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Corporate Social Responsibility Learning Outcomes
The Corporate Social Responsibility website aims to CSR Planner offers people and organisations
help organisations to plan, implement and report on throughout the world the chance to:
• Demonstrate their commitment to Social Responsibility
We have developed guidelines that demonstrate what
employees anywhere can use to work out what they CAN
• Work to worldwide standards of performance
DO to help promote sustainability. We believe that the
• Produce Action Plans
Standards for Sustainability that the IFC (part of the
World Bank) have set offer a very comprehensive and
active structure for doing this. So, we have used the
World Bank standards to produce an online CSR Planner.
We have discussed this first draft with IFC who agree with
its further development - provided we make it clearer
act implement
what they say and what we say.
The Corporate Social Responsibility Planner
The Corporate Social Responsibility Planner:
Examines companies' social and environmental
The sister programme -
The Corporate Social
Uses worldwide performance standards for sustainability
Responsibility Implementer:
to assess progress (Based on World Bank (IFC) Standards)
Helps you implement the Plans made using our CSR
Planner using the following steps:
Develops quality systems online to help achieve targets.
Enables stakeholders assess performance and promote Responsibility
improvements. Training, Awareness & Competence
Document Control
Operational Control
Emergency Preparedness & Response.
We will customise, colourise or 'culturise' the information in this programme to
meet your specific requirements. Online Database facilities are also available for
your exclusive use and access.
Contact for more information
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