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Health and safety practices are those Risk Assessment
actions and procedures at work that
Health and Safety law says that employers have a
promote better health and safety and
responsibility to carry out a risk assessment, they can
can be based on national occupational
appoint a “competent” person to carry out the risk
standards for health and safety skills. assessment. The most common questions are: “who
We helped developed vocational qualifications for H&S
makes the assessment of risk?” and “how do I know
practices in farming, the most dangerous workplace in
they are competent?”
Britain. The answer to this is not the ambiguous answer about
professional qualifications or experience, but: “by
This web site aims to:
gaining a national recognised certificate of competence
for carrying out a risk assessment”.
Develop good health and safety practices.
There are now both National Occupational Standards
Promote vocational qualifications to demonstrate skills.
and Vocationally Related Qualifications to help
Improve health & safety at work.
demonstrate this competence.
Provide online learning support for all levels at work.
Build on the law to create best practice.
NEW! Completely free
available on our site
Online individual learning materials
(SCORM compliant)
We are developing online Risk Assessment Programmes
appropriate for people at work, based on:
H & S (Agric) Level 2
5 Steps to Risk Assessment (HSE leaflet)
National Occupational Standards for H&S (Unit G) to
Health & Safety Level 3
“Conduct an Assessment of Risk” Employment NTO.
Learning Requirements of Nationally Recognised
Risk Assessment (level 3)
Awards (VRQs) in Risk Assessment - Level 2 & Level 3
Keep your eye on the website for developments.
Programmes and learning materials can be customised for your specific needs and
database facilities to collect learners’ responses is available on request.
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