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Carnival “Eye
Do’s” And Dont’s
contacts. and front sides of lenses are also a must in
frequently over-lit offices.
Sure, we’ve all heard the same ole same ole
“peepers” just don’t cut it. These work for VISION TRAINING EXERCISES or VI-
Carnival cautions time and again: “Wrap it up!”
only a single focussing distance, blurring out SION THERAPY – “EYEROBICS” – are
“Move with friends!” .... “There’s safety in numbers!”
everything else, and are only useful if both extremely beneficial for VDT users. Vision
... “Choose a designated driver!” ... “Designated driv-
eyes are identical. Also, they have generically therapy sessions include individualised pro-
ers drink juice!” … “Beware salmonella chicken!”

spaced optical centres, so may match your co- cedures designed to enhance eye teaming,
Bet you’ve never heard, “Mind mas camp red-
workers’ eyes, but not yours, causing further focussing abilities and eye movements. Such
eye!” ... or “Mind Lett’s Jam burn!” They’re not
eyestrain. Traditional bifocals are even worse, skills, as well as endurance, are developed
new problems; in fact, they’re very very common
as they function for only far and near viewing, through the use of specialized computer and
ailments at Carnival time when folks “come out to
and have no useable area for the intermediate optical devices, including lenses, prisms, and
play” in large numbers. Use these tips to protect
distance that most computers are placed at. filters.

your eyes and those of your mas mates.
Even the newer multifocals are often not ide-
al, as the intermediate corridor is too narrow
DON’T! Share Or Trade Fashion Contact Lenses
for the sustained nature of the task. Special
- no matter how cool your friend’s new colour looks.
MOSTAT Blink rate is reduced in VDT
computer glasses provide either wider inter-
The viruses that cause viral conjunctivitis - “red eye
users, so eyes dry out quickly, especially in
mediate corridors or a dedicated top portion
or pink eye” - hang out on poorly disinfected contact
air-conditioned offices. The colder the air, the
for computer focus distances.
lenses and cases.
drier the eyes tend to get. Artificial tear drops

Special tints to reduce glare are also impor- are widely available over-the-counter and
DON’T! Share Mascara Brushes, Eyeliner Pencils,
tant. The most commonly advised tints are should be used liberally. VDT users should
Roll-On Face Paint, Lipstick - the red eye viruses
tan, pink, or grey, which better filter out un- also be encouraged to practice increasing
hang out here too.

comfortable blue light from office fluorescent their blink rates.

DON’T! Use Hairgels When Playing Mas In The
tubes. Anti-reflective coatings to both back
Sun. Lett’s Jam in particular causes a serious burn to
DOWN! Direction of gaze is important. Up-
the cornea or clear window of the eye if you sweat or
ward gazing puts stress on the amplitude of
get wet and get it in the eye.

accommodation or focusing, and reduces the
DON’T! Use Bleaching Creams When Playing
blink rate. The more desirable direction of
Mas Either - severe eye irritation can occur when you
gaze is downwards at about a 15 degree angle.
So, screens that tilt are a must.

DO! Use Good UV-Blocking Sunwear For Long
REST BREAKS - Follow the “20/20 rule”
Hours In The Sun - Long exposure to ultraviolet rays
- every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20
can cause sunburn in the eye.

DO! Wash Hands! Wash Hands! Wash Hands!
Good old-fashioned hand washing has been proven
spend just as much time on computers for
to be more effective than some drugs in fighting the
both educational and recreational tasks.
spread of infections such as red eye. In the absence of
Remember most computer work stations
regular soap and water, use widely available alcohol-
are designed for adults. Kids typically must
based hand sanitizers.
look up at a screen on a desk that’s way too
high. Also, because children tend to be less DO! DRINK DRINK DRINK Water though,
self-aware, they’ll keep performing an enjoy- not alcohol. Our bodies get dehydrated very quickly
able task, such as video games, until near playing mas and sweating in the blazing sun, and
exhaustion. Adjust the workstation to suit the alcohol seems to be the favoured drink. But it’s the
child’s size and teach good habits early. The worst thirst quencher to try. Alcohol is a diuretic. It
20/20 rule is a must for kids. encourages the body to lose more water than it takes
in. Do your bodies a favour. Drink water!
Dr. Jillia Bird
38 | BusinessFocus • August/September 2008
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