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page 4 — August 2009 tulare chamber — the update
The Chamber is always pleased to help our members celebrate new
beginnings with ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies.
1 Bark for Life -
Centennial Park in Tulare. Registration begins
at 8:30 a.m. Dog walk, games, prizes and an
award for the dog wearing the most purple,
starts at 9 a.m.-11 a.m. This event supports
The Tulare Relay for Life. Pre-registration is Tulare Emergency Aid celebrated the recent improvements to
$10 per dog, $20 per dog to register day of the
their building with a ribbon cutting. The non-profit organization
event. Cash or check made out to
The American Society-Tulare Relay for Life.
recently completed a plethora of improvements to the former
For more information contact, Papa Joe’s Place, located at 424 North N Street, in order or (559) 779-8223.
to better serve the working poor in Tulare. Additionally, their
2 Blood Drive -
thrift shop was reorganized and spruced up to make shop-
Wayside Church of the Nazarene Blood Drive,
1929 East Bardsley, Tulare, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00
ping more enjoyable for their patrons. For more information
p.m. All donors will receive a coupon for a on Tulare Emergency Aid, their thrift shop, or how to make a
free pint of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream plus a
donation to the organization, please call 686-3693.
variety of discounts from Valley businesses for
dining, recreation, entertainment, and services.
Contact: Claude Gilreath, 686-7880 or Darla
Silvera, (559) 288-6319.
5 Concerts in the Park -
Tulare Zumwalt Park, corner of Tulare Ave. &
M Street, 7:30 to 9 p.m. Featuring “Salvation
Army Band”. Information: 685-2380 Chamber Hosts First New Member Meeting
10 Tulare Chamber of
Commerce Governmental Affairs
The Tulare Chamber of New Member Meetings
Committee –
meets 12 noon at Apple Annies in Tulare.
Commerce hosted its first New will be held quarterly to
Information: 686-1547
Member’s Meeting to inform the educate all new members on the
11 Tulare Chamber of
newest Chamber members on the value of their memberships and
Commerce Ambassadors -
meet 12 noon at various locations. For location
benefits of membership. Lance to assist them with taking advantage
and information: 686-1547
Morris, Chairman of the Board,
of the opportunities the Chamber
15 Happy Trails Riding Academy -
addressed the group of over 50 peo-
Celebrates 25 years of serving Tulare, Kings and
Fresno’s counties. Happy Trails is a non-profit
ple regarding the programs, services,
For more information on
program which enriches the lives of children
and events the Chamber offers.
and adults with physical, cognitive and psycho-
Chamber membership, please call
logical disabilities through equine association
Diane Friend of Friends Group
activities and therapy. Happy Trails will be
hosting an open house for the community from
addressed the group regarding how
9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at our facility located at to make the most of their member-
2773 E. Oakdale Ave., Tulare. More informa-
ship and encouraged attendees to
tion: (559) 688-8685.
19 Tulare Chamber of
get involved in the community. She
Commerce - equated the business community to
Board meeting, Tulare Chamber office, 220
be like a wheel. The Chamber is the
East Tulare Ave. Information: 686-1547
21 Summer Jubilee -
hub of the wheel that keeps every-
Yearly fundraiser for the Tulare Regional thing connected and gives businesses
Medical Center will be held at the home of
the opportunity to network.
Dr. Gupta and Dr. Kumar, 1028 North Oaks,
Tulare, 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Wine-tasting and
food-sampling, 7 to 9 p.m., followed by enter-
tainment, a silent auction and a no host bar.
This event encourages the community to meet
New Member
the doctors and foundation of the hospital.
Tickets are $50 per person and can be pur-
The Tulare Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department
Sign Petition to
chased at 947 Blackstone St., Tulare. This event
as a new member. The Sheriff’s Department has been in Tulare County as long as Tulare has
been a county, equating to more than 150 years of
sells out every year so get your tickets soon!
service to the community. The Sheriff’s Department
For more information contact Sherrie Bakke at
has 712 employees, 513 sworn officers and 199 civilian or (559) 685-3448.
