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Promote Sustainable
Development Programme
Promote Sustainable Development Programme helps
you to look at how your workplace links with the wider
world and to discover ways to promote sustainable
This on-line Learning Programme is for team leaders,
supervisors and others with an interest in sustainable
development. It is particularly suitable for people
working in Local Authority and Government Offices.
The programme provides materials and activities that
develop skills for promoting sustainable development
and takes users through the following issues to discover:
The Great Challenge
Also available
Policy Makers
International Conventions
‘Develop Environmental Culture’
Each issue is accompanied by relevant activities to
Develop Environmental Culture is “The way we do
carry out at work:
things for the environment around here", including the
shared assumptions, beliefs, values and norms, actions
as well as artifacts and language patterns. It is a two
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day programme that takes you through work-based
activities aimed to develop an ‘environmental culture’
that can improve company performance and
sustainability. Organisations wishing to involve skilled
workers and other staff in the process of managing
their environmental impacts and improving
environmental practices will find this short course a
useful tool for promoting and developing an
environmental, or sustainable, ‘culture’.
This programme comes with a comprehensive trainers
guide to delivering the workshops and is available as
a pdf download or hardcopy.
Contact us for more details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1254 381289
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