a song with a tune’. GR +++++ a suitable closing track from the captivating songsmith. JK
OUT: 1 September Out: 7 September R
+++++ +++++
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