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President’s diary
Under starter’s orders... in which your President experiences conference in a blur; welcomes
new members of Council; congratulates new members of the Institute at Warwick University;
attends the first of many meetings as President; and joins an accountants’ sing song!
he annual general meeting (AGM) was drawing to a
conclusion, the necessary resolutions to deal with
technical matters and the subscription fee had been
passed, and I had congratulated our past president Caroline
Mawhood on doing an excellent job for us last year in very
difficult times whilst holding down the very responsible post
of Assistant Auditor General at the National Audit Office. Then
she formally installed me as President, and the heavy badge
of office was hung around my neck. It was a good job that we
checked that the ribbon was long enough for
me, as Caroline had a very short ribbon
more suited for a woman, and when
she tried it out beforehand for
size it nearly throttled me!
We held my Certificate of
Presidency together, the
necessary photographs were thing was made for me when a CIPFA member
taken, and after that it is all buttonholed me outside the main conference
something of a blur! entrance to tell me what a good conference
Conference is really a it was and how much he had enjoyed it.
baptism of fire for a new Spontaneous feedback like that makes it all
president. There is such a worthwhile, both for me and for the team at CIPFA
Daisy McAndrew,
who work so hard to plan interesting speakers and
Economics Editor for ITV
events to stimulate, educate, and give colleagues
some reassurance in difficult times that we can cope
with whatever is thrown at us.
We welcomed a number of overseas visitors to conference
from the World Bank, Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD), Canada, Nigeria, Slovenia, South
Africa, Bangladesh, Tanzania and East and Southern African
Association of Accountants General. It was good to see
how well our new thinking on a ‘Whole System Approach to
Public Financial Management’ is welcomed by both donors
and recipients. We plan to formally launch this work for
consultation in a few weeks’ time.
Eventually on Thursday evening the whirlwind of events began
Roger Latham, CIPFA President
to die down and I sent conference delegates home in good spirits
having heard an entertaining and insightful talk on leadership
lot that has to be done, and so many speeches to be given in from Tony Blair’s former press adviser, Alastair Campbell.
such a short period of time. Two speeches to start with at the Onwards to chair my first CIPFA Council meeting, which
presidential dinner, and after my initial speech to conference had some formal business to deal with in terms of co-options,
next morning I rather lost count of the number of times I but then gave everyone an opportunity to say both how well
was on my feet saying a word or two, introducing somebody, they thought the conference had gone, to congratulate Steve
or announcing an award. By the beginning of Thursday my Freer and the CIPFA team on all their hard work, and to give a
throat was beginning to feel a bit sore with all the talking that few pointers to help in the logistics of next year’s conference.
I was doing. Mind you, it was hugely enjoyable. The next week at Robert Street I met some of the new
I think we had a really excellent conference and the whole members of Council to give them the lowdown on some of the
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