Keep Water Flowing
employees. The department operates with a budget of
22 Summer Sally -
$90 million. They are responsible for all the prisoners in
15th Annual Summer Sally, Zumwalt Park,
Tulare County. It is Sheriff Wittman’s attitude for both
The California Chamber of Commerce
corner of Tulare Ave. and M Street, downtown
him and his staff to be always learning, gaining skills,
is supporting a petition to Governor Arnold
Tulare, 4:00 to 9:30 p.m. Entertainment, food
and striving to be leaders in the community because
booths, contests, vendor booths, etc. Fun for
everyone succeeds with a well-educated, well-rounded
Schwarzenegger and President Obama seeking
the whole family! For more information or to staff. By joining the Chamber, Sheriff Wittman hopes to action to keep water flowing that is critical to
be a vendor, call (559) 685-2350. broaden their outreach to the community and business
family farms, farm workers, rural and urban resi-
owners. The Chamber offers the opportunity to network
with the community so the Sheriff’s Department can hear
dents, and to national food security. Favorable
first-hand the needs of the community they serve. If it is action on this petition spearheaded by the
We need your dates!
important to the community, it is important to the Tulare
Pacific Legal Foundation will permit water to be
County Sheriff’s Department. Growing up and living in Tulare, Sheriff Wittman understands the
The Tulare Chamber of Commerce main-
tains a community calendar of events that is dis-
importance of the number one industry, agriculture. A portion of their staff is dedicated just to
pumped from the Delta for growers and others
played on our website and distributed in printed
ag crimes. He maintains a strong voice in Sacramento on Tulare County’s behalf. The Tulare that rely on this important supply. To sign the
form from our office. We get many requests on
County Sheriff’s Department is a well-run business with Sheriff Wittman as its CEO. Sheriff
petition, visit
a daily basis from people wanting to know what
Wittman and the entire Tulare County Sheriff’s Department are excited to be a part of the Tulare
events and activities are happening in Tulare.
Chamber of Commerce and look forward to a rewarding relationship.
We need your help to make this calendar as
compete and accurate as possible! If your orga-
nization is hosting or sponsoring a Tulare-based
event that is open to the public, please send us
all the pertinent information and we will list it
CalChamber Urges Businesses to Prepare for
on the calendar, free of charge.
We need all the basics such as type of event,
date, time, cost (if any), location, and a contact
name and number for further information. Warm Weather
Please send your event information to, or fax it to 686-4915,
The California Chamber of Commerce is urg- precautions to prevent heat illness among their launched in 2007 by the CalChamber and other
attention Bette.
ing businesses around the state to take all available
employees as increased temperatures are expected business groups, in cooperation with Cal/OSHA, to
through the week.
warn employers about impending heat emergencies.
Heat illness occurs when the body’s tem- The network disseminates timely information pro-
perature control system is unable to maintain vided by Cal/OSHA, and encourages the implemen-
an acceptable temperature. Under normal
tation of the recommended prevention measures.
circumstances, the body cools itself by sweat-
The network is the immediate source of information
ing. However, when high temperatures and
providing employers and employees with the tools
humidity prevent the body from releasing
to protect employees from heat illness.
President’s Circle
heat efficiently, a person’s body temperature
can rise quickly causing numerous symptoms.
For more information on heat illness, visit the
Del Lago Development Company
If left untreated, high body temperatures can
Cal/OSHA website at
J.D. Heiskell & Company
damage the brain and other vital organs and,
To join the Heat Illness Prevention Network,

ultimately, lead to death.
which is managed by Cal/OSHA, e-mail
Director’s Circle
In July 2006, California’s Division of
Citizen’s Business Bank
Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA)
International Agri Center, Inc.
Heat Illness Training
implemented new regulations to protect
Land O’ Lakes
CalChamber’s Preventing Heat Illness mini-book
outdoor employees from the effects of heat
Tulare Regional Medical Center
complies with Cal/OSHA training requirements
exposure and mandated training require-

ments for employees and supervisors on the
and is full of clear, medically accurate illustrations
Ambassador’s Circle
prevention, symptoms and treatment of heat
and plain-language, bilingual content for easy reader
Adair & Evans Sturgeon & Beck, Inc.
illness. The regulations apply to all companies
comprehension. This mini-book was prepared with
ResCom Pest Control Lampe Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Tulare
with employees working in outdoor places
input from Cal/OSHA, which labels it a valuable
College of the Sequoias Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
of employment. In addition to the training
resource and compliance tool for outdoor workers
Ruan Transport Corporation Merle Stone Chevrolet
requirements, employers must provide potable and supervisors.
Farm Credit West Will Tiesiera Ford Mercury, Inc.
drinking water, access to shade, and compile
CalChamber also recommends that businesses
heat illness prevention procedures, including
Saputo Cheese USA, Inc. Preferred Outlets at Tulare
post the Heat Illness Safety and Prevention poster, a
employee training, in writing.
Horswill, Mederos, & Soares Quad Knopf, Inc
tool for the office that reinforces safe work habits in
HIP Network hot environments and serves as a reference to recog-
The Tulare Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize these members who have gone above and Cal/OSHA has activated the Heat
nize symptoms of heat illness. Both the mini-book
beyond membership investment in 2008-09. Their support is instrumental in the growth of the Chamber.
Illness Prevention Network (HIP Network),
and the poster can be purchase together in the Heat
Illness Prevention kit.
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