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Carbon Counter Toolkit
Features include up-to-date details on the following
The Carbon Counter Toolkit aims to help you find
Carbon related issues:
out the latest developments and information about
Global warming, biofuels, climate change, deforestation,
the newly emerging carbon economy.
finite fossil fuels, alternative energy, carbon ownership,
CO2 contamination.
• People working in organisation, realise their, and
Each issue featured covers basic information about the
others, roles in reducing carbon use.
concerns, leading to further in-depth information,
• All of us develop an understanding of the basic
followed by how you can plan to mitigate issues relevant
mechanisms and methods of counting carbon.
to your organisation.
Carbon Counter Toolkit follows a standard
management model and explains how to set your
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boundaries, measure, count, and leads through a
series of steps to guide you in controlling the carbon
footprint of your organisation. Each step in the
toolkit has activities to complete in the workplace
enabling effective measuring, monitoring, counting,
assessing, setting targets and reducing your carbon
Other Features:
Calculators; Conundrums - curious computations
involving carbon; Quizzes; Life of the carbon cycle;
FAQs; Glossary; Sector examples; Built in Portal to the
world wide web top carbon sites. Search for information
around the World, EU, UK, Business/Work,
Counters/Offsets, Calculators, Community/
Campaigns, Consumers, Science/Technology,
Resources, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.
We believe that organisations - not individuals play the
key role in combating carbon. To involve many more
people, we need to turn people on, and for that people
need to know their roles in relation with the organisations.
And most people can do much more than turn lights
off - provided they are recognised for it.
The Toolkit has been developed using the World Business Council for Sustainable
Development's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.
For information on customising the toolkit for your needs or adding a bespoke
database for your own use contact
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