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The Entrepreneur’s Catch-22:
pleasure in the ride to work and listen to
some music or inspirational CD’s while, for
once, simply enjoying the scenery.
How To
Winding Down
Take time for yourself and visit the spa, go
to the beach or do something you love -just
for you. Take time to meditate and enjoy the
summer months. Slowing down during this
time is a great opportunity to recharge for
the upcoming busy season.
Family-Friendly Workplaces
This is a critical and sometimes
misunderstood factor in work and life
balance, but it is a huge one for both
businesses and employees.
So summer’s here, and the kids
enough, ask them what kind of camp they’d
If you’re your own boss, then you have
are thrilled that school is closed.
like to go to… after all, they’re going to be
there for most of their summer. For those
no problem here. But as an employee, think
You, on the other hand, are
children who are able to get a summer job
about talking with your supervisors about:
sweating. And not from the heat,
or internship, make sure they start looking
• Staying at home a few days a week
for one early. This can provide valuable work
and tele-working. This would probably
either. experience that can enhance their résumés.
be prefect for some, and I encourage
you to go this route if you can. Make
s business owners and entrepreneurs,
Go Into Work Earlier So
our families can’t wait for the holidays to
sure you make this work the very first
spend valuable time with us, yet… business
You Can Leave Earlier
time you get the chance, or you may
must go on. What is one to do? Work-life
To enjoy the evenings with the family,
never have the opportunity again,
balance is crucial to our health.
arrange with your manager to work your
especially if you don’t actually do any
normal hours, but starting an hour or so
work during those days.
• Gym subsidies. Would it be great if
you could go to the gym and have your
company pay for a percentage of the
fees? Employers love healthy, glowing
employees. Being fit and healthy makes
them work harder, which makes those
managers smile.
It Takes A Village
We’ve all heard the speech by Hilary
Clinton that includes that famous saying, “It
takes a village to raise a child.” If you live in
a close-knit neighborhood, or if your family
lives close by, why not ask them to look after
the kids during the days when they’re not at
camp? Who says you have to do it all alone?
Stress is a leading cause of many of our
health problems. Reducing or eliminating
it completely from our lives should be our
ultimate goal.
Vacation Time
Remember last summer, when the kids
earlier. Even if you can’t get the entire week,
Take vacations at summer. Apply for these
were intolerable; when you dreaded going to
negotiate at least one or two days per week.
early in the year, or even the year before, as
work and then dreaded coming home late in
Sure, you’ll have to leave home earlier but
summer’s an ideal time for family vacations.
the afternoon to energetic kids and your own
imagine that stress-free drive to work. If
Even you have nowhere to visit and just need
weary body and mind? Well, this holiday’s
you’re the boss, then you have little problem.
time to relax, even for a week, take the time
going to be different.
If you need someone to manage your
off. Celebrate with your family, or go on
I’m about to give you seven fabulous ideas
business, then get the help. Remember you’re
a cruise and put your feet up. Unwinding
to balance your work and family this
doing this for your health.
from the daily grind is a benefit you just
year, and enjoy your summer, whether
Once you’ve secured the OK from the boss can’t afford to do without. Balancing work
you’re self-employed or not.
to leave early, plan a daily afternoon activity and family is a hot topic all year round, and
Enroll The Kids In
with your family. It could be as simple as I sincerely hope you’ve gotten a few ideas
going to the supermarket, taking the dog that will help you stay less stressed, cooler,
A Summer Camp for a walk or going to watching a movie happier and healthier this and every summer.
The first thing you need to do is to keep together.
those kids busy. School’s out, so if you
Sandra Baptist is a Chartered Certified
haven’t done so already, get your kids into Leave The Car At Home
Accountant, a service professional strategist/coach
some sort of summer camp or summer Leave the car at home and let a friend
and author, who specializes in delivering powerful,
school. There are all sorts of camps these pick you up today. Car pooling or taking
proven strategies for entrepreneurs to create
days, so you’ll definitely find something the bus to work will be less stressful for
million dollar businesses and triple their time off.
that both you and they like. If they’re old you if someone else battles the traffic. Take
Visit to learn more.
70 | BusinessFocus • August/September 2008
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