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32 Aug. 15 - Sept. 4, 2009
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Preventing the spread of H1N1 virus Support community by
by Camille Casteel, Ed.D., supt. of Chandler Unifi ed School District
shopping Chandler
Federal, state and county health offi cials are preparing for a possible
recurrence of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as the swine fl u, in the United
by Councilmember Rick Heumann
States. The purpose of this writing is to provide families with some helpful
Last year, the City of Chandler launched the Invest
information in hopes of limiting its spread in our community.
Wisely, Shop Chandler campaign to bring awareness
to the importance of shopping within City limits
Chandler Unifi ed School District administrators remain in contact with state
and supporting local business, especially during dire
health offi cials in order to stay apprised of the latest information regarding the
economic times.
H1N1 virus. Regular meetings take place to design a plan of action toward
Much was said about the value of spending money in
reducing the transmission
our community, knowing that sales tax collected from
of the virus at school.
local transactions supports municipal services such as
Parents play a very
police and fi re protection, parks and recreation programs, road improvements,
important role in how
and much more.
the fl u will affect our All across the country, we are seeing an emergence of initiatives similar to
schools and ultimately the
the Invest Wisely, Shop Chandler campaign to encourage consumers to spend
health of our community.
their dollars where they live in an effort to spur local economies.
By taking the following
Recently, I came across an interesting program called The 3/50 Project.
actions, you can help
Its slogan is “Saving the brick and mortars our nation is built on.” The
us cut down the rate of
project consists of selecting three favorite independently owned businesses
and making a concerted effort to patronize these stores frequently. It also
fl u transmission in our
encourages spending at least $50 per month at locally owned businesses.
Merchants interested in joining the campaign can download information at
1) Help reinforce the Links to other agencies are also provided to educate
important message of
the public on the benefi ts of shopping locally.
proper hygiene with your children. This means teaching them how to cover
The recent announcement of Bashas’ bankruptcy fi ling and closing of 10
coughs/sneezes with their elbows, good hand washing habits and to keep their
stores in the Valley, including several in Chandler, is a painful reminder of the
hands away from their face.
reality that the recession is hitting hard in own backyard.
2) Keep your children home when they are sick. When a child comes to Bashas’ is the largest family-owned grocer in Arizona and I take pride in the
school sick, he/she is subjecting classmates and staff to possible illness. A
fact that Chandler is home to the company’s headquarters. Since its founding
student should stay home when they are experiencing fl u-like symptoms and
in 1932, Bashas’ has developed a great reputation for community involvement.
remain home for 24 hours after the symptoms and fever have passed. Your
Seeing the company struggle fi nancially is not only heart wrenching, but it also
cooperation in picking up an ill child from school in a timely manner is much
greatly impacts our local economy. More than 1,000 employees have been laid
off and numerous charitable organizations that have benefi ted from Bashas’
generous corporate giving are likely to experience fi nancial burdens as well.
3) Consider seasonal fl u vaccine. Although a vaccine for the H1N1 fl u
The Invest Wisely, Shop Chandler campaign points out supporting local
virus will not be available until later this fall, health providers will have
vendors also indirectly helps nonprofi t organizations and suppliers operating
regular seasonal fl u vaccines available in September. The more students are
in our City. Many of our youth organizations, food banks and social service
vaccinated with seasonal fl u vaccine, the better chance of keeping the virus
agencies rely on donations they receive from the private sector.
from spreading at school and throughout your family. If your primary care
Moreover, local, independent businesses tend to reinvest more of their
doctor does not have the fl u vaccine, contact Maricopa County Community
dollars in the community by contracting with area merchants. This may not be
Information and Referral at 602-263-8856 for vaccine locations.
the case with chain stores that don’t typically rely on local goods and services
Your willingness to partner with us in preventing wide-spread illness and send a large percentage of the profi ts back to their corporate headquarters,
throughout our community is appreciated. Parents will ultimately make the
often in other states.
largest impact on the health of families, schools and the community.
And numerous studies show that there is a multiplier effect for shopping at
Thank you for entrusting the care of your children to us. Our utmost concern
community-based stores. For each dollar spent at a local independent store,
is for their health and safety. Please visit the Maricopa County Department of
three times or more gets fi ltered back into the community compared to a
Health at for more information.
dollar spent at a chain business.
We never say it enough, that supporting local vendors can make a difference
in speeding up our economic recovery. Everyone benefi ts from it – businesses,
employees, residents, schools, and charitable organizations. Once again,
let us each make a conscious effort to shop locally and remind each other
about the importance of keeping our dollars where they will come back to the
